8 outdoor decorating trends to enliven your yard in 2024

From striped furniture to ways to improve your al fresco hosting, these are the biggest trends shaping outdoor decorating in 2024

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(Image credit: Sarah Stacey Interior Design / Original BTC / Keith Williams)

For the majority of us, it's that time of year where we're finally starting to open up the garden and give the space a well-needed refresh in time for the warmer days ahead. What better place to start is there than having a look over this year's hottest outdoor decorating trends?

From ways to improve your al fresco hosting to the newest garden patio ideas, fence colors, and even ways to create ambiance with layered lighting; planting aside, we've consulted top experts for their view on the garden trends you need to know in 2024.

Here, we take you through 8 of our favorites.

pink house with a pool and striped sofa

(Image credit: Sarah Stacey Interior Design)

Whether you have a big or small garden, for most of us, our backyards are an extension of the indoors of our home. Another room to decorate, host, entertain, and relax. So it's only right you treat their design with as much gusto as you do indoors. These 8 inspiring outdoor decorating trends are sure to inspire.

1. Fun and unexpected tiling

tiled patterned patio with modern sun loungers in front of a brick garden room

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

Finding the right patio flooring ideas for you can be quite a challenge. Aside from the myriad options out there (Smooth or rugged? Contemporary or cottage?), you also have to consider sensible criteria like anti-slip material. But while we can talk all day about the outdoor tile types recommended, it's also important to consider trends and styles in the mix.

For 2024 outdoor decorating trends, it's all about being bold.

'Patios don’t have to be boring,' says Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’ Pietra. 'Instead, bring life to your garden by choosing porcelain tiles instead of decking or flagstones.'

'Adding tiles with pattern and color adds a whole new dimension to your garden, creating an unexpected focal point,' she continues. 'For an added twist, you can continue the tiles from your home into the garden to create an uninterrupted flow. Just make sure you choose a porcelain tile so they are hardy enough to withstand frosts.'

2. Dark fences that aim to disappear

green painted fences in a small cottage garden

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Fence decorating ideas can be quite subjective. For some, a painted fence is a hard no, whereas others love to make a statement with color. When looking for a trending shade to paint your garden fence this year, Patrick O'Donnell, international brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball, suggests looking to the dark side.

'The best way to deal with a rather mundane fence is to paint it dark,' he advises. 'As well as looking rather smart, it helps it to disappear, making a very flattering backdrop to planting. Smart options here would be Inchyra Blue, which has an empathetic lick of green through it.'

'Alternatively, try the moodier but rather chic options of Railings or Off Black in Exterior Eggshell. Avoid a shiny finish, you want the color to ‘retreat’,' says Patrick. 'For something a little more urban, add a splash of warmth with spice tones – this will lend itself rather beautifully to smaller gardens. Red Earth in Exterior Eggshell is your friend here and will deliver a warm glow even on the gloomiest of days.'

3. Mimic the comfort of indoors

cozy garden round table painted red with eclectic throw pillows and blankets

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström)

'When it comes to outdoor decor, I like to bring a similar ethos to it as I would to any indoor interior decor project,' says interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'Look to items that you love that are going to serve you well in day-to-day life, and also stand the test of time.'

Make your patio or seating area as comfy as your living room by layering up weatherproof seating (not exactly the comfiest) with pillows, throws, and rugs.

'If you're looking to extend a similar look from your indoor space to your outdoor one, try matching outdoor throw pillows and an outdoor rug to the pieces you have in your living room,' she suggests. 'The effect will feel cohesive and elegant – just make sure to go for performance fabrics that are intended for outdoor use.'

4. Move on from black and white

white garden sofa under a wood clad covering with rug and accessories in a neutral palette

(Image credit: A. Naber Design / Photography Charlotte Lea)

It sounds rather obvious, but your garden should reflect the natural world. And, as lovely as they may be, black and white are not natural shades. Instead, in 2024 interior and landscape designers are choosing to forgo a contemporary monochrome color scheme and lean towards warmer, more of-the-earth colors and textures.

Remarkably, most garden and outdoor furniture seems to come in either black or gray. But designer Abbie Naber, of A. Naber Design, is encouraging homeowners to try a new hue for this year's outdoor decorating trends.

'There is a trend towards less black finishes and more earth tones, incorporating browns and warmer tones into exterior materials as well as furniture,' observes Abbie. 'I think an easy default is to source black and white furniture. Here, [above] we opted to avoid just that, focusing on the pool tile and exterior furnishings to blend seamlessly with the landscape.'

5. Consider sustainability

ornate pergola over a seating area by the pool

(Image credit: Keith Williams / Michael Stavaridis)

Sustainability and eco-friendly garden practices are taking center stage in 2024 and beyond. From rainwater harvesting systems to recycled, reclaimed materials for garden rooms, sheds, and landscaping; but its important to not view sustainability as a trend but a long-term investment in the environment.

'I lean toward cleaner, sustainable design,' says landscape designer Keith Williams, who designed the garden seen above. 'I’m always looking to repurpose existing materials on a site, whether that’s a tree, structures, walls, etc. I’m a big believer in green and white gardens; however, I do like playing with varying shades of green in all-green gardens and creating compositions with textures,' he adds.

Look to eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood, natural stone, and recycled metal and plastics for furniture, flooring, and landscaping. You can also consider learning how to paint garden furniture to give your old set a longer lease of life.

6. Include a fun parasol

beautiful garden table setting with statement parasol

(Image credit: East London Parasol)

Give your garden the feeling of a luxury, European vacation with a parasol. Not only will it provide a much-needed shaded spot for dining, hosting, and relaxing, but it creates a stylish statement, too.

'Enjoy the comfort and ambiance a parasol brings to your garden, whether you're hosting gatherings, reading a book, or simply whiling away a summer day, shading from the afternoon sun,' says Lucy Ferguson, CEO and designer at East London Parasol.

'Invest in a parasol made from durable, weather-resistant materials to ensure longevity, especially if it will be exposed to outdoor elements, and choose a location in your garden that receives ample sunlight but also offers enough space for the parasol to provide shade effectively,' she advises.

7. Look to stripes

bold striped outdoor couch with a pink pool house and cute parasols

(Image credit: Sarah Stacey Interior Design)

The best-decorated gardens are ones that look outside the box. We're all very used to seeing the odd floral or tropical print outdoors, but what about bold and beautiful stripes?

In this poolside space, seen above, designed by Sarah Stacey Interior Design the strong stripe perfectly offsets the soft pink of the surrounding buildings for a contemporary outdoor space that certainly goes beyond the expected. And it's set to be a big trend (both indoors and out) this year.

You've only got to do a quick scroll through Lulu & Georgia x Sarah Sherman Samuel's latest outdoor collection or McGee & Co's new garden offering to find stripes galore. It's the ultimate sign of a fashion-forward al fresco space.

8. Create a layered lighting scheme

garden dining table at dusk with portable lamps

(Image credit: Original BTC)

'Good exterior lighting has the power to transform an outdoor dining space, as well as create a polished indoor-outdoor look,' says Charlie Bowles, director at Original BTC. Just as you would inside, creating a layered lighting scheme is just as important in your garden as it is in your living room.

'To add some personality to an outdoor dining space, an oversized pendant light positioned centrally over a table will throw down a large pool of light and add a decorative flourish,' suggests Charlie who is a fan of bringing the big light outside.

'To create a layered look, carefully placed wall lights will provide practical task and accent lighting for a more intimate, cozy feeling during summer evenings, and portable lamps make a great, moveable addition for relaxed ambient lighting.'

Whether you're focusing on style or sustainability (or hopefully, both!), these outdoor decor trends should help to inspire you to create a garden space as beautiful as it is practical.

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