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Maximalist botanical wallpaper is the trend we all want – 5 ways to use it in your space

Sanderson's is just one of the many brands filling our homes with florals with their new One Sixty launch

 Botanical wallpaper trend
(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

Whether you blame cottagecore or the last year stuck inside, botanical wallpaper is the newest wave of maximalism filling our interiors. And we are happy to embrace this big blousy floral trend. 

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Leading the way with a new range of striking floral designs is one of our favorite brands Sanderson. The brand has launched their Very Sanderson campaign featuring Maro Itoje to celebrate the launch of One Sixty.

The label has teamed up with the England rugby star to celebrate their 160th birthday by launching a series of rejuvenated prints from the '70s archives. And what can we say, but these retro-inspired prints have never looked so good. 

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

Where you are a floral fan or not, you can't escape the fact that maximalism is on the rise – filling our homes with a curated carnival of pure indulgence and unrivaled style. Sanderson's new range is a perfect example of how we are reaching into the archives to celebrate all that is wonderfully over the top and outlandish.

But aside from its cottagecore charisma, why are we so attracted to these floral-infused prints now?

According to Colour Therapy Expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain, it is no coincidence that natural prints are trending after a year of enjoying the natural assets of our local surroundings. 'Many of us have spent more time walking over the past year and experienced the benefits of ecotherapy after visiting parks, strolling along the coast, or forest bathing. 

'Embracing nature can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing and introducing earthy tones into your home is a way of harnessing this energy,' she adds. 

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Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

How to style botanical wallpaper in our home 

In all its glory, this unconventional wallpaper is undeniably hard to get right. So, we've sought help from maximalist designers to discover how to ensure you stay on the right side of this daring balance. Here, they share all the styling tips you need to know. 

1. Curate your accessories

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

The secret to mastering maximalism primarily lies in how the contrasting patterns and colors are combined – even when it comes to your accessories.

When bringing botanical wallpapers into your home, it is key to pull from the color palette within the wallpaper,' urges Emma Coles, Stylist at Sanderson.

'Whether that's in your accessories, furniture, or cushions. When pairing with your soft furnishings, use bold block colors, add a clashing accent color or play with different scale prints and stripes to create a full maximalist look,' Emma adds. 

2. Turn your wallpaper into wall art 

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

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Embrace the overflowing power of Botanics by elevating it from wallpaper to a work of art. While it is possible to hang pieces from a chintz-papered wall, Sanderson suggests using the paper to create the ultimate focal point that can impress entirety independently. 

In the discussion of their very rose and peony print (above), Sanderson explains that 'like art on a wall' the historic design 'is layered with the most incredibly detailed and intensely colored blooms.' 

3. Layer your patterns and colors 

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

Mixing different patterns can have an incredible impact but make sure they all speak to each other either through the pattern or color.

'Maximalism means more; more color, more pattern and more texture, combining florals, leaf and botanical motifs which work wonderfully well layered together in maximalist interiors,' shares MindTheGap's Founder and Creative Director, Stefan Ormenisan. 

He urges us to choose 'a favorite wallpaper as the base for your design scheme, layer in more pattern and color, [and] pair with other floral or botanical prints in fabrics and accessories.'

'The joy in maximalist interiors is often in the combination or pairing of patterns, such as Ikats, geometrics, and stripes mixed with florals and botanical designs,' Stefan adds. 

4. Ensure your tones are cohesive 

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Feketerigo Lampshade with Enchanted Woodland Wallpaper in Green by MINDTHEGAP)

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Experimenting with a spectrum of vibrant hues can feel like playing with fire, but it is the staple of a maximalist trend. Stefan recommends refining our color palette by 'limiting it to a level of saturation, choosing mid-tones, brights or pastels but not mixing across these color tones.' This ensures our maximalist interiors remain 'stylish and cohesive.'

5. Remember to leave a clear space 

Botanical wallpaper trend

(Image credit: Sanderson/ One Sixty collection)

If we're going to take styling tips from anybody, it is Abigail Ahern. The undisputed queen of maximalism sits at the very peak of the design world and has fought for maximalist interiors throughout her career. 

However, even for Abigail, there is such a thing as too much. Speaking on Interior Design Masters, Abigail revealed how it is troubling to have too many focal points in one room, as 'your eye has nowhere to rest.' Instead, she suggests injecting 'just a bit of softness, or an empty wall' to interrupt the excessive patterns and show your eye exactly where to focus. 

Now all that is left is to pick your favorite print to adorn your walls with.

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