You should avoid these 5 entryway colors in 2023 – according to top designers

Few spaces are as impactful as the first (and last) room of your home – here's how to ensure it continues to impress in the new year

Grey hallway ideas
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It can often feel exhausting to keep up with fluctuating design trends, whether in the fashion or interior industry. 

We're firm believers that you should decorate your home in a way that works for you  – and in many cases – this can involve incorporating features that are falling out of vogue just because it's right. However, as we sit on the fringe of a new year, it's only inevitable to want to investigate ever-evolving color trends – including those in the most impactful room of the home. 

As the first room of your home, the power of your entryway color ideas is unrivaled, and so there is a particular curiosity about which hues may fall out of fashion, even if you're not looking to follow 'trends.'

Entryway colors to avoid in 2023

These are the colors to never paint an entryway in the year ahead, according to designers.

1. Gray  

Grey hallway ideas

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It's more than likely that you have thought about decorating with gray in recent years, and you may have even incorporated the color into your home. Though there is a lot to love about gray, interior designer Rachel Cannon predicts the tone may fall out of fashion in the coming months. 

The gray trend began way back in the recession of 2009, and while the design industry moved on about a decade ago, the look has had a death grip on new construction,' Rachel says. 'Almost 14 years later, it's time we all bid it adieu and start thinking of warm whites, soothing taupes, and rich, earthy tones.' 

Instead, the designer recommends warmer hues, such as sand, maroon, cream, or chocolate brown. 'These are the colors we've been working with lately as a palate cleanser to the sterile, white, and driftwood rooms that have filled our social media feeds to the point of exhaustion,' she says. 'Layers of richly textured fabrics finished with luster and coziness will prevail.'

2. Bright white

Grey hallway ideas

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White will always have its place in the home; after all, this tone is timeless. However, the question of using stark, bright white in an entryway is a look that is slightly less likely to endure.

Mississippi-based designer Jennifer Burt suggests that stark whites are 'being phased out' for bolder colors and patterns that inject personality and create the right first impression. 'Although white photographs really well, people want to be welcomed home by a space that truly reflects them and not a clinical, white box,' she says. 

As an alternative, she recommends Benjamin Moore's 2023 color of the year Raspberry Blush, which, she suggests, is the perfect entryway paint idea.

'The coral-tinged pink is a very optimistic color, and what better tone to be the last thing you see as you head out the door?'

3. Black 

Grey hallway ideas

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Much like the previous colors, it can be hard to believe that black will not endure as a paint color. However, while decorating with black may have its place in other rooms, designer Mike Semegan warns that black is better left away from the entryway.

'As a front entry, homeowners typically look for a bright and welcoming entry. Dark colors such as black don't do the home any justice,' he says. 'No one wants to walk into a cold and dark-looking home. It isn't welcoming and isn't enticing either.'  

4. Red

red hallway with metal console table and gilt mirror

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Some red room ideas will always make a welcome statement, but Mike warns that, often, this color may be too bold for an entryway – and is therefore at risk of falling out of fashion. 'Red is a power color. And with that being said, no one wants to see [such a] shocking color upon walking into a home,' he adds. 

5. Blue

mud room boot room with blue cabinetry and coat and hats hanging up and basket on bench seat

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In all its versatility, blue is a great option for many areas of your home, including the bedroom, where it is known to help you sleep better. When it comes to your entryway, though, designer and realtor Chenise Bhimull urges you to rethink.

'2023 is going to bring a lot of exciting trends in terms of colors for entryways. We are seeing warmer, earth-toned colors such as burnt orange, terracotta, and olive green as the most popular. Cooler colors, such as blues and purples, are on their way out as they are too associated with the current year and its pandemic-induced event,' Chenise says. 

The designer adds that people are looking for a more calming, inviting, and cozy space that will create a stylish but welcoming space that will leave an impression on all who pass through.

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