How much does a new kitchen cost?

How much does a new kitchen cost? This guide explains all there is to know about kitchen costs for your latest kitchen remodel

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You may be wondering, how much does a new kitchen cost? 

Getting the heart of the home just right can seem like a huge undertaking but setting an accurate budget in advance will allow you to find the best way for you to achieve the look you're aiming for without over-stretching your finances.

Whether it's a cabinet refresh or an entirely new set up, we've outlined guidance for all your kitchen ideas below and broken down how much you can expect to pay when remodelling your kitchen.

How much does a new kitchen cost?

An example of how much does a new kitchen cost showing a blue kitchen with glass display cabinets and wooden bar stools next to an island

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The answer for how much does a new kitchen cost is a tricky one simply because it can vary hugely, so carefully planning a kitchen renovation is important. 

For instance, if you are looking at kitchen extension ideas that involve knocking down walls or changing doors and windows, your budget will soar compared to a more superficial job. On average, for a dry fit installation you'll be looking at around $4,000/£3,000.

'The great thing about kitchens is the cost is incredibly broad and there’s no set amount of money that you should spend on a new kitchen. But it is important to create a realistic budget for you and the kitchen's size,' advises Andy Briggs, interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens.

A useful rule of thumb is a kitchen remodel should cost no less than 5% and no more than 15% of the value of your home. Once you have this number in mind, add an extra 20% of this budget on top to set aside for unexpected costs. 

How much does it cost to fit a kitchen?

An example of how much does a new kitchen cost showing a white kitchen with a black island and wooden flooring leading to glass doors

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For kitchen installations, you're looking at around 15-25% of the overall cost of the kitchen remodel.

The actual installation price varies not only on the spec of the kitchen itself but on the location of your home and the location of the company you use. 

Prices will rise if you're in an area with a higher cost of living, such as a city center. To keep costs lower, using local labor will help.

However, expect to pay up to $7000 (£5,000) to have your kitchen fitted, including ripping out an old one, plastering, tiling, fitting your appliances, painting, and electrics for sockets and lighting.

To break it down even further, for an average-sized kitchen, each trade is likely to cost around $700 (£500) each (plumber, tiler, electrician, plasterer) with the joiner costing around $3,000 (£2,000) to fit the cabinets. These costs will vary depending on the size of your kitchen. Waste and rubbish removal can also cost up to $700 (£500).

How much does a modern kitchen cost?

If you're considering modern kitchen ideas, you may wonder if there is a price difference. 

'When planning and budgeting for a new modern kitchen there are various elements to consider,' says Adrian Bergman, Design Manager at British Standard by Plain English. 'The best tip I can give is to put together a spreadsheet, start with your wish list and refine it from there. It makes the process far easier as you have clear visibility of where you can save or spend.'

The price of a modern kitchen remodel is dependent on many factors, such as the size of your space, materials, products and how bespoke the finish is.

'There are several things to consider when designing a kitchen, and it’s important to know your own budget before starting,' says Tony Cramp, Commercial Projects Manager at Neptune. 'Beyond the obvious upfront costs of cabinetry and appliances, there is also the cost of fitting, electrics and plumbing to be considered, at the very least. 

'While it is almost impossible to pin down specific starting prices for each element of the modern kitchen, basic costs of each aspect can be estimated. We can say that the total expenditure of a modern kitchen can range from anywhere between $20,000 (£15,000) to upwards of around $35,000 (£25,000) and $40,000 (£30,000) depending on the size of the kitchen, and individual budget.'

How much does a full kitchen renovation cost?

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If you want to know how much a kitchen renovation costs if you're undergoing a full blown kitchen remodel then, predictably, prices will rise.

'On average I would advise from $3,400/£2,500 plus VAT for a dry fit installation,' says Hayley Robson, Creative Director of Day True

'But a full renovation, including plumbing, electrics, new flooring, decorating etc, I would advise is probably more around $34,000/£25,000 plus VAT.'

Budgeting properly for a full renovation is key. When possible, avoid paying for the work in advance and instead agree with the contractor to keep a small retention (up to 5% of the total cost of each payment as work progresses) to be released at the end when your snagging list has been completed. 

In addition to the cost of the kitchen itself, you need to include build costs, professional fees and possible planning permission. Getting building regulations approval needs to be factored in, too.

As with any project, there will be unexpected costs. ‘No matter how carefully you budget for refurbishment works, there’s always a degree of uncertainty because at any time you could stumble upon an expensive hidden defect,' says Brian Berry, Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders

'So it’s normally a good idea to include a contingency sum of at least 10%.'

'When it comes to materials, don’t forget to factor in delivery charges and allow for lead-in times for items like kitchen units and bathroom suites. Can any existing materials, such as old slates for example, be salvaged and reused or sold?' advises Brian. 

'Produce a written brief, including detailed architectural drawings where possible, and give a copy to each builder who quotes.'

How much do kitchen cabinets cost?

As they are typically the only storage in a storage-heavy space, cabinet choice can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Unfortunately, when remodeling a kitchen, cabinetry is usually the most expensive element.

'The cost of a kitchen installation can of course vary depending on whether you opt for an off-the-shelf design or bespoke cabinetry,' says Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones. 'We recommend allocating around 50% of your budget for the cabinetry.'

'Kitchen cabinet ideas can often be the costliest part of a project, equating to 40/50% of the total amount,' says Graeme Smith, Head of Retail and Commercial Design at Life Kitchens. 'However, this is heavily dependent on the style and finish of the door, the level of smart storage and tailored internals within your cupboards, and whether your chosen colour is painted to order or bespoke.'

Estimating starting costs, Tony Cramp says: 'Cabinetry alone can be upwards of $11,000 (£8,000) for a small space.'

How much do kitchen countertops cost?

Your worksurfaces will be under constant pressure from busy family life, so kitchen countertop ideas are worth investing in. 

Quartz and granite are both durable, practical and aesthetically appealing options, while wood can add a warm texture and character to the space. Marble is a beautiful - and more expensive - option, but do remember that it is a porous material, so can be prone to staining.

Graeme Smith says: 'Countertops can be anywhere from 10% of the project cost', while Tony Cramp suggests allotting '$3,000 to $4000 (£2,000 to £3,000) at the very least' for your worktops.

How much do kitchen appliances cost?

Some of the most hardworking pieces in your kitchen are the appliances, and the fridge freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave can make up around a third of the cost of a modern kitchen.

'Appliances are a key investment typically equalling anywhere from 25/30% of the total amount of a new kitchen,' says Graeme Smith. 

Tony Cramp advises to think carefully about your appliance investments, adding: 'Of all the ‘variables’ that impact budget, appliances need careful consideration. 

'Traditional range cookers can cost $15,000 (£11,000) plus and even a fridge freezer can cost between $1,500 (£1,000) and $30,000 (£20,000) depending upon the brand/size.'

He adds: 'Don’t forget some of the modern day kitchen ‘essentials’, things like waste disposal units, hot water taps and wine coolers.'

How much does a kitchen island cost?

'The kitchen island has become the holy grail of aspirational kitchen features. And rightly so,' says Jamie Blake, of Blakes London.

The cost of a kitchen island ideas depends on its size and spec of its materials and finishes.

Jamie says: 'A practical issue to nail down before the exciting elements of designing an island can begin is the functionality of your island. Will your island house a sink, hob or dishwasher? If so, there will be practical elements - and costs - to consider, such as ducting, water supply, and drainage.'

He adds: 'If you'd like a stone worktop, such as marble, do bear in mind that three metres is generally the largest length for a single piece of stone. Alternative materials, such as concrete or terrazzo, would be a way to avoid having joints in the stone.'

In terms of costs, Adrian Bergman says: 'A simple island measuring 1m x 2m (excluding worktops) can be achieved from around $4,000 (£3,000).

How much does kitchen lighting cost?

Layering your kitchen lighting ideas means you will get a space that works for everything from cooking to socialising and working.

'You will need both task lighting, most commonly by way of spotlights, as well as ambient lighting,' says Jamie Blake. 'There's nothing worse than sitting down to a meal and feeling like you’re stuck in a floodlit office canteen.'

A kitchen island is a great place to play with ambient lighting. Jamie says: 'Elegant and pleasing to the eye, three hanging pendants over an island are a staple of a reason. 

'For those minded to do something a bit unexpected, we love a single statement chandelier hung off-centre over an island. And if you’re looking to stay on trend, a clean simple track light with dimmable spots which can act as both ambient and task lighting looks sharp.'

Your lighting costs will vary depending on your style choices, but you can expect to pay up to $300 (£200) to fit a light fixture.

Can I fit a kitchen myself?

An example of how much does a new kitchen cost showing a white kitchen with a black island and upholstered bar stools

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If budget is a concern, or you just want a project, then fitting your own could indeed be the answer. 

Fitting your own kitchen is a relatively simple job and could save you between $1,400/£1,000 and $6,800/£5,000, but relies on you having the DIY know-how and the time.

That said, be aware that it's still best to use professionals for electricity and plumbing. Fitting worktops, too, can be a costly mistake to fix, so if possible, outsource this work to a professional.

How can I make a kitchen more affordable?

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Remodeling a kitchen is a huge undertaking, but there are plenty of ways to make this more affordable. 

However, do be aware that you're making an investment and be prepared to spend money where you need to. 

'Don’t downplay the value of a well-designed kitchen, which could prove to be well worth the investment in the longer term. After all, this is the room you will use day in day out, but also make sure you can afford your payments,' notes Andy Briggs.

These tactics, below, will help you cut down on a new kitchen's costs.

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1. Fit the kitchen yourself

As we've described above, fitting a kitchen can help you cut costs considerably, so long as you have the time and the skills. 

Again, be aware that there will be elements of this that should only ever be done by a professional, such as the electrics.

2. Go for a superficial refresh

As cabinetry can account for up to half of the kitchen costs, so long as your inner cabinets are in good condition, stick to upgrading the outside only.

'A cost-effective way to update the look of your kitchen is to keep your inner cabinets and simply buy new doors or paint the existing ones,' says Andy. 

'You will immediately get a whole new look at a fraction of the cost, but be mindful of you door sizes if you look to replace them and any damages to doors if you look to paint them.'

3. Save with backsplashes

'Backsplashes are another area where you can save on – you don’t have to spend a fortune to add character to your walls with ceramic tiles,' says Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones. 

'Functional and easy to clean, kitchen backsplash ideas come in a variety of interesting patterns, textures, shapes and sizes.'

4. Be clever with materials

'The worktop is also likely to be in your kitchen for a long time, so make sure you opt for a durable material in a neutral color that will suit different schemes as you redecorate,' says Melissa.

Additionally, choosing composite or quartz surfaces over marbles and granites will save you a small fortune, and you won't lose out on style or durability.

Hardware, too, can be worth a look. 'Handles play a large part in how the kitchen looks and they can complete the overall style of the space, but materials like copper and antique bronze can come at a premium,' says Graeme Smith, Head of Retail and Commercial Design at Life Kitchens

'This can easily be worked around, however, as there are now great alternatives out there that mimic the finish.' 

5. Be smart with appliances

As Hayley Robson, Creative Director of Day True points out, if you have the right cabinetry, then, 'with appliances, you can find more cost effective solutions for the integrated options, as they will be hidden behind a door.'

Either way, do bear in mind the costs of the appliances. 'A big trend at the moment is internal extractor fans within hobs, but these will cost a pretty penny in comparison to a traditional extractor above the counter,' notes Andy. 

'Similarly, there are a broad range of oven and dishwasher suppliers at varying costs so do your research, look at deals and offers, and try to find the best quality and specification for your budget.'

'Kitchen cabinet ideas can often be the costliest part of a project, equating to 40/50% of the total amount,' says Graeme Smith, Head of Retail and Commercial Design at Life Kitchens. 'However, this is heavily dependent on the style and finish of the door, the level of smart storage and tailored internals within your cupboards, and whether your chosen colour is painted to order or bespoke.'

Estimating starting costs, Tony Cramp says: 'Cabinetry alone can be upwards of $11,000 (£8,000) for a small space.'

How much does a kitchen island cost?

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