Amazon Prime Day grill deals: our tried and tested top picks

Amazon Prime Day grill deals will give you big savings on Weber, Everdure, and other outdoor essentials. We've already spotted $300 off one of our favorites

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Amazon Prime Day grill deals are some of the best around. If you're looking for a new grill for your yard, get ready for July 11-12. Amazon released their dates for Prime Day and they are already reducing some of our favorite grills.

We'll keep refreshing our top ten Prime Day grill deals for 2023, so that you're getting the best value for money. We've looked all the best grills, from a portable model that is ideal for easy storage, a premium gas grill that will be the perfect talking point in your summer barbecues, to a smoker grill for slow and low cooking.

There's already $150 off one of our favorite Weber grills and $300 of a fast and fierce Everdure. Last year, Amazon took over $500 off a Kamado Joe charcoal grill, so we're looking for something similar, if not better this year. 

We've tried and tested the best on the market, so you know that these are reliable recommendations. The only thing you need to do is choose the right one for you. And if you don't find anything in our selection below, you can shop Amazon grills and browse Amazon smokers directly. 

Prime Day grill deals: our top picks for 2023

We're keeping an eye on all the grill deals for Prime Day. These are all already the best  grills out there. Now that it's Prime Day, we want you to have the best price too. If they drop any more, you'll find it here first. 

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill |  was $639.99

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill | was $639.99, now $569 at Amazon
The Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill is the ideal middle-ground for those who want a powerful gas grill, but who don't want to spend upwards of $1,000. With three burners and extendable arms, it's perfectly family-sized.

Weber Genesis II E-335 | was $1,399

Weber Genesis II E-335 | was $1,399, now $1,319 at Amazon

This professional grill is loaded with bonus features. It makes delicious food and pairs with smartphones for ultra-easy grilling. This isn't a huge reduction, but every saving helps.

Ninja Woodfire | was $369.99

Ninja Woodfire | was $369.99, now $329.95 at Amazon

This electric griddle is a smoking specialist, especially when we compared it to other grills. Even ones which were three times the size and price didn't smoke food as well. If you're a small family, this is a mini but mighty option.

Weber Genesis SPX-435 | was $2,149

Weber Genesis SPX-435 | was $2,149, now $1,999.49 at Amazon

This is an example of why we love prime day. You can save over $150 on an excellent grill. With nearly a thousand square inches of grilling area, plus a side burner, nobody will be going hungry.

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 |  was $1,299.95

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 | was $1,299.95, now $911.95 at Amazon
Featured below and currently in testing, the Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 is one of our favorite smoker grills. It has a smart self-feeding hopper and can even be paired with your phone for remote operation. This is the reduction we were waiting for. With a saving of over $300, you'll be pleased with this buy.

Weber Q3200 Portable | was $562.80

Weber Q3200 Portable | was $562.80, now $519 at Amazon

Ideal for grilling in the great outdoors, this gas grill is an easy on-the-go option. We found the stand to be really lightweight, but you can use the grill on a table top or on the floor. It's small, but does a really good job of grilling.

Everdure FURNACE Gas Grill |  

Everdure FURNACE Gas Grill | was $1,099.99, now $959 at Amazon
The Everdure FURNACE Gas Grill is an Australian icon. It's pioneered by Heston Blumenthal and comes in a selection of bright or pared-back colors. We enjoy the generous cooking space - nearly 500 square inches - and three independent burners.

Weber SmokeFire Sear + | was $1,849

Weber SmokeFire Sear + | was $1,849, now $1,599 at Amazon

In our tests, this pellet grill excellently smoked food, especially large cuts of meat. The smart dial can be turned from 200-600°F degrees, so you can smoke and roast at a range of temperatures.

Weber Traveler Portable Propane Gas Grill | was $418,

Weber Traveler Portable Propane Gas Grill | was $418, now $399 at Amazon
The Weber Traveler Portable Propane Gas Grill is a portable choice that's been tried and loved on our sister site. It folds flat for easy storage, or even for taking on the go when traveling. Despite that, it still offers 320 square inches of cook space.

Napoleon Phantom Rogue | was $1,399

Napoleon Phantom Rogue | was $1,399, now $1,247 at Amazon

You could cook an entire meal on the Phantom Rogue. The grill and side burner are great for meats and the warming rack, with it's own dedicated burner can warm corn on the cob wonderfully. When we tested it, we thought the results were exceptional (although it's not the easiest to assemble).


When does Amazon Prime Day end?

Amazon Prime Day ends at midnight July 12, leaving you with plenty of time to choose the best Prime Day grill deal for your home. 

However, in the final hours of Prime Day we tend to see a rush of lightning deals to capture the attention of last-minute shoppers, so the top grill deals of Prime Day are far from over. 

What is the best grill brand?

We love Weber grills for their smart features, and it is possible to pick up a Weber gas or charcoal grill at just about any budget. We are also big fans of Traeger grills for those who enjoy smoker grills and slow-roasting meats. If your main concern is style, we don't think you can go far wrong with an Everdure gas grill, which come in a variety of chic colors. 

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