Dreams come true - there's 50% off the best value mattress in DreamCloud's flash sale

I've never seen a luxury bed this cheap

Dreamcloud mattress sale
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I'm coming off the back of a pretty disappointing Labor Day. We covered some of the sales but in all honesty there wasn't much that was really worth covering. You could grab some deals, sure, but there was nothing earth-shattering. So I was incredibly suprised to see one of the best Labor Day deals happen a week after all the hype died down.

There's now 50% off our pick for the best value mattress. In all my time covering mattresses, I've never seen this bed so cheap. I honestly gasped a little when I first got wind of the sale. You just don't find hybrid mattresses at this price, or at least not any that are actually worth buying.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid one of the best mattresses we've ever tested, and now it's less than $700. That's a cashmere bed for cheaper than most memory foam mattresses. 

Of course, there are a couple of caveats worth bearing in mind before you take the plunge, but I don't think you'll see a deal this good on this side of Black Friday. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, Queen | was $1,332, now $665 at DreamCloud

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, Queen | was $1,332, now $665 at DreamCloud
An amazing hybrid mattress under $1,000 is rare to find, but the Dreamcloud is now half that. This is the cheapest I've ever seen this bed. 

Our full DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress review has more detail. 

Why do we like this mattress?

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Best value for money mattress


Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Depth: 14"
Type: Hybrid
Comfort: Medium (6.5)
Sleep Trial: 1 year
Warranty: Lifetime
RRP: $599-$1,299

Reasons to buy

Memory foam cradles the body
Coils provide support and airflow
Superior edge support

Reasons to avoid

Motion isolation could be better
Don't expect a super plush mattress, despite the depth
Buy it if

You're on a budget: this is the cheapest I've ever seen an already-good value bed.

You're in a couple: this bed is well suited to different sleep styles.

✅ You sleep hot: the coils in this will help to keep you cool.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're a light sleeper: the motion isolation could be better.

❌ You like a super-soft bed: it's not the plushest bed we've ever tested.

❌ You value good delivery: we found the box this bed comes in pretty flimsy, so setting it up was a chore.

The bottom line

🔎 DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid if you want an innerspring for a reasonable price, it doesn't get better than this.

This mattress brings luxury sleep without a luxury price tag. It's honestly a little ridiculous - at around $600 you're getting cashmere (yes, actual cashmere), quilted memory foam, cooling gel foam, and individually wrapped springs. That isn't just a jumble of marketing jargon. Our testers found that all of these elements combine into a remarkably comfortable bed. 

Our reviewer Camyrn found that mattress 'offers enough 'give' to relieve pressure when sleeping on your side, but it’s also 'sufficiently supportive for back or stomach sleepers'. That means it's really-well suited to sleeping next to a partner. Camryn found it was well-suited to both her and her husband, despite drastically different sleeping preferences. DreamCloud also offers an entire year to trial whether the mattress is for you, and it's backed by a lifetime warranty, so a cheap bed is an even safer investment. 

However, despite the stately depth, this isn't the plushest mattress. If you still want good value but a plush mattress, you could try the DreamCloud Premier, which has extra pressure relief and a decadent pillowtop. The motion isolation could also be better, so while it's well suited for couples with different sleep styles, you might notice if your partner turns over the night. 

Camryn's DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Review goes into more detail.

Other deals

Emma Original Mattress, Queen was $1399
Biggest discount

Emma Original Mattress, Queen |was $1399, now $529 at Emma
If you're looking for an even cheaper bed, there's an amazing deal on our favorite box mattress. The Emma Original is one of the best quality memory foam mattresses, out there, though it lacks some of the luxe of the DreamCloud. It has an amazing 50% off at the moment, though this deal has been on for a while, and I don't expect it to go anywhere. 

Our Emma Original Mattress review has more details.

Siena Mattress, Queen | was $699, now $399 at Siena
Cheap but quality

Siena Mattress, Queen | was $699, now $399 at Siena
If you really, really can't afford to splash the cash right now, the Siena is under $400. However, word to the wise: don't spend any less than this. Any cheaper than the Siena and I guarantee buying a low-quality mattress. We liked this on test, but it was a pretty close-run thing, and it doesn't stand up to more expensive beds. 

There's more detail in our Siena mattress review

If this isn't doing it for you, don't feel you have to rush to the checkout. The biggest bedding discounts will drop on Black Friday, so you have a couple months to do some more research. 

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