Follow these 7 simple kitchen organizing tips for a better morning routine

Professional home organizers share their seven tricks for how to organize a kitchen for a better morning routine

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Mornings set the tone for the rest of our day. A seamless start leads to increased productivity, improved mood, and less stress. Yet, too often, our mornings are chaotic and rushed, leaving us feeling unsettled before the day has even begun. 

But how do we tackle this feeling and address it at its root? Professional organizers suggest that, besides organizing a bathroom for a better morning routine, organizing a kitchen to reduce our morning workload can have a significant impact on how the rest of our day flows. 

These are the seven essentials you need to organize a kitchen for a better morning routine so you can always start your day off on the right foot. 

How to organize a kitchen for a better morning routine  

Organizing your kitchen for a better morning routine is not just about arranging utensils and ingredients in your kitchen cabinets. It’s about creating a space that supports your morning rituals and complements your well-being by reducing stress. Luckily, you don’t have to organize your kitchen like a chef to see promising results in your morning routine—these seven simple additions will make a world of difference.  

1. Design a dedicated breakfast zone

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One of the easiest ways to organize a kitchen for a better morning routine is to create a dedicated breakfast bar to keep every morning essential contained close together, suggests  Nicola Davis, professional organizer and Founder of Tranquil Home

‘For example, use one shelf or area in your pantry for tea, coffee, cereals, oatmeal, and bread. You can then use storage baskets or containers to put items in to create more space and define clear categories,’ she recommends.

‘Additionally, you can use a fruit hammock to store and display fruit. The hammock looks great, helps with an organized look, and also aids in air circulation and preventing bruising of fruit.’

2. Tidy up before bed

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There is nothing better than a closing shift routine to help you get your kitchen in order and ready for the next day, says Bonnie Borromeo Tomlinson, organizing expert and author of Stop Pushing Perfection, available at Amazon

Cleaning and decluttering counters, emptying the dishwasher or sink, and putting everything away from making dinner gives you the perfect blank slate to come down to in the morning, instantly helping to reduce stress and give you more time to make and enjoy breakfast, rather than spend it cleaning up from the night before.  

3. Upgrade to smart appliances

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Anything that helps to automate an otherwise tedious or time-consuming process will help make your morning routine smoother, reminds Nicola Davis, cleaning and organizing expert. That’s why she suggests picking smart-home upgrades when choosing the best kitchen appliances:

‘A programmable coffee maker, for instance, sets your coffee to brew at a specific time, meaning it is ready to pick up as soon as you walk into the kitchen,’ she says. Having one less thing to do in the morning can help busy parents have more time to relax or get their kids ready for school without stress.’

You can also find smart dishwashers and clothes dryers that will time themselves to be ready for waking up, so you have everything you need to help you get ready waiting for your first thing.  

4. Add a family planner

One thing the most organized families have in common is a shared calendar or family planner that everyone can access easily. For Aimee Hutzell, professional organizer and Founder of Inspired Living NW, this means putting it in the kitchen: 

‘As the heart of the home, it’s also the best place to locate your household hub. This is a dedicated spot where you post your family calendar and weekly schedule, plus things like your meal plans for the week. 

‘Making the schedule visual and visible encourages morning conversation about the day ahead and reduces last-minute stress.’

Dry-Erase Family Planner |

Dry-Erase Family Planner | View at Walmart
This dry-erase family planner is wall mounted, so its perfect for hanging in a high-traffic spot in a kitchen without taking up storage or work space. 

5. Keep non-food items out of the kitchen

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Where possible, it is also helpful to keep non-breakfast-related items out of the kitchen to give users more space to prepare food and help to reduce stress by allowing your mind to focus on one thing at a time. For instance, work and school bags or laptops are items to never store in a kitchen. Leaving them in the living room or entryway is far better for a relaxed routine. 

While these items are essential to getting ready to leave the house in the morning or start a day of work, they are also distractions that take you away from the main task at hand – there is also nothing more infuriating than tripping over an abandoned bag with a full mug of coffee. Wake up with enough time to make and eat breakfast first, then move out of the kitchen to prepare your bag or open your laptop for the day ahead. 

6. Set items out the night before

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While organizers generally advise on things to do daily to keep kitchen counters clear, preparing for the next day and leaving out items essential to your morning routine is the exception, says Aimee Hutzell, professional organizer. This helps to build positive habits that encourage slower mornings. One of the best gifts you can give your future self is to prepare your morning routine the night before

7. Incorporate kitchen seating

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'To help avoid distractions like the TV, it can be helpful to incorporate kitchen seating into your space to enjoy breakfast,' organizer Nicola Davies continues. This could be as lavish as a built-in breakfast nook with banquette seating or as simple as a kitchen table, she assures.

‘Incorporating comfortable seating in your kitchen or dining area, such as cushioned chairs with good back support, helps create an inviting space to sit, relax, and enjoy your morning coffee or breakfast. If you have a window in your kitchen, creating a sitting area beneath it with throw pillows for comfort and style helps you enjoy the natural light and morning views.’


How can I prevent my kitchen from becoming cluttered again after organizing?

After organizing your kitchen, you can prevent it from becoming cluttered again by setting a strict routine and holding yourself accountable. Start small, such as pushing yourself to wash up or empty the dishwasher before you go to bed, then work in the habit of ensuring everything is put away or decanted after a grocery shop rather than leaving things out on the counters. Stacking small habits like these and regularly returning to reassess your space and declutter will help you maintain control.  

How can I organize my kitchen to accommodate multiple family members' morning routines?

When organizing your kitchen with multiple people and routines in mind, it helps to set up individual ‘stations’ that each family member can work at without getting in one another's way. For instance, this can be as simple as a section of counter space where they can lay out what they need for breakfast the night before. In a small kitchen, it can be helpful to establish a schedule. Perhaps parents get up a little earlier and get their routine out of the way before the kids wake up, etc.  

How can I maintain an organized morning routine?

When you have set out an organized morning routine, it is important to maintain it. Acknowledging the impact an organized routine has on your day – from feeling less flustered and stressed to allowing you to savor breakfast rather than scoff it down, will help reinforce the habit as a positive one, encouraging you to maintain it with very little effort. Remember to remain flexible and change the routine as needed, however.  

It can be surprising how big an impact one room can have on the rest of our days. Simply organizing a kitchen with slow living in mind can help with both organizing your morning routine and helping you to become a morning person – and all you need is a few simple habit switch-ups.  

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