How to declutter for a 'quiet luxury' home – professional organizers share their rules

Luxury is not just about the items you own, but what you choose to keep, experts say

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When we think of quiet luxury, our minds usually go straight to purchasing high-quality items to furnish our homes. However, professional organizers suggest it could be more about what we keep and how we store it that contributes to the subtly expensive aesthetic.

There is, after all, a reason why so many celebrity homes look so clean and pared back. It is all about how you declutter and organize your home for quiet luxury

These are the five decluttering tips professionals follow when dealing with a luxury space, and how you can implement them in your own home. 

How to declutter for a quiet luxury home

‘In the pursuit of creating a serene and elegant living space, the quiet luxury aesthetic has gained popularity. Quiet luxury helps you achieve a sophisticated and refined aesthetic without the need for flashy or ostentatious elements,’ begins Dr. Regina Lark, professional home organizer and founder of A Clear Path. 

‘Organizing your home in a way that exudes quiet luxury involves a thoughtful approach to decluttering, selecting tasteful organizing products, and creating a harmonious environment.’

With that in mind, here is how to cut the clutter in your home for a luxurious-looking space.

Regina Lark
Dr. Regina Lark

Dr. Regina Lark is an Organizing and Productivity Specialist based in Los Angeles. In 2008 she founded A Clear Path, followed by Silk Touch Moves, and recently, Speaking of Clutter.

1. Create a plan and declutter with intention

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If you want to set yourself up for a successful decluttering session, you will first need to formulate a plan of action, Dr. Regina Lark, professional home organizer continues. ‘Begin the journey to an elegantly organized home by decluttering with purpose,’ she advises. This might mean making a plan or creating a mood board for the type of home you want to create.  

‘Focus on keeping items that truly add value to your life and contribute to the desired aesthetic. This mindful approach to decluttering sets the foundation for a tranquil living space,’ Regina explains.

2. Start with the entryway

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Decluttering an entryway will set the tone for the rest of your home, so it makes sense to start here to give guests the immediate impression of a luxury space, says Kim Corey, professional home organizer and founder of Finely Sorted Organizing.

‘Look at every item visible starting at one side of the doorway and ending at the other side of the doorway sweeping methodically around the room/space,’ she suggests.

‘Identify everything that does not contribute to a calm, pleasant view and see if you can rehome it to somewhere unseen if it is indeed needed at all so that the only visible items are those that adhere to the overall design aesthetic keeping in mind that empty space with few skillfully placed accent items is peaceful to the mind.’

Kimberly Corey
Kimberly Corey

Starting in 2000, Finely Sorted Organizing, LLC has been helping people declutter, downsize, rightsize, rearrange the basement, clean out a family home, with closet makeovers, garage resets, kitchen retooling, office optimizations, mudroom triages, file cabinet overhauls help to ease anxiety and feelings of frozen immobility caused by lack of systemization in a world filled with curve balls

3. Focus on areas for relaxing

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The quiet luxury trend is a symbol of rest and relaxation – it implies that you have enough time to maintain a well-kept home and relax in it at the end of each day.

As a result, you should focus the bulk of your efforts on the spaces in your home dedicated to downtime, such as decluttering your living room and decluttering your bedroom, Kim Corey, a professional home organizer, says.

Besides getting rid of general clutter such as items on coffee tables, nightstands, and the like, Kim suggests paying close attention to the storage in these spaces to keep them practical: ‘Selecting pieces of furniture that provide hidden storage helps be able to contain needed items that may not be so pretty in a space. Try an ottoman or a coffee table with storage space inside,’ she suggests. 

‘Replace any furniture that doesn't give ample space for reclining and have fabrics that are soft to the touch. Add a cashmere throw to drape in case of a chill in the air.’

Even spaces that aren't purely for relacing need the luxury treatment, Kim reminds us. When decluttering a kitchen, for instance, apply the same ‘out-of-sight' rules by organizing appliances inside cabinets for a quiet luxury cook space. 

4. Clear out pieces that create visual clutter

A white kitchen with glass front top cabinets

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When deciding what to declutter, or where to start with decluttering, Dawnn Hiton-Lito, general manager at One Less Thing, recommends looking for areas that look visually cluttered. These might be areas that stress you out, or are incredibly energizing, she suggests:

‘Although eclectic pieces can and do have their place in many well-designed homes, it’s best to use outstanding designs as complementary pieces, allowing a baseline of uniformity in the colors and materials used in storage items to create a polished appearance.’

This means decluttering areas that are perhaps ‘over-decorated’ for a more minimalistic look, aiming to decorate with neutrals and minimalistic shapes where possible for a sleek, luxury space.  

5. Aim for minimalism

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On the topic of minimalism, it is not just your decor and furniture that may need to be decluttered for a quiet luxury home. Melissa Engelke, interior designer and founder of ME Design, suggests that you should aim to encourage minimalism at every level of your home – from decluttering your closet to decluttering every back corner in your home storage to immerse yourself in the aesthetic.

To make ruthlessly cutting back your belongings easier, she suggests trying the Kon-Mari method: 

‘The KonMari method motivates you to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. It states that you can declutter based on different categories of items such as books, clothes, papers, random items, and finally, things that hold an emotional value. It helps you declutter from easiest to hardest items, making it easier for you to get rid of many items.’

Melissa Engelke
Melissa Engelke

ME Design is a Tulsa-based boutique interior design firm led by principal designer Melissa Engelke. Her firm specializes in creating spectacular one-of-a-kind living spaces with bold design concepts infused with timeless elegance, functionality, and most importantly, a sense of home.

6. Declutter lower-quality items to make space for investments

Blanket throw

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If you have the budget, then it might be worth considering decluttering lower-quality items that you use all the time and might be wearing out to replace them with higher-quality alternatives to channel the luxury look. 

‘Quiet luxury is all about investing in understated, high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time,’ explains Millie Hurst, Solved section editor at Homes & Gardens. ‘If you have an old blanket that is starting to thread, for instance, it might be time to let go of that and replace it with something like a wool throw blanket for added luxury and comfort.’ 

Remember that when upgrading items, you can donate pieces still in good condition for resale, or consider giving more worn-out items to shelters and zoos for animals to enjoy.

millie hurst news writer
Millie Hurst

Millie Hurst is Section Editor at Homes & Gardens, overseeing the Solved section, which provides readers with practical advice for their homes. Millie has written about and tried out countless cleaning and DIY hacks in the six years since she became a journalist, and has worked in both London and New York. 


What is the fastest way to purge clutter?

One of the fastest ways to purge clutter is to use trash bags to designate items as you walk around your home. Have one bag for trash and one for donation (you might also want a separate basket for items that you are keeping but need to be rehomed).

Pick up items as your eyes fall on them and make a quick decision, throwing them into one of the bags. You can always go back through these bags later to make sure you don't have any decluttering regrets before taking the bags either to the trash bin or the donation center.  

How do you live quiet luxury?

When trying to embrace the quiet luxury aesthetic at home, you need to think in a more minimalist way, emphasizing having a more pared back space overall, with more higher quality items. Investing your money in quality rather than excess will instantly elevate every aspect of your life, from your home decor to your wardrobe.

It is not just how you declutter your home that plays into the quiet luxury look, but how you store the items you keep, reminds Kim Corey, professional home organizer.
‘In all cases use attractive, matching storage baskets with leather handles to contain any needed items that are unsavory to look at,’ she urges. ‘Feature items of quality in marble, hardwood, or leather (vegan if desired).’

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