Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White is an ever-popular paint – here's why experts love this 'empathetic' white

With warm undertones, Wimborne White is a flattering off-white paint

white paint used in various interior schemes
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Described as 'just off white' by Farrow & Ball, Wimborne White is a white paint that has more to offer than you might first assume.

A firm favorite white paint in the interior design world and one of the most popular Farrow & Ball paints, Wimborne White is used time after time by designers, and for good reason. But why exactly is this classic white paint so flattering? 

To learn more about what this white paint has to offer, we enlisted the expertise of color specialists and interior designers to understand what makes Wimborne White so popular.

What color is Wimborne White? 

Wimborne White is an off-white paint with slightly more warmth to it than pure white. It has a very subtle yellow tone, making it slightly cozier than Farrow & Ball's similar All White

'Wimborne White is an empathetic white with a touch of yellow,' explains Patrick O'Donnell, color expert at Farrow & Ball.

Affirming it as one of the best white paints for home decor ideas, interior designer Betsy Wentz, founder of Pennsylvania-based Betsy Wentz Interior Design, comments on the versatility of Wimborne White: 'Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White is a great all-around neutral that can be used for anything from walls and ceilings; to trim and cabinets.'

white staircase with beige walls

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The beauty of this warm white paint is that it can make rooms feel brighter and more spacious when used correctly. Since some white paints have cooler undertones, they can fail to achieve a cozy feel. Wimborne White, on the other hand, is the 'perfect choice to make rooms appear bigger and brighter without looking too chilly,' according to Patrick.

To lean into a bright and spacious look when decorating with white, Patrick advises color-drenching the walls with Wimborne White instead of paring it with another paint color: 'To increase the appearance of space, carry the color up and onto the ceiling and avoid using contrasting colors.' 

Image of Patrick O’Donnell
Patrick O’Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell is Farrow & Ball's color consultant & brand ambassador and has been with the brand since 2012. Patrick works with designers in the UK and North America, helping to bring their projects alive with the iconic, F&B color palette.

3 ways to decorate with Wimborne White

White paint is used far and wide, across many interior design styles. From modern decor ideas to traditional decor ideas, it is one of the most classic paint colors, and landing on the right shade of white paint can set the tone for the whole space. 

'There are so many off-whites available,' says interior designer Kyle O'Donnell, founder and principal at NYC-based design studio Gramercy Design. 'But Wimborne White never fails to be warm in any level of brightness.'

The subtle warmth of Wimborne White makes it a good paint choice if you're aiming to achieve a bright and 'true white' look, yet the warm tones ensure the space feels inviting rather than stark.

Below, we've rounded up three rooms in the home to decorate with Wimborne White, for a classic and pared-back look. 

1. Create a timeless living room

white living room with blue sofa

(Image credit: Gramercy Design, photography Matthew Placek)

White will always be a classic choice for a living room. Keeping the walls understated ensures a light and airy look while it allows you to introduce pops of color through the furniture. 

Wimborne White is Kyle O'Donnell's favorite white paint, so much so that he used it to decorate the walls in his own living room. He comments that it has a flattering finish which makes this white paint a go-to choice for social spaces in the home: 'It is perfect in a living room, dining room, or any place where one would entertain.'

2. Use Wimborne White in a calming bedroom

white bedroom

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For a relaxing bedroom free from stimulating colors, white walls can aid in creating a claiming sleep space. Wimborne White makes for an effective bedroom color choice, and Patrick explains that it interacts with light nicely for added appeal: 

'This gentle white bounces light beautifully around a room and makes a great, calming addition to a bedroom.'

3. Create a fresh and tranquil bathroom

white traditional bathroom with freestanding bath

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You certainly can't go wrong with white bathroom ideas. A color widely used in bathrooms, it's all about getting the right shade of white for a tranquil feel. White paint with too much coolness can create a clinical look in a bathroom, but Wimborne White will provide the brightness of white while its slight yellow tones give it an inviting feel. 

Embraced by designers for its gentle look, Wimborne White is a great all-rounder when it comes to white paints. From decorating with this shade in a pared-back living room or calming bedroom, you can't go wrong with this flattering paint. We explore more white room ideas in our dedicated feature.

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