7 Grandmillennial decor ideas – for an elegant fusion of the old with the new

Learn how to get the Grandmillennial look with expert advice from the designers in the know

Grandmillennial decor ideas. Corner of blue living room, floral wallpaper, blue side table, table lamp. Living room with dark wood paneling, colorful stain-glass window, modern seating. Colorful kitchen with floral blind, wallpaper and cupboard skirt.
(Image credit: Society Social | Field House Design | House of Hackney)

Grandmillennial decor ideas have taken the interior design world by storm over the last few years, but you may still be wondering, what exactly is this style and how can I embrace it at home? 

In summary, Grandmillennial decor unites looks of the past with designs of the present to create an eclectic and cozy space that feels a bit like your Grandma's house – but with a stylish, modern edge.

We have spoken with a collection of interior designers who share their thoughts on this interior design trend, and who guide us through the seven important home decor ideas you need to know in order to perfectly nail the Grandmillennial look.

What is Grandmillennial decor?

'After a decade of all the “moderns” from mid-Century to modern farmhouse, an age of gray, beige, and solid, minimalist silhouettes and unadorned sofas, lovers of traditional design are finally given a name. All hail the “Grandmillennial”. A Grandmillennial has an appreciation for the past, a devotee of classic style with a passion for traditional with a twist,' says Roxy Owens, founder & creative director of Society Social.

Using comforting, homey styles and eras of design from the past with fresh, modern ideas, a Grandmillennial style champions an eclectic mix of patterns, inviting natural materials, cozy textures, and bold use of color.

Roxy Owens
Roxy Owens

Roxy Owens, a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, founded the lifestyle brand, Society Social, in 2011, known for its beautiful collection of thoughtfully designed furniture and home decor.

How to get the Grandmillennial look

'We're all searching for comfort at home after the trials of the past few years, and nothing says "cozy" like Grandma's house. That's why the Grandmillennial style has become so popular. But unlike your grandmother's house, today's Grandmillennials are choosing a mix of antique and modern designs,' says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors.

From cozy armchairs and sofas decorated with patterned cushions and tactile throws to the use of beautiful floral wallpaper ideas and colorful furniture, channeling a 'Granny-chic' aesthetic is key for Grandmillennial decor ideas.

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams

Bethany Adams has over 15 years of experience designing and project-managing high-end residential projects all over the US. She started her design firm in Louisville in 2015 and before worked for several designers and architects over the course of a ten-year career in Chicago.

1. Comfort and coziness is key

Traditional-style bedroom with wooden trim around window, wooden flooring, two cozy cream armchairs, rug, daybed and bed

(Image credit: Jamie Haller)

'In contrast to Mid-century modern decor, a Grandmillennial space invites you in, it exudes a sense of comfort and warmth, brought to life through the mix of natural materials such as wicker, rattan, and wood, paired with the beautiful organic texture of tassels, ruffles, and pleated skirts' says Roxy Owens.

Every room in your home should feel comfortable and functional, but Grandmillennial decor ideas elevate this sense of comfort and coziness through a rich use of texture and soft, soothing materials. From rugs underfoot to plenty of cushions and throws, comfort and coziness are key.

2. Pattern, pattern and more pattern

Colorful kitchen with floral patterned wallpaper, blind, green cabinetry, patterned cupboard skirt.

(Image credit: House of Hackney)

From ditsy floral wallpaper to decorating with stripes and checks, decorating with pattern can really bring a space to life, and for Grandmillennial decor, Roxy Owens says, 'think warm, gorgeously layered spaces, a mix of prints, patterns, colors, as well as textiles and passementerie galore.'

Adding color and eye-catching visual interest to a space, do not be afraid to unite elaborate, contrasting patterns and prints in your scheme, as Grandmillennial decor ideas are rooted in an eclectic mix of designs.

As shown in this colorful kitchen, decorated with wallpaper and fabrics from the British homewares brand, House of Hackney, the union of bright colors and contrasting botanical prints make for a truly beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern. For further inspiration, explore Grandmillennial kitchen ideas.

3. Bring in the warmth of wood

Large living room with dark wooden walls, colorful stain-glass windows, modern lounge chairs and sofa, rug, lamps

(Image credit: Field Theory)

'In my mind, Grandmillennial reflects a renewed appreciation of the comfort, craftsmanship, and warmth of traditional design,' says interior designer and founder of Field Theory, Leah Harmatz.

'Some hallmarks of this style are floral fabrics and airy café curtains, pleated patterned lampshades, brown furniture, such as antique natural wood pieces from the 18th/19th century, and plush upholstery. There are many directions in which it can go, but I think it's helpful to balance these references to the past with more modern elements such as lighting and art to keep the design feeling fresh and relevant.'

From decorating with antiques to using wooden paneling, flooring, and furniture, you can't beat the beauty and timeless nature of working with wood interior design, and this versatile natural material is definitely at home in a Grandmillennial space.

Leah Harmatz
Leah Harmatz

Leah Harmatz founded the San-Francisco-based design firm, Field Theory, in 2015. Field Theory studio is a collaboration between Harmatz and Mike Rosenzweig, with an aesthetic influenced by travel, architecture, handcrafted furniture, and antique finds.

4. An eclectic mix of the old and the new

Kitchen with dark wooden window frames, wooden flooring, marble round dining table, bench seating, kitchen island

(Image credit: Heidi Callier Design)

'Today's Grandmillennials are choosing a mix of antique and modern pieces, and are really having fun with color, pattern, and texture. Go ahead and dust off those family heirloom chairs, but update them in a punchy new upholstery or, simply add a fun accent pillow,' says interior designer, Bethany Adams. 

2023 interior design trends are all about embracing a more sustainable home and styling our spaces with an elegant mix of both the old and new. As the trend and design experts at ethical homeware retailer, The Citizenry explain:

'As an evolution of the trends Grandmillennial and Coastal Grandmother, consumers are looking to soft goods for the comfort they get from the past, especially leaning into bedding layers. We’re predicting more patterned and textured textiles, including heirloom-inspired quilts, layered rugs, and heritage tiles. We’re also excited to watch wallpaper continue to grow in popularity.'

5. Embrace a colorful design

Corner of living room, floral wallpaper, blue side table, blue table lamp, books and ornaments

(Image credit: Society Social)

'Say goodbye to beige, a Grandmillennial makes an unapologetic stand for prints and color – it's what makes her heart sing!' says Roxy Owens.

This year's color trends see a new wave of reimagined neutrals, such as embracing pinks, greens, and yellows for a more contemporary take on neutral room ideas, as well as celebrating color confidence, with many of us taking bigger and braver risks when it comes to room color ideas in our homes.

Whether you unite more modern paint ideas with traditional furniture, or embrace colorful, painted furniture with country wallpaper ideas, embrace a characterful and colorful design for Grandmillennial decor.

6. Style with traditional crafts

Floral wallpaper, white table lamp with green and white striped shade.

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

From furniture that embraces traditional craftsmanship techniques to styling your space with handmade accessories and vintage finds, these details will help to create an atmosphere rich in nostalgia and history.

As interior designer Bethany Adams says 'grandma-like handicrafts, such as quilted, crocheted, and needle-pointed elements, all have a home in the new Grandmillennial decor.'

7. Celebrate the beauty of contrasts

Cozy living room with sofa, armchair, leather ottoman, lampshades, beige curtains

(Image credit: Heidi Callier Design)

'We are celebrating the beauty of contrast in the home, and this means being comfortable to experiment with coordinating elements in unexpected ways, says Joanna Ross, general manager of product and innovation at Sheridan.

A Grandmillennial style embodies the beauty contrasts – you only have to look at the name to find that out! From uniting together different patterns to styling a space with antique furniture find and modern accessories, Grandmillennial decor is a chance to celebrate many eras of design; creating an eclectic, unique space bursting with both the new and the traditional.

Joanna Ross
Joanna Ross

Joanna Ross has worked at Australian home and lifestyle brand, Sheridan, for over 5 years, and has a background in fashion retail and buying, trend forecasting and textile design.


What are the elements of Grandmillennial style?

As we have explored in this piece, the main elements of a Grandmillennial style are: using a mix of the old and new, incorporating playful patterns and colors, creating layers of texture through warming wood and soft, cozy materials, and embracing all things vintage and nostalgic.

For further inspiration, the owner of Society Social, Roxy Owens, says you can channel the look at home by incorporating the below design motifs:

  • A tasseled trim sofa
  • Wicker furniture
  • Punchy prints
  • Accent pillows in a timeless chintz
  • Wallpaper
  • Tape trim
  • Chinoiserie
  • Pleated and pattern lampshades
  • Passementerie such as tassels and fringes

What age is Grandmillennial?

Millennial is a term used to describe people who were born between 1981 and 1996, with Grandmillennials mainly those who are aged mid-20s to late 30s. 

However, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what age you are, as anyone can embrace a Grandmillennial style.

Grandmillennial decor ideas are centered around feelings of coziness, nostalgia and tradition, and can help to create a thoughtfully styled space that pays homage to the comforts of the past whilst celebrating designs of the present.

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