What do you put over a kitchen sink window?

We explore the best window treatment options to put over a kitchen sink window

What do you put over a kitchen sink window? Three examples of window treatments on window above kitchen sink. Half curtain, patterned fabric blind, Venetian blind.
(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation | Lucas Eilers |PT Blinds)

Explore our collection of ideas that help address the question, what do you put over a kitchen sink window?

From washing up to preparing food and drink, we spend a lot of time at our kitchen sinks, and many of us design a kitchen sink area beneath our kitchen windows.

A kitchen sink window can create an inviting area in the kitchen filled with natural light, as well as establishing a view to the outdoors, ideal for when stood at a sink for long periods. Your window treatment ideas for your kitchen sink window need to both look good, as well as be practical, as after all, the kitchen is one of the busiest and hardworking rooms in the home.

What do you put over a kitchen sink window?

Whether you want to refresh your current kitchen sink window, or are exploring kitchen sink ideas beneath a window for a new kitchen renovation, we take you through are top ideas to answer the question, what do you put over a kitchen sink window?

1. Add texture with a Roman blind

Traditional kitchen with dark wood flooring, white paneled ceiling, gray-beige painted kitchen cabinets, kitchen island with seating, patterned roman blind above sink

(Image credit: Lucas Eilers)

A simple but elegant way to bring in beautiful texture and pattern into your kitchen space for kitchen ideas, a Roman blind can effortlessly enhance and embellish your kitchen sink window with color, vibrancy and visual interest.

Constructed from a pleated piece of fabric that can be adjusted by a simple cord mechanism, a Roman blind is ideal for both small and large windows alike.

For window blind ideas, this type of blind can help to add eye-catching decoration to your kitchen sink space, as shown in this design by Lucas Eilers. Adding inviting texture and pattern to this neutral kitchen, this Roman blind perfectly frames the kitchen sink window.

2. Keep things sleek and sophisticated with a Venetian blind

Modern white and ark blue kitchen, dark brown Venetian blinds, hanging glass pendant, countertops decorated with kitchenware and accessories

(Image credit: PT Blinds)

Defined by adjustable horizontal slats, a Venetian blind is one of the most popular blind styles for the home, as the practical design allows for you to both let in the light and add privacy to your windows simultaneously.

Adding a sleek and sophisticated touch to your window, a Venetian blind, usually crafted from metal, wood or plastic, can also be easily wiped clean, ideal for a window above a kitchen sink when there can be occasional splashes of water.

In this kitchen, both windows have been fitted with Basswood blinds from PT Blinds, with the natural grain and wood tones of the smooth timber slats adding warmth and coziness to the small kitchen space.

3. Prioritize practicality with a roller blind

Modern, brown kitchen with dark wood kitchen cabinets, kitchen island with seating,wooden flooring, white painted walls, brown roller blind

(Image credit: Blinds 2Go)

Made from a single piece of fabric that can be rolled with a cord to cover your window, many roller blinds are often made from materials that are resistant to moisture and that can be easily wiped clean - a design that can look good whilst being extremely practical.

Natasha Painter, head of marketing at Blinds2Go says, 'kitchens can be full of moisture and humidity so you need to choose your window treatment carefully. Polyester or polyester mix fabrics, like our Roller Blinds are a great choice as they are resistant to damp and humid conditions.'

In this kitchen, the roller blind efficiently blocks out the light and adds texture to the space, as well as working perfectly with the earthy, neutral color scheme. The block color design and shape of the blind also adds an eye-catching graphic accent to the window, enhancing the overall simple, and modern kitchen design.

With so many colors and prints to choose from for roller blinds, there are options to suit kitchen sink windows in spaces of all ages and styles.

4. Create a cozy space with curtains

Dark blue painted kitchen with bright red kitchen freestanding wooden cabinet, light wooden flooring, sink with brass tap, multi-colored gingham half curtains

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation)

Many of us are led to believe that curtains do not belong in the kitchen, especially over a kitchen sink, but kitchen window curtain ideas are not to be ignored, with many designs bringing in much needed texture and warmth to this functional workspace.

Of course, certain styles of curtains are not practical for using on a kitchen sink window - no-one wants heavy velvet drapes in their kitchen sink! However, certain sill-length styles can sit beautifully on windows above sinks and countertops, enhancing your kitchen scheme with texture, colorful style and coziness. 

As shown in this colorful kitchen, the red and green gingham half curtains, also known as French 'café curtains', cover the lower half of the kitchen sink window. The perfect distance away from the sink space so they do not prove impractical, the curtains add privacy as well as a decorative design feature to this kitchen.

Decorating with gingham will always prove timeless, and the curtains in this space bring in eye-catching pattern and work in harmony with the uplifting color scheme.

5. Style your window with shutters

Large window above sink with white shutter, dark brown kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink, countertops decorated with kitchenware and food

(Image credit: California Shutters)

Shutters can add that final exquisite touch to a kitchen scheme; tying the design of the entire space together and making it feel complete. A durable, practical, and stylish window treatment, kitchen shutters offer versatility as well as ease of maintenance in one of the busiest rooms in the home. 

For kitchens that are street-facing or windows placed directly behind a sink area, café-style shutters are the ideal solution. Retaining privacy without reducing sought-after daylight, this shutter style will work exceptionally in both contemporary and period properties.

A long-lasting option for your kitchen sink window, shutter ideas can both add character as well as easily control the amount of light in the room.

6. Choose an untreated look

Calming contemporary kitchen with wooden plank kitchen cabinets, white sink, large window, hanging pendant light beside window, shelving beside window

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

There are no rules to say that you need to cover your kitchen sink window, for some of us, leaving our windows untreated and clear can make the most out of the natural light available, and create a clean and uncluttered look, ideal for minimalist kitchen ideas or luxury kitchen ideas with larger window designs.

As shown in this inviting, white and wooden kitchen, the traditional sash window is left uncovered, allowing for the classic style of the window to be fully appreciated. Instead of being framed by a window treatment, the characterful window is enhanced by a low hanging pendant light, adding both visual interest and warmth to the area.

A more unique way to enhance your kitchen sink window is by exploring kitchen lighting ideas, whether that's wall lights placed on either side of the window, or a low hanging pendant like above.

Do you need a window above a kitchen sink?

No, you do not need a window above a kitchen sink, however, it is a popular design choice as it can help with ventilation, creates a view for when standing at the sink, and can create an inviting space filled with natural light. 

A popular location for a sink in a more modern kitchen is on a kitchen island, this design can not only create more space on countertops that surround the kitchen, but can also make way for a more sociable kitchen layout, as you can then face the room and other people when stood at the sink.

How do you dress a kitchen window sill?

We have explored how to best to dress your kitchen sink window, but to enhance your window design with further decoration and personality, getting creative with your kitchen window sill can create an eye-catching platform of style and interest.

From flowers, to cookery books and ornaments, your kitchen window sill creates an area that can be used as both a storage and display space. 

For a kitchen sink window, which you will spend time washing up and preparing food, curating a stylish display of decorations and objects will only make for a pleasing and relaxing display to gaze upon.

For some further, similar inspiration, explore our guide on how to decorate kitchen counters.

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