6 things to declutter in March to give a boost to your spring cleaning

Put a spring in your spring-cleaning step by decluttering these six spaces in the month of March

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While we are in the throes of spring cleaning it only makes sense that we spend some time decluttering and organizing too, helping to refresh and revitalize our homes. 

Spring is often touted as the best time of year to declutter – and for good reason. The ‘month of renewal’ fills us with fresh motivation to declutter, so we are less likely to experience decision fatigue and low moods. 

These are the six things professional organizers urge you to declutter in March to help get your home in shape for spring and summer.

Things to declutter in March

Alongside decluttering, there are plenty of things to organize in March that will make our homes easier to clean. Start with these decluttering tips, then move on to rehousing what you keep to make cleaning smoother. 

1. Your entryway or mudroom

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We are unlikely to need our heavy coats and big rain boots as the weather improves, so it is worth starting by decluttering and organizing an entryway or mudroom in March, Lauren Saltman, professional home organizer and founder of Living. Simplified. suggests:

‘Early spring is the perfect time to update your mudroom area if you haven't already. Look through your spring jackets and boots, discarding anything you won't be wearing this spring. Check to see if your kids have outgrown their outerwear and boots or if anyone in your home may need a new hat or sneakers. 

‘Ask yourself if your entryway has enough shoe storage, hangers for coats, bins for hats and umbrellas, and a place to sit to change your shoes. Do you have a convenient spot to place your keys and mail when you come inside? If not, take advantage of this time to get your mudroom or entryway ready for the (muddy) spring season.’

2. Old vitamins

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Now that the sun is out for longer each day and we are more inspired to spend time outside, we can start to turn away from the vitamin supplements we depended on through winter, Dawn Falcone, professional declutterer and owner of The Chaos Liberator, says. 

Dawn recommends going through and decluttering the medicine cabinet to get rid of old or expired vitamins, and checking your stock of spring medications, such as hayfever tablets if you need them, to prepare for allergy season.  

3. Your yard and shed

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Whether you love to garden or simply want to spend time out in the sun this spring, decluttering a backyard and organizing a shed can help make relaxing on sunnier days easier, reminds Lauren Saltman, professional organizer

‘Knowing that you'll want to start getting your garden ready for spring and you're probably planning on enjoying outdoor BBQs, now is the perfect time to look through your garden tools and your outdoor seating. For your garden tools, take an inventory of what you have, tossing anything that isn't working properly and creating a shopping list so that you have all of your tools and garden supplies in the home when the weather warms up.'

Similarly, this is a great time to look at your outdoor furniture, bring it outside, make sure the cushions are in good condition, and shop for any needed items. 

4. Luggage and travel items

Spring break is just around the corner, so prepare by decluttering your old luggage and travel items ready for relaxing getaways, Andrea Brame, home organizer and founder of Nolensville Home Organizing, urges:

‘Take some time in advance of your trips, or while packing, to weed out any broken luggage, expired travel toiletries, and items you bought because they were the latest travel hack must-have that turned out to be a dud for you.’

5. Winter clothing

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As we start to look at switching seasonal wardrobes, you might want to start decluttering your winter clothing, focusing on items that you didn't wear very much if at all last season, continues professional declutterer Dawn Falcone. Anything you didn’t wear, has been damaged, or doesn't fit should go so you have more space for spring items, or new winter items next season.  

6. Winter and spring decor

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March is a great time to start transitioning your home from winter decor to springtime themes. As you move decor around and alter your home's color palette, consider decluttering decor pieces you don’t click with to save space around your home and in storage, says Reba Bassett, professional organizer and owner of Revelation Organizing.

‘Spring is a great time for hosting brunches, baby showers, or Easter lunches, so take stock of your decor and place settings and get rid of anything that's soiled, ripped, or no longer your style. 

‘If you have any signature or staple dishes you use, consider clearing out the ones you don't use as well. Going through your entertaining items can also get you inspired to plan a gathering.’

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All-in-One Declutter Planner | View at Etsy
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Is spring decluttering better than spring cleaning?

Although it is far better if you spring declutter and clean, if you only have time for one at the start of the season, experts suggest spring organizing and decluttering. Getting your home in order early on will make cleaning easier whenever you do have time, be it at the end of spring or in summer.  

Consider using March decluttering as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and gratitude. With spring being a time for renewal, spending time thanking your old items and being grateful for the items you are keeping can help you enter the season on a positive note, encouraging slow living and improving your mood.  

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