10 easy tips to turn your bathroom into a private spa experience

How to enjoy a luxurious at-home spa...

We’re all in need of some rest and relaxation right now. So why not do it at home in style? There a plenty of tips and tricks on how to turn your bathroom into a spa for an at-home pampering experience.

To help those staying indoors, the experts at Victorian Plumbing have put together a handy guide on the 10 easy tips for turning your bathroom into your own private at-home spa right now. So what are you waiting for? Relaxation calls...

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How to turn your bathroom into a spa experience:

Get the candles and the essential oils (and don't forget your book and a glass of wine), this is how to create an at-home spa experience.


Ok, so you probably weren't expecting your spa day to start with cleaning, but your body and mind will thank you for it. You can give your bath an effective DIY clean using products found in your kitchen - salt and citrus are great for removing soap scum. Just dip a lemon in salt and use it like a sponge to scrub at tough stains.

Pro tip: If you’ve got an old ceramic tub that’s absolutely filthy, you can give it an incredible clean using oven cleaner. Just remember you’ll need to wear gloves and ventilate the room for a while before you go back in.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

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We’re all guilty of hoarding our bathroom products, which means that bathrooms over time became disorganised and cluttered. And what’s the biggest cause of stress? You guessed it - clutter. Luckily, sorting clutter is one of the quickest ways to make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

Throw away old bottles - bin whatever is nearing its use-by date, or what’s rarely used. Keep any excess in a bathroom cupboard. When you think of your last real spa experience, you’re unlikely to picture a dusty, half-empty bottle of shampoo next to the tub, or stains of shower gel rings everywhere. So keep your bathroom clear for a more authentic spa experience.

Pro tip: If you don’t have much storage space, invest in a shower shelf to keep the bottles in one neat place.


Becoming something of a trend in 2020, bathroom plants are a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Plants, after all, purify and filter the air around us, and go some way towards promoting a relaxing and calming environment - perfect when you’re looking to craft your own sanctuary spa space.

Try plants that thrive in humid, damp conditions - so things like boston ferns, aloe vera, bamboo, and of course, orchids make for great green bathroom buddies. Get creative with plant hangers and you’ll be relaxing in your own private jungle spa in no time.

Pro tip: If your bathroom has low levels of light, look for plants like African violets or Chinese evergreens, which thrive well in darker conditions.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

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Simply add three cups of water into a large bowl followed by 10 drops of lavender oil. Submerge your towels into the water and ring out the excess. Whilst the towels are still wet, fold them over and put them in the freezer. Leave them for a couple of hours.

Then, either during your soak or right after, drape one of these cool towels over your face and shoulders. The contrast between hot and cold combined with the aromatherapy of the lavender will feel revitalising - it’s a quick win for having your own spa experience at home.

Pro tip: if lavender is a bit too strong for you, try using other revitalising scents like peppermint, rosewood, and chamomile.


Think of your last spa experience. You’ll probably remember the relaxing atmosphere and lighting. You can easily create a similar experience yourself by mimicking this at home. Light helps keep us awake and alert - so the dimmer you go the more relaxed you’ll be. The ultimate way to do this of course, is to install a dimmer switch, but if that’s a little bit out of your budget right now, candles do an amazing job too.

Look for ambient music playlists on Spotify - if you’ve got a dedicated waterproof speaker put that to good use too.

Pro tip: Dr David Lewis, the UK’s leading stress specialist, assembled a list of the 10 most relaxing tunes. Add these into a Spotify playlist for the perfect spa-day soak.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

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The last thing you want to be doing once you’re in the bath is getting out again. Balancing things on the side of the tub (hello, wet books) or leaning out to grab what you need (hello, wet floor) is never ideal. So if you’re always needing a drink, or want to skip that song, you’ll need to get a tub tray.

A tub tray runs across your bath and knees, and allows you to store drinks, books, magazines and gadgets close by. You can relax, wine balanced above you alongside that book you’ve finally got the time to read. It’s the ultimate cheat to a lavish spa day experience. You can get a decent tub tray from as little as £15 online, with high-end models costing up to £60.

Pro tip: If you’re feeling adventurous, and have some time on your hands, you can always make a tray yourself. You’ll need an old wooden board. Check YouTube for tutorials.


Any spa worth its salt needs some soothing elixirs to soak in. There’s a ton of bathroom products you can buy online, but have you ever considered making your own? Add two parts kosher salt, two parts Epsom salt, and one part baking soda to a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a great make-do stress-buster. Try oil combinations include 10 drops of eucalyptus and 10 drops of peppermint - perfect for blocked sinuses - or 10 drops of bergamot and 10 drops of lavender, if you’re looking for a relaxation aid.

Pro tip: If you want something restorative for your spa experience, try adding 20 drops of eucalyptus, 10 drops of peppermint, then three ounces of almond oil into your tub with some Epsom salts.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

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A decent soak in the tub should last at least 20 minutes, but water will cool far faster than that. So pre-empt this by starting your bath far hotter than you’d like and wait till things cool slightly before jumping in. Always run the bath with the door shut too - this lets steam build up and you’ll need that for your DIY spa experience. And those bubbles you love? Turns out, they’ve got a practical use too. Bubbles insulate the water, helping your bath stay warmer longer.

Pro tip: Keep an ice cold pint of water near the bath. You’ll need to stay hydrated, and cool water in a hot bath will help regulate your body temperature.


Whilst of course you can always buy what you need, you can make a great DIY face mask to really revitalise your skin. Mix equal parts yoghurt and avocado with ¼ tbsp of honey and get in the tub with cool cucumber slices, or chilled chamomile tea bags, on your eyes. You’ll forget you’re still in your own home, as the sheer act of throwing on a mask will instantly give you that spa day feeling.

Pro tip: Invest in a jade roller to really bring nutrients to the skin.


All-white home bathrooms can feel cold and clinical. Give yours a lick of colour to create a more authentic, at-home spa experience. Look to nature for inspiration - natural colours like browns, greys and greens will give your bathroom an organic feel that’ll soothe you after a stressful day watching the kids.

Painting a whole bathroom is a bigger job than some on the list, but it’s great for those looking for a weekend project. Remember though, painting a bathroom is a bit different to other rooms in the house. Get yourself a special bathroom or high-gloss paint, and make sure you give the walls a good scrub before you start; years of old soap studs can stop paint setting.

Pro tip: If your bathroom is on the smaller side, go for paler greens and greys which will make the room feel like a more spacious spa.

Bathroom spa

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