What should I put on my kitchen walls? 8 beautiful ways to fill an empty wall space

These looks for kitchen walls will give your space a lift, and provide inspiration for a fresh new look

Kitchen wall decor ideas
(Image credit: Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler / Martin Moore Design / Project by Kate Feather Kitchen Design and Cat Dal Interiors)

People can spend years fantasizing about a new kitchen, imagining what it will look like and how it will be laid out. Added to the fact that it is one of the most expensive home improvement projects, there can be a huge amount of expectation surrounding the end result. Yet, it is all too easy to forget about one minor element; the kitchen wall decor

Often, and understandably, seen as an afterthought next to more expensive fittings and finishes, in fact, your chosen wall decor can be the perfect finishing touch – taking your kitchen from drab to delightful in an instant. 

There's no denying that kitchen ideas need to be functional, but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish, too. Your existing furniture, cabinetry, and appliances will usually influence the room's decor, yet how you decorate your kitchen's walls can enhance the space and crucially, your mood, too. Wall decor ideas can, indeed, give your space a whole new personality. 

What should I put on my kitchen walls?

If you're keen to give your kitchen a whole new look for 2023, we've curated the best ways to style a kitchen wall to perfection – along with inspiring pictures of kitchens – to help you transform your space for the better.

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1. Create a wall of art

Decorative red and white kitchen with art

(Image credit: Murus Art)

If you want to be happier at home, then introduce kitchen art ideas that stimulate the senses. 

‘The walls and shelves of kitchens can be transformed with art, providing a daily dose of happiness,’ enthuses Erica Davis, co-founder of Murus Art. ‘Hanging a large colorful piece above a dining table creates an uplifting atmosphere while propping smaller pieces on shelves and countertops will inspire you as you cook. When leaning artwork on countertops, choose pieces framed behind glass so splashes can be wiped clean.’

2. Add in an accent color with strong contrast

Colorful kitchen with color contrast on cabinets

(Image credit: Neptune)

‘An accent color idea above eye level is a simple way to add strong contrast to a room, without overpowering. As it’s not immediately noticeable, the accent color will draw the eye up for a visual surprise,’ says George Miller, home designer at Neptune. ‘This can have particularly good results in rooms with taller ceilings or grand cornices, accentuating either feature to great effect.’ 

Continuing the accent color across different surfaces and planes – for instance, the cooker hood here – has a blocking effect that feels modern and can help smooth out any awkward architectural junctures.

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3. Make a scene with a wall mural

Decorative kitchen with full-scale mural

(Image credit: Brett Mickan Interior Design / Pablo Veiga)

Out-there murals aren’t just for designer dining rooms; in the kitchen, the unexpectedness of the up-scaled pattern adds impact without wasting precious space. Wall mural ideas are perfect for creative designers who just want that little bit more.

‘Over recent times there has been an explosion in high-tech digital printing which has changed the game somewhat, allowing a huge amount of experimentation and emerging new designers,’ explains Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin.

Keep the look liveable by balancing out an exotic mural with low-key minimalist kitchen ideas and cabinetry. Sleek, handle-free doors in neutral shades work well. Placing the mural on the same wall as the main entrance, so it’s behind you as you enter the room, will dial it down further.

4. Decorate above kitchen cabinets 

French country kitchen with open shelving and art

(Image credit: Jessica Summer)

Decorating above kitchen cabinets is a wonderful way to fill the empty kitchen wall space with an attractive feature, rather than just letting it sit bare and unloved. 

In this French country kitchen, celebrated interior designer Jessica Summer brings an element of joie de vivre to your kitchen wall by decorating with art and styling above cabinets. Many would argue that art belongs in the kitchen just as much as it does in any other room, and we can't help but agree.

Here, the designer sets the scene with earthy tones and plenty of texture. ‘The cabinetry is minimal and contemporary to allow the natural materials and neutral artwork above to stand to attention.'

5. Introduce a decorative moment with painted shelving

Blue kitchen with purple painted shelving against blue walls

(Image credit: Stephanie Wilhelm)

Make use of wasted wall space in a tight spot, by adding a couple of runs of painted kitchen shelving ideas for contrast and intrigue.

‘I often think the kitchen is a room where one can have some fun and play with color,’ says interior designer Stephanie Wilhelm, who incorporated boldly painted shelves in a recent project. ‘We used a rich red for the shelves and set them against a backdrop of deep blue walls to allow the items on display to stand out, adding an extra element of character to a utilitarian space,’ she says.

6. Invest in a backlit wall behind a display cabinet 

white kitchen with backlit wall behind cabinet

(Image credit: Martin Moore Design)

Simple LED strips or miniature spotlights can be used to illuminate shelf displays, enhancing their impact and adding subtle evening glamor, especially useful when you want to create a softer mood for dining. Some kitchen wall materials can be backlit, as Richard Moore, design director of Martin Moore, explains of his use of a striking faux-marble onyx as a backsplash and backdrop to glazed cupboards. 

‘The veined onyx is lit by an LED panel, creating a suffused light effect, which can be increased and decreased to suit the time of day,’ he says. ‘With its warm, soft glow, it showcases glassware and objects stored on the shelves beautifully.’ 

7. Reflect light with a metallic backsplash

Blue kitchen with metallic backsplash and painted cabinets

(Image credit: Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler)

'Using the same strong cabinetry color on walls and ceiling is an effective way to trick the eye, enhancing depth and height,' says Lucy Mayers, decorator, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. 'To help balance the dark walls and cabinets, the choice of kitchen backsplash was of utmost importance. These porcelain tiles look like brass but are easier to clean and have a brilliant reflective quality, beefed up with under-cabinet lighting. The surface injects a real sense of glamor while helping to bounce light around the space. Avoid overdoing statement surfaces, sometimes having less of something can make it feel even more luxurious.'

8. Beautify with joyful wallpaper 

Kitchen pantry with white shelving and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Project by Kate Feather Kitchen Design and Cat Dal Interiors)

Kitchen wallpaper adds interest to pantries but also creates the perfect backdrop for camouflaging any untidiness,’ says Kasia Piorko, design director, of Kate Feather Kitchen Design, who worked on this cute pantry in collaboration with Cat Dal Interiors

‘We love how the fresh botanical print makes the space less formal. Brightly colored designs featuring fruit, veggies, and other greenery will always add good energy in a space dedicated to food storage.’

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