Shea McGee is obsessed with butter yellow for summer – here's how she suggests bringing it into your home

Shea McGee just announced her favorite color obsession for the summer: butter yellow. Here’s everything you need to know about this cool shade and how to bring it into your home

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With summer right on the horizon, we’re all thinking of ways to incorporate brighter hues into our spaces, and really bring some sunny vibes in any way we can. However, if you’re a minimalist at heart, bright colors like sunshine hues and scarlets might be too much for you. Not to mention, they can be hard to squeeze into your already existing summer decor ideas, especially if those plans lean on the more neutral side. So, what does one do? Well, interior design expert Shea McGee has the answer.

‘This summer, I really am gravitating more toward paler versions of brighter colors, and butter yellow has been my go-to, in both my interior design projects as well as the products I’ve designed,’ Shea tells Homes & Gardens. ‘Butter yellow is such a good shade, as it lands somewhere between beige and bright yellow. I love how sunny and relaxed it is without going full force into lemon territory.’

In addition, because of its versatility, Shea insists you can add it to your space any way you like, whether that’s with a subtle decor piece for a pop, or through larger-scale items like painted walls or bright carpets. ‘I love seeing butter yellow on soft textiles like rugs, pillows, and lamp shades, but I also think it’s neutral enough and classic enough to incorporate it onto longer-lasting parts of your home, like wallpaper,’ she adds.

So, if you’re ready to embrace one of the summer’s top interior design trends and looking for butter yellow ideas to try, just take a glance at Shea’s newest decor items for her lifestyle brand, McGee & Co. She’s worked the hue into pretty much everything, including simple vases and going all the way up to large pieces of art. I’ve scoured the new summer line to find you the best butter yellow pieces to bring some of the color trend into your home this season.

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(Image credit: Studio McGee)

Butter yellow is a wonderfully easy way to bring some summer vibes into your home without going too maximalist, and it’ll also help you be happier at home, thanks to its mood boosting properties. You’re essentially bringing sunshine into your home, but in a more subtle way, and the shade pairs well with dark and light colors alike for the ultimate versatility.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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