Dunn-Edwards DURA's historic paint collection is inspired by the most iconic design movements – spanning 37 versatile shades

These historically inspired paints are flattering in so many spaces

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Championing an appreciation for the most iconic design styles of years gone by, paint brand Dunn-Edwards DURA has just launched its historic collection: an array of new paint colors to use throughout the home.

Comprising 37 shades, each color has been carefully created to pay tribute to the 'rich heritage' of American West architecture dating back to the 1800s – from the Arts & Crafts movement to mid-century modern. The result is a timeless selection of new paint ideas that can seamlessly add charm to contemporary homes with an aged and characterful look.

We spoke to Dunn-Edwards color experts to find out more about the new paint colors and how to best decorate with them to bring historic appeal to your home decor ideas.

neutral bedroom with houseplant and gray bedding

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'When curating the Historical Color Collection, we studied the beautiful architectural styles of the past and incorporated their key influences,' explains Isabella Broglia, a color expert at Dunn-Edwards DURA. 'Each color in this collection stems from specific historical references. For example, Cloistered Green was discovered on the interior of the Carmel Mission and noted in Victorian and Arts and Crafts documentation.'

The collection takes reference from a selection of iconic design styles, where standout colors were recognized from each and then realized into paints for modern-day use.

The first is Spanish Colonial, which Isabella explains explores the 'color palettes of early California', resulting in colors that reflect the 'warmth of the western landscape.'

Victorian interior design was another historical reference for the collection, informing the palette's more decorative colors such as Blue Velvet. 'Decoration and ornament are key to Victorian architecture, and the colors of this period are no different,' continues Isabella.

mustard yellow wall with three yellow and orange chairs in front

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The palette's earthy colors, such as muted browns and greens like Flagstone Quartzite were inspired by homes that relate to the Arts & Crafts movement, more specifically the 'sprawling front porches' that 'act as extensions of nature.'

Inspiring a selection of natural tones as well as brighter hues such as Sunnyside Up, Isabella explains how mid-century modern influenced the palette: 'Pre- and post-war paint colors are natural earth tones or neutrals, complemented by brightly colored accents. The optimism and building booms of the post-war era, in particular, are key to this bright color palette.'

How to decorate with the historic color collection

Due to the slightly muted and earthy feel that's present in a lot of the collection's paint colors, they work well in many different rooms and across various interior design styles. Whether your home is modern or traditional, these historically-inspired colors are a great way to add color in a liveable way.

There are plenty of warm neutrals, such as Cameo Role, a cream color, which would make an effective wall color if you want to keep things pared back. Or, if you want to embrace a more adventurous take on colors, the collection's rust reds and warm oranges are excellent summery shades that will no doubt make a statement.

One of the palette's standout white paints is Historic White, which Isabella describes as a 'sandy neutral white' and 'the perfect base color' for a room.

For a darker take on color trends, Bourbon Truffle is a dark brown shade with a muted finish. Isabella adds it has a 'surprising punch of red' which brings warmth, making it a go-to choice to create cozy spaces that align with 2024 color trends.

bedroom with light blue panelled wall and modern pendant lights

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Marine Layer, pictured above, is a light dusty blue, perfect for creating a calming bathroom or bedroom. 'Reminiscent of the ocean and warm summer days, this misty, light blue hue is the epitome of the season in my eyes,' says Isabella.

In addition to using these paints inside your home, they are also available in an exterior finish, perfect for refreshing your front door color or exterior this summer.

For interior designer Kathy Kuo, there are two standout shades from the collection: Mission White and Cloistered Green, which make for a timeless color combination when used alongside one another.

'I mix and match warm white paints and sage green hues in my own home, so I'm always drawn to new renditions of these classic colors,' the designer shares. 'I see both of these paint colors being easy to use throughout the home since they feel warm, organic, and inviting.'

Find out more about the colors and shop the full range of the historic paint collection at Dunn-Edwards DURA.

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