6 things to organize in March – to get your home in order for spring

Boost your spring cleaning efforts by organizing these six home spaces in March

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Marking the start of Spring, March is the perfect time to start getting our homes in shape for Summer with brighter days and the promise of fresh starts renewing our motivation. 

March is not only a time for spring cleaning, however. It is also the perfect time to get on top of home organizing with countless areas around our home in desperate need of attention after we have spent so much time inside through Winter. 

Here, we’ll explore the six main areas professional organizers want us to organize in March, from closets to garden sheds, for a stellar start to spring. 

Things to organize in March

Organizing and decluttering in March is one of the best ways to prepare for spring cleaning. Dealing with clutter and streamlining your home before you start can help you save time and energy while cleaning, ensuring you are not cleaning items you are going to get rid of, and that you don't miss any areas that are buried under piles of clutter. 

1. Your closet


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While we often recommend organizing a closet every month to ensure you are still wearing everything in there, March is a pivotal moment for many of our wardrobes. As the weather starts to get brighter and a little warmer, we can start to switch out some seasonal pieces, says Star Hansen, professional organizer and clutter whisperer:

‘You’ll already be pulling out the short sleeves and lightening your layers, so it’s an ideal time to release stained, ripped, out-of-style items or anything you no longer love,’ she begins. 

‘A little-known organizing truth is that most people hold onto too many clothes because they don’t have the clothes they need. Instead of only focusing on what you can get rid of, take a few minutes to make a list of the key pieces that you need. 

‘Having the right basics can give you the courage to let go of those stained sweatshirts and uncomfortable jeans you never really liked in the first place.’

2. The kitchen

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The change in weather usually also marks a change in our cooking habits. Sunshine, even when it is still cool outside, usually inspires us to move away from soups and stews and start with lighter meals and fresh baking. This is why Danielle Dorn, VP of Design and Creative at mDesign reshuffles and organizes a kitchen this month: 

‘When Spring rolls around, we love going to the farmer’s market and bringing home what’s in season. Before going, I like to refresh my refrigerator. I start by taking everything out and cleaning all the shelves and drawers. I take a good look at my space and think about how I generally put my items away and what gets lost – it is so helpful to have organized items, such as bins and drawers, in your fridge. Giving everything a home makes unpacking your groceries faster.

‘Monthly, I tackle one cabinet at a time, so at the beginning of March I'll find one that I want to focus on. Once I complete each cabinet daily or even weekly maintenance is so much easier. I’m able to pull out the bins and canisters to wipe down the inside of the cabinet in less time. While I’m cleaning, it’s easy to see which ingredients are low or if I am almost out of snacks for the kids which provides an unexpected upside to my cleaning routine – it keeps me organized in other areas of my life.’

3. The home office

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Although the home office is not a ‘spring space’, so to speak, professional organizer Star Hansen suggests organizing a home office is a prime contender for the top spot on your to-do list in tax season: 

‘The office is a powerful (and necessary) space to work on because we are deep in tax season, and most people are already digging through a year’s worth of paperwork, receipts, and emails to file away and help get rid of paper clutter. You also have a natural deadline built into the mix (so important for our home projects). The best part is that you’ll feel much better and more prepared for the year ahead.’

4. Outdoor gear

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Better weather pulls our outdoor hobbies out of hibernation, so taking some time to organize our tools and gear ready to grab and go on a sunny weekend is a must says Dawn Falcone, professional declutterer and owner of The Chaos Liberator

‘Your family's sporting goods (baseball, soccer, swimming, etc) and outdoor active gear (bikes, outdoor games, camping, etc.) are key contenders. Ensure items are in working order, pieces are not missing or broken,’ she suggests. 

‘This may cover a large inventory – and could involve organizing a garage with too much stuff – based on the family/person but don't get discouraged. Getting this category organized in March will give you more time on the weekends for adventures,’ she assures.  

5. Your attic

Many of us use our attics to hide away clutter – especially in freezing winters and super hot summers. As a result, they become unruly very quickly. 

Andrea Brame, home organizer and Founder of Nolensville Home Organizing suggests that the mild March weather provides the ideal conditions for getting up there and organizing an attic before it becomes too stuffy in a few months. 

‘Consider adding shelving and waterproof totes here,’ she recommends. ‘I love wire shelving units for their flexible spaces and adjustability, plus it is easier to carry their pieces up attic stairs if needed.’ 

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6. Gardening equipment

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If you are itching to get back out and into the garden, March provides the perfect excuse. While many of your Spring bulbs will be well on the way to flowering (if they haven't already) there is still plenty to be done, including lawn care. To make it easier, start by organizing your gardening tools and appliances now ready for some busy weeks ahead, recommends Reba Bassett, professional organizer and owner of Revelation Organizing. 

‘Take stock of what you have, if anything needs repairing, and make a list of what you need, so next time you visit the garden store you don't have to make multiple trips.’

Organizing in March before you start spring cleaning is a great way to spring clean without getting overwhelmed and set your home up for a relaxing Spring and Summer season – it is thought to be the best time of year to declutter for a reason, after all.  

Chiana Dickson

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