The 3 kitchen colors that will fall out of fashion in 2023 – designers tell all

As 2022 comes to a close, designers have their say on the colors our kitchens will steer clear of in the new year

Kitchen with wooden flooring, black and cream fitted units, bar stools by the breakfast bar, high ceilings and coving.
(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

When it comes to a kitchen redesign, picking out a color scheme is almost as important as the layout. As the heart of the home for many, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether we are cooking, eating, or having a coffee with friends. 

While we often look at what is trending when designing a space, there are certainly a few colors you should never paint a kitchen – and experts think a few more kitchen colors will be joining the list. 

Here, experts have shed light on three colors that may well be falling out of fashion for 2023's kitchens. 

The 3 kitchen colors falling out of fashion for 2023

When considering painted kitchen ideas, listening to color trends may not always be the best idea. Here are the kitchen trends that might not last into the new year. 

1. Bold shades

Harvey Jones pink kitchen with contrasting island color

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Colorful kitchen ideas have been saturating trends in 2022, with bold shades waking up dreary spaces and dopamine dressing our kitchens. Despite this, this willful trend seems to be on its way out in 2023 as the novelty supposedly wears off a little. 

‘Recently, there has been a heavy draw toward boldly painted cabinetry. While this trend comes and goes we are consistently receiving requests for more sensible, blended options,’ says Bob Bakes, head of design at Bakes & Kropp. ‘As we near 2023, homeowners are less drawn to cabinetry in trending colors, and instead, opt for compelling accents. Whether it be a classic red range hood or refined metals, homeowners are looking to make a statement in a more practical fashion.’

2. Muted greys

A grey kitchen with colour blocks paintwork in light blue, a marbled breakfast bar and bar stools.

(Image credit: Jon Day)

The suggestion that grey kitchen ideas are falling out of fashion is certainly on the controversial side, with this timeless shade being a safe, default hue for many kitchen designs. However, even if bold tones are fading out of fashion, the desire to add personality to the home remains.

‘2023 is really going to see the change in the relationship that people have with their homes, with homeowners not being afraid to express their individual personalities,’ Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore’s UK director begins. ‘Being the social hub, the kitchen is crucial in setting the tone for the house, and instead of muted, pastel tones and shades of grey, we will see a move into slightly more saturated colors and warmer throughout.’

3. Bright hues

Kitchen eating area with a fireplace and ochre gold coloured painted walls, houseplants, retro pendant light and table and chairs.

(Image credit: Mark C. O'Flaherty)

Just as deeper bold hues are falling out of fashion in 2023, the over-the-top bright hues that have been popular in 2022 are fading too. From provocative yellow kitchen ideas to daring red kitchen ideas, overly saturated tones seem to be proving themselves just a little too much for the next year. 

‘2022 was the year for bright and colorful kitchens, with green and yellow being desirable colors across the interiors space,’ reflects Alex Main, director at The Main Company. ‘I’m already seeing a move towards more mellow kitchen colors in 2023 that include neutral and earthier colors that connect more with nature such as rich browns and reds, natural woods, and more neutral off-whites and greys – paired best with natural stone kitchen countertops and backsplashes such as marble.’

What color kitchens are in for 2023? 

As with previous years, the kitchen color trending for 2023 continues to be neutrals. While timeless whites are certainly still in, neutral kitchens will be leaning a little warmer this year, with warmer beiges and wood tones favored. 

What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color?

The most timeless kitchen cabinet color is white. A classic color for kitchens of all sizes, a white base allows for a range of decorating choices throughout the rest of the space. Whites allow for a transformative space, offering energy – and making a space feel lighter. 

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