Interior designers share their favorite color combinations for summer – 5 uplifting pairings to use throughout the home

From classic blue and white to energizing green and pink, designers love these combos

(Image credit: Cathy Kincaid Interiors/Tria Giovan, Carrier and Company/Peter Margonelli, deVOL)

Summer is the perfect time of year to embrace color in your home, creating an uplifting look and feel that reflects the warm weather outdoors. While there are plenty of summer color trends we instantly associate with the season, from sky blue to sunshine yellow, knowing which color combinations work best can often take a little more thought.

To give you some ideas of the colors that work seamlessly together at this time of year, we asked interior designers for their favorite color combinations for rooms to use during the summertime.

From classic blue and white to pink and green, these color combinations reflect a timeless take on summer decor ideas and work well across many interior design styles.

Designers' favorite summer color combinations

1. Pink and green

bedroom with calming color scheme and traditional decor

(Image credit: Carrier and Company/Peter Margonelli )

'Pink and green is a favorite summer color combination of ours,' say designers Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Co, who demonstrate a soft summer color palette in this bedroom. With nods to French country decor, the soft pinks and greens are a grown-up take on this often lively and vibrant color combination.

'While this duo can often be overly preppy, we also find it to be soft, feminine, and light,' say Jesse and Mara. 'In this barn, we played with different shades of pink and green and created a space to relax and unwind after a long summer’s day.'

2. Yellow and blue

dining area with round white table and chairs, patterned cushions and blue abstract artwork

(Image credit: Soucie Horner, photography Dustin Halleck)

If you're drawn to bold and playful colors, designers point to yellow and blue for the summertime. While this duo can conjure images of jarring spaces, used as accent color ideas in small doses, yellow and blue are a great way to energize a space for summer.

For the dining room ideas in this space, designed by Soucie Horner, pops of yellow and blue are used against the classic neutral walls to reflect a summertime theme.

'Yellow is a surprisingly versatile color, even in a mostly neutral design scheme,' say principals Shea Soucie and Martin Horner. 'Pair it with other bright shades indoors or out – particularly blues, purples, and oranges – and it's pure summer. Whether a bright, lemony shade or a deeper, more golden hue, yellow is a warm and happy color that lifts your mood and makes you feel good – like the season itself.' We explore more yellow room ideas in our dedicated feature.

3. Blue and white

traditional powder room with blue and white floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Cathy Kincaid Interiors, photography Tria Giovan)

'There is no color palette I love more than blue and white because it is soothing and works in any scenario,' says interior designer Cathy Kincaid of Cathy Kincaid Interiors.

'Blue and white is a great fresh color combination for the summer because it evokes a sense of tranquility and cleanliness that is perfect for the warm, sunny days. The crispness of white paired with the calming hues of blue reflects the clear skies and cool waters, creating an atmosphere of breezy elegance and refreshing coolness.'

Synonymous with coastal decor ideas, decorating with blue and white is known to be incredibly calming due to its connection to the outdoors, as Cathy explains: 'Blue and white combinations often remind people of nautical themes and coastal retreats, further enhancing the relaxing and rejuvenating vibes of the summer season.'

4. Green and blue

calming bedroom with light blue walls and sage green bedding

(Image credit: Bethany Adams Interiors, J.L. Jordan Photography)

Green and blue is another calming color combination that designers love for its association with nature. While saturated blues and greens can together overwhelm a space, slightly muted variations will always look great, much like in this relaxing bedroom designed by Bethany Adams Interiors.

'I love soft blues and greens for summer,' says Bethany. 'The combination is both fresh and relaxing like a summer afternoon by the lake. Just like in nature, vary the depth of color throughout the space for the best effect and use other natural materials to highlight the summery feel.'

5. Neutrals and green

Colorful green kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

Another failsafe color combination for summer is light neutrals and green. While many shades of green work well with off-whites, beige tones, and creams, light greens will best reflect the summer months.

'I really enjoy mixing different shades of white, it just feels so fresh and clean,' says designer Theresa Butler, principal and founder at Theresa Butler Interiors. 'Green and white together in the summer? Absolutely gorgeous with a large bouquet of green hydrangeas.'

While these five summer color combinations are no doubt some of the most classic, you can get as creative as you like. 'If you have a fondness for specific colors, I believe they should be incorporated,' adds Theresa. 'When executed thoughtfully, any color can create a captivating summertime ambiance in decor.'

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