Maren Morris' kitchen cabinet color is proof this classic shade just doesn't date

The classic color that makes all kitchens 'look professionally designed' is a focal point in Maren Morris' home – but what makes it so powerful and so timeless?

Maren Morris
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Kitchen trends are especially fickle. They come and go with such speed. But when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, there are certain classic shades that we just no will never date – as is the case with Maren Morris' dark blue-gray kitchen. 

The singer showcased the timeless kitchen cabinet color, which in her space, creates a stark contrast against her white backsplash and marble countertops. With many bold moody colors, you have to approach with caution, but deep blue-grey is a huge exception – as designers explain, this blue is more versatile than we may initially expect. 

'Dark blue-gray cabinets will be popular in 2024 for many reasons,' comments Kimberly Horton, the owner of KH Home Designs. 'This particular palette offers a timeless and sophisticated look that can work well in a variety of design styles. This classic color combination has an enduring appeal that doesn't go out of style.'

'The hue is incredibly versatile and can be paired with various countertop materials, backsplash options, and hardware finishes. For example, you can pair the warmth of bronze or brass, but you can also use a cooler kitchen color scheme and incorporate silver or black hardware.'

There is, however, more to this shade than its versatility. As Kimberly explains, while we may be tempted to opt for a bright, light tone for our kitchen cabinets, we should, instead, look to colors like Maren's to add more depth and dimension to our space. 

'By selecting a dark blue cabinet with a gray undertone, you are elevating the space and creating the look of a professionally designed kitchen. These cabinets can be an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a stylish, long-lasting, and functional space.'

Interior Designer
Kimberly Horton
Interior Designer
Kimberly Horton

A multi-award-winning interior designer, Kimberly Horton is the founder of KH Home Design, based in Connecticut. Kimberly is also a winner of, HGTV’s Designer of the Year, People’s Choice award.

As mentioned, Maren's cabinets juxtapose against the other features in her space, creating a contrast that comes with an inevitable aesthetic value. However, as Kimberly explains, its good looks may just add value to your home in the process.

'Because of its versatility and broad appeal, this beautiful color palette can increase the resale value of a home by offering a stylish and well-maintained kitchen,' she says. 'This contrast can also add depth and visual interest to the space.'

blue kitchen with dining table and roof light

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Plus, Kimberly isn't alone in her color trend forecast. Tom Edmonds, the design director at Lewis Alderson, mirrors her predictions, adding that his dark hue is a bolder step for the original gray kitchen that has dominated kitchen trends in recent years. 

'The gray kitchen theme has continued for some years now, with darker hues such as midnight blue and olive green creeping in over the past two years or so. Dark blue-grey kitchen cabinets will continue to be a key theme in 2024 because they are such classic, timeless colors,' he explains.

'Some may choose to use dark blue-grey cabinetry throughout or just on the island; either works equally well. It is a versatile color that shows no sign of abating for luxury and high-street kitchen design.'

For the perfect starting point, we've color-matched Maren Morris' blue-gray paint to this shade from Backdrop.  

Silver Lake Dad paint sample| $6.00 at Backdrop

Silver Lake Dad paint sample| $6.00 at Backdrop

This soothing tone is the perfect example of what happens when blue meets gray. Alongside its good looks, we love this shade is easy to apply and seamlessly washable. We also love that Backdrop is a sustainable paint brand, so we can order our samples with confidence. 

Blue-gray may be set to influence how we decorate in 2024, with its versatility, aesthetic qualities, and potential to add value to our home, we expect this tone's popularity is unlikely to waver. So, while changing up our cabinets may feel like a large investment both in terms of time and budget, we'd say it's one of the safest changes you can make.

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