Discover the ultimate laundry machine that treats fabrics like royalty

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Think of your perfect washer – it’d be easy to use, effortlessly elegant, clean whatever you wanted it to, and, most importantly, laundry would come out looking just as good as it went in. Ticking off all these areas and more, LG’s new washing machines have been designed to care for fabric using the latest technology and clever features. So not only will they launder clothes, curtains, bedding and cushion covers, washing will emerge hygienically and beautifully clean, without stretching, snagging or fading.

Championed by blogger The Anna Edit, the new machines blend style with smart functionality, for thorough yet gentle cleaning no matter what you wash.



LG’s latest washing machines include so many features that take the hassle out of the laundry, it’s almost as good as someone doing it for you. Each has AI DD Smart Fabric Care, which weighs the laundry and detects the softness of the fabric, so it can automatically choose the optimum wash programme. Not only is there no need to scrutinise care labels, potential damage to your clothes and homeware can be reduced by up to 18%.

‘The latest range of LG washing machines have been designed with the goal of caring for your fabrics in the long run,’ explains Anna. ‘The better you look after items, the longer they’re going to last, and these washing machines make that so easy.’ Another useful feature is Steam+, which helps to reduce creases and eliminate 99.9% of allergens in fabrics by infusing laundry with steam at the end of a cycle. You can even add specialised wash programmes as required via the app, so there’s almost nothing they can’t handle.



While some washing machines are laden with a host of buttons you’ll never use, LG’s new range has plenty of clever features that are sure to make you wonder how you ever lived without them. One of Anna’s favourites is the time-saving TurboWash 360 ̊ , a rapid and efficient wash that uses an innovative technique to ensure the load is thoroughly cleaned in just 39 minutes. ‘Tiny jets all around the drum put in the work so it never compromises on fabric protection,’ says Anna. ‘It’s fast, but gentle and almost half the time of the quickest wash on our old machine.’

The rapid cycle time also means less damage to fabric, and reduced energy use. The smart features don’t stop there – link with the app and you can also use it to diagnose any minor issues without calling an engineer, manage your machine from anywhere and monitor water and energy use.



As well as caring beautifully for homeware, fabrics and clothing, LG’s washing machines are incredibly durable. Each includes a sleek tempered glass door, metallic-finish dial, chrome rim, stainless-steel lifters in the drum, instead of plastic, and are built to last with a Direct Drive inverter motor – so you won’t have to replace your machine for years to come. The design is clever, too, squeezing in an extra-large drum with a capacity of up to 10.5kg without increasing the size of the machine.

‘The drum size makes cleaning larger homeware items, such as bedding and curtains, a breeze. What used to have to be split into half, can now go into one load – it’s also perfect for when you get back from holiday,’ suggests Anna. The machines are fantastically energy efficient, too, with an A+++ rating that saves electricity, and quiet when washing and spinning – ideal for an open-plan kitchen or nearby utility room. All of which is guaranteed to make life – and laundry – so much easier.



LG’s smart new washing machines are ideal for fabrics and clothes that deserve the very best care. They feature dedicated programmes for duvets, delicates, sportwear, mixed fabrics, wool, hand-washing and more, so they can cater for all your laundry needs, and have a delay start of between three and 19 hours, to fit around a busy day.

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