3 top furniture trends for 2020, according to Parker Knoll

We're looking back to the future and going for bold...

The new year – not to mention a new decade - is often a time when we start to think about updating our interiors and investing in new pieces. To help guide you in the right style direction, Parker Knoll has handily released its top three furniture trends for 2020 so you know you're on the right track.

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Parker Knoll's Design Director, Tom White, highlights the three furniture trends set to storm our interiors this year. It seems we're getting bolder and embracing prints, with geometric and statement pieces making waves this year; we're also looking to the past to inform our interiors choices for the future. Retro fans, rejoice...


Furniture trends

Fitzrovia Chair in Bracklyn Charcoal & Welton Auburn £999, Bracklyn Teal & Charlotte Teal £999.
(Image credit: Parker Knoll)

'Abstract patterns are making a comeback across all elements of interiors,' saysTom. 'Lending a more playful approach, you can experiment with colour and scale to inject a real sense of personality to a scheme. Today, geometrics feature an array of punchy colours and distinct patterns modernising designs inspired by the roaring 1920s. Geometric fabrics feature eye-catching, angular shapes to strike the perfect balance between classic charm and bold, contemporary design.'


Furniture trends

Parker Knoll Shoreditch Chair in Brackly Auburn from £999.
(Image credit: Laurence Dutton/Parker Knoll)

'Across 2020, classic furniture design will continue to rise in popularity, with more and more customers turning to the benefits of traditional shapes and tactile fabrics - expect to see wingback styles and plush velvets in abundance,' says Tom. 'Comfortable as they are attractive, these design heroes aren't going anywhere, perfect for anyone with retro taste."


Parker Knoll Sophie chair in Trikona Charcoal from £975.
(Image credit: Jon Day: Parker Knoll)

Tom says our seating arrangements will veer away from the formal and turn towards the informal, for more relaxed, ambient and versatile living. He says: 'Moving away from the traditional three-piece suite, for 2020 we'll look to diversify our furniture, creating pockets of flair in each part of the room. Statement-making accent chairs are a great way to create a talking point, with a host of styles on offer. The Sophie, available in a range of fabric options, is the perfect addition, providing comfort and elegance in equal measure.'

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