How to store blankets and keep them looking good - even if you don't have a linen closet

There are many chic ways to store blankets properly and keep them looking (and smelling) like they just came out of the linen closet

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A home that feels inviting is one that features a selection of blankets. In all seasons, whether winter or summer, throws are home accessories we cannot do without. 

Blankets keep us warm, and help keep our spaces feeling cozy, even after the holidays. It's hardly a surprise then that many of us end up with an extensive collection and find ourselves wondering how to store them properly so that they stay looking good and feeling fresh. 

So where can we place them when they aren't in use? Especially if you do not have a linen closet or if your living room storage is at its full capacity. We asked the experts, who thankfully have some tricks up their sleeve.

How to store throw blankets

Not having a linen closet may feel frustrating to some, but actually, there are many workarounds to consider. The great thing about decorating a smaller space is that thinking outside the box can combat what you thought were significant design dilemmas. This is how the professionals recommend we store blankets at home, with or without a linen closet.

1. Keep them decoratively accessible with trunks, baskets, and coffee tables

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Start by keeping your collection of blankets thoughtfully curated, and if you are wondering whether you have one too many, it may be wise to declutter as you go to make your new blanket storage aspirations a little more accessible. 

Once your home feels clutter-free, it's time to embrace dual-use furniture. Consider trunks filled with throws that act as coffee tables or seats too. Professional home organizer and TV personality Janelle Cohen tells us that the best place for blankets in the home is where they are within reach: 'If you have throw blankets, I recommend putting them in a decorative storage basket near where you use them (like your couch).'

Likewise, Interior design expert and the founder of Arsight, Artem Kropovinsky, suggests we lean into the art of disguising our blanket storage stylishly: 'Secret storage with an iota of vintage can be achieved with ornate trunks and stylish baskets,' he recommends. 

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Janelle Cohen

Janelle Cohen is a professional home organizer and TV personality known for her work with major celebrities and appearances on top shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America. She is also the author of The Folding Book: A Complete Guide to Creating Space and Getting Organized, available at Amazon  and recently Partnered with Kelley Blue Book to announce the 2024 Best Buy Awards.

2. Make a display of throws using wall space

This next tip is perfect for conserving floor space. Make the most of a small living room or bedroom by leaning into 'towel racks' – ripe for the elegant draping of blankets. Just when you thought you had exhausted your square footage. 

'You can use ladder-style racks for a sophisticated presentation,' Artem says. Spare, good-looking blankets can enhance a room and make it look more inviting. Even minimalists can explore this option. Choose simple wall fixtures, like hooks or wall-mounted rings, and neatly drape blankets in as elegant a fashion as you can to capture warm minimalism at its best.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and the founder of Arsight, a global award-winning design firm with over a decade of experience in residential and commercial interior design.  

3. Bring them into your bedroom ottoman

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A wonderful, not-so-well-kept bedroom storage secret is an ottoman at the foot of the bed. This design feature is endorsed by many for bedding and bedroom essentials, not to mention a cozy additional seat. If you find most of your blankets in the bedroom, or if you are short on space elsewhere, this is a fine option.

4. Squeeze seasonal throws under the bed

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Ottomans are not the only place where blankets can discreetly reside in the bedroom. If you have no linen closet and have maxed out space in a small apartment, slot surplus throws strategically under the bed. 

'If it's not a blanket for everyday use, and you have space under the bed, I would purchase canvas under-bed storage containers and store your blankets there,' recommends Julianna Melamed, Founder of Full Service Living. Storing this item under your bed will not disrupt Feng Shui either.

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Julianna Melamed

Julianna Melamed is the founder of the home concierge company Full Service Living, located in New York City, which specializes in home organization, move management, and home project management. 

Of course, you need to reduce their size first, and for this, grab your vacuum. 'If these are seasonal blankets, I would purchase a vacuum seal system and store the compressed blankets deep under your bed,' recommends Julianna. 'After all, you won't require them again for a few months.' 

These are Julianna's favorite under-the-blanket storage boxes on Amazon. 'They have clear tops so you can see everything, and the handle is around the entire perimeter for an easy grab, no matter how deep under the bed.'


How can I stop blankets smelling musty when storing them? 

We have all forgotten about a poor blanket before, and we all know that a dusty or musty smell is far from linen fresh. 'To keep blankets from getting musty, first, you must make sure they are bone dry before you put them away, especially after you wash them,' says Julianna, Founder of Full Service Living.

How should I fold blankets to store them?

'There is no wrong way to fold blankets, but there are many options,' explains Janelle. 'I like to roll them and place them in a blanket basket. If I’m storing them in a linen closet or cabinet, it’s better to fold them up and have the end of the blanket tucked in to keep it compact and neat.'

Can you store blankets in the basement or attic?

To avoid them losing their cozy appeal, make sure you choose the right spot to store excess blankets in your home. The basement and attic are probably the worst places to store blankets.

'Those are two places where blankets are sure to get musty and possibly even moldy,' says Julianna. 'If you don’t have extra closet space, store blankets in proper storage containers under the bed or in sealed plastic boxes in the garage. '

If you absolutely need to store blankets in the basement or attic, make sure you are well-equipped to protect them from the elements using something like this MISSLO Extra Large Waterproof Storage Bag from Amazon.

Giving a little thought to how you store extra blankets will pay off. If you are fortunate enough to have a linen closet, make good use of it, but keep your linen closet organized like a professional.

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