Should I buy on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days or wait until Black Friday?

I scoured thousands of deals to see if you should buy now or wait.

One of the items available on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, the Ninja MAX XL, on countertop being used to cook fries
(Image credit: Ninja)

After a flurry of deals in July, Amazon are running another Prime event. From October 10th-11th, Prime members can enjoy big discounts on a wide range of different Amazon products. 

However, Black Friday is only a few weeks away, and sees big discounts on a wide range of products. It's smart to wonder if you should chase the deals on offer at Amazon or wait until Black Friday to see what else is on offer. 

As head of eCommerce, I spend hours of my life testing products, writing and editing  product reviews, and covering sales events. I've been monitoring literally thousands of prices as they come in to work out if it's worth jumping the gun and buying before Black Friday gets underway. 

Though it officially starts tomorrow, there's already some great deals live at Amazon. I think that if there's something you know you need, I'd buy it now, and if you need the sort of boring small items that made Amazon billions (air fryer inserts, water filters, phone holders etc), I'd buy them all at once and save a little money. However, for a bigger range of discounts, I'd wait until Black Friday, especially if you're buying a mattress.

What are Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Amazon Prime Big Deals Days are October's rebranding of 'Amazon Prime Day' - it's the same event. It runs on October 10th-11th, bringing big discounts on a wide range of products. Our product testers have found some Amazon Prime Day deals that can save you hundreds of dollars. However, these offers are only for Amazon Prime members, and we've also seen some counter-sales from other big retailers. If you want to head straight to the deals, here's what's on offer:

Shop Amazon Prime Big Deal Days if...

  • You're an Amazon Prime member
  • You need a product as soon as possible 
  • You need some nice-to-haves

The most important thing to bear in mind is that these deals are for Amazon Prime members only. 

If your oven is out and you need an air fryer, or there's a product you don't think you can wait for, I'd shop Prime Big Deal Days, because the difference in prices is likely negligible and not worth waiting several weeks for. 

I think Prime Big Deal Days is also a good time to shop if you need to buy some nice-to-haves but not necessities. For example, I've just moved into a new place, and despite writing about homes for a living I'm still shocked by the amount of helpful little products I'm missing. We've been buying suction hooks and toothbrush holders and spoon rests for what feels like weeks. If you know you want a blender, but you also need all the little bits that are easy to forget about - picture hooks, cultery organizers, scrubbing brushes - I'd buy it all in one go during Prime Day.

Wait until Black Friday if...

  • You're not a Prime member
  • You're buying a mattress
  • You want the very best deals

If you're not a Prime member, you can't get any of these deals. You can become one on the day, but it might not be worth the bother of filling out the form, and you'll be on the hook for $14.99 a month. While the first month is free, you can't join Prime, enjoy the discounts, then cancel, as Amazon may end up charging you full price after the fact. 

The other reason to wait until Black Friday is if you're buying a mattress. The best deals will drop on Black Friday for these and most of the big mattress companies aren't on Amazon. 

If you want to get the very best value, I'd wait until Black Friday. The problem with Prime events like Prime Big Deal Days is that you can't really compare prices with anywhere else. Best Buy and Target are currently running some good deals, and Walmart's Holiday Kickoff starts at 12pm EST today, but the real competition won't start until Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Should I buy an air fryer?

An Instant Vortex Slim air fryer on a countertop next to an electric kettle and a plate of cinnamon rolls

(Image credit: Instant Home)

We've not seen as many air fryers go on sale as on Black Friday, but the deals we have seen so far are pretty good. 

Best air fryer dea...

Phillips Essentials Compact | Was $179.95, now $79.95 with Amazon Prime
The 4-quart version of the Philips Essentials XL, we loved the bigger version of this air fryer. It's the easiest air fryer to use thanks to simple cooking modes. Our biggest issue with the larger version was the price, so more than 56% off is a bargain. 

Our Philips Essential Air Fryer XL review has more information.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer |  was $129.99

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer | was $129.99, now $69.99 at Amazon
This compact little air fryer is incredibly fast and excels at cooking at high temperatures. On test, we thought it did a particularly good job at cooking fried food. 

Our full Ninja Max XL Air Fryer review has more info

Air Fryer| Was $159.99
Best air fryer

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer| Was $159.99, now $108 at Amazon
This is our pick for the best air fryer in the world. Our tests found that it makes quick, quiet, odor-free fried food.

Should I buy a vacuum cleaner?

Dyson Vacuum in a home with a green laser vacuuming around a chair on a hard surface

(Image credit: QVC)

Again, I expect prices to go lower on Black Friday, but some have already dropped. 

My best advice right now, however, is that if you want a quality vacuum for less, I'd take a look as Walmart's Shark Days promotion rather than Amazon. These is currently the lowest prices you'll find on Shark vacuums. Dyson vacuums tend to be better, but unless you're a cleaning obsessive you may not notice the difference. 

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99
Best vacuum deal

Hoover ONEPWR Pet Max | was $309.99, now $177.99 at Amazon
This vacuum keeps on going on sale for key sales dates. I actually use one of these in my place, and while very far from perfect, it does a pretty good job. If you hate picking hair out of a brush roll, I'd steer clear, but if you need a decent vacuum ASAP, I'd get this now. 

Shark Vertex Cordless Vacuum | Was $399

Shark Vertex Cordless Vacuum | Was $399, now $199 at Walmart
I've tested vacuums for years, and this is still one of my favorites. It offers near-Dyson performance at a much more reasonable price, and now it's $200 less. When I tested it I found the compact folding storage a bit of a gimmick, but being able to bend at the neck makes it unbelievably easy to clean under furniture. 

Shark Navigator | Was $199
Cheapest Shark

Shark Navigator | Was $199, now $97 at Walmart
The forerunner of the Shark Vertex and Rotator, the Navigator is an old-school upright. It's nowhere near as powerful as the Vertex or Rotator models, but if you don't care too much about your vacuum, this is a smart way to save a little money. 

Shark Wandvac | Was $199
Best budget Shark

Shark Wandvac | Was $199, now $149 at Walmart
Full disclosure: we weren't full convinced by this vacuum, and it scored 80%. However, if budget is tight and you want something light, cheap, and effective, this is a smart choice. It's especially great if you live in an apartment. 

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner | Was $419.99
Cheapest Dyson

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner | Was $419.99, now $249.99 at Walmart
The cheapest Dyson deal isn't at Amazon. There's a huge $170 off the Dyson V8. By comparison, it's $50 more expensive at Amazon. It's one of Dyson's oldest cordless models, but when I've tested it over the years I've found that it's still pretty great on all floor types. If you want a Dyson without breaking the bank, this is your chance.

Should I buy bedding?

A bed with white and green linen in a warmly lit bedroom.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Bedding can be incredibly expensive, and I'd buy bedding over Prime Big Deals Days. We haven't tested all of the sheets on Amazon so can't vouch for their quality, but lots of them have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. 

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set | Was $50.97

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set | Was $50.97, now $34.97 at Amazon
These sheets run from twin to California king, and with 40 different colors and patterns there's a design for everyone. The set has have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. 

Bedsure Queen Comforter Set | Was $83.32

Bedsure Queen Comforter Set | Was $83.32, now $36.99 at Amazon
This is the lowest price this comforter set has ever been, bringing a comforter and two pillow shams at a fraction of the usual cost. This set has thousands of positive reviews and comes in 18 different colors. 

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set | Was $29.95

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set | Was $29.95, now $21.95 at Amazon
If you're really tight on budget, these sheets from Utopia bedding could work for you. I'm far from convinced about polyester sheets like these as they can sleep pretty hot and stain easily, but at such a low price and with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews it could be worth the risk. 

Should I buy a blender?

A blender making slushies

(Image credit: Getty Images )
Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-IQ |  Was $219.99

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-IQ | Was $219.99, now $181.99 at Amazon
This blender is unbelievably good value: an enormous 72 oz. pitcher combines with a 64 oz. food processor bowl for two functions in one appliance. It also has two 24 oz. blending cups for single-serve drinks to take away. It can easily crush ice and it blends delicious smoothies.

Vitamix Explorian  E310 | Was $369

Vitamix Explorian  E310 | Was $369, now $289.95 at Amazon
This is our favorite blender for crushing ice, and it's a good option if you want Vitamix quality without breaking the bank. 

KitchenAid K400 | Was $299.99

KitchenAid K400 | Was $299.99, now $249.99 at Amazon
A 17% saving isn't huge, but it's hard to say no to a $50 discount. We loved this blender on test because not only does it do a great job, but the 1o different colors of this blender mean it suits any kitchen, and makes a welcome break from the usual dull black and gray appliances. 

Should I buy a coffee maker?

A Keurig K-Mini single Serve Coffee Maker in a modern Kitchen ready to pour coffee into a yellow mug

(Image credit: Keurig)

When it comes to coffee makers, it comes down to how much you rely on caffeine and how much you actually like coffee. If you're a true coffee devotee and want the best possible coffee, I'd wait until Black Friday, because there will be more on offer at a wider range of stores. If you just see coffee as a way of getting yourself out of bed in the morning, I'd buy now. 

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus | Was $1,700

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus | Was $1,700, now $1,079 at Amazon
This was one of the best coffee maker deals on Amazon, so the fact that it's still live is incredible. It can make sixteen different coffees at the touch of a button. This is the luxury coffee experience.

You can read more in our full De'Longhi Dinamica Plus review.

Le Creuset French Press| Was $84

Le Creuset French Press| Was $84, now $59 at Amazon
Another saving that you shouldn't underestimate, this French press is excellent quality. It's weighty, premium, and will last you a lifetime. The $25 off isn't massive, but it is just under a third off the price.


A Nolah Oriiginal Mattress in a contemporary room

(Image credit: Nolah)

You should wait until Black Friday for mattress deals. Amazon has a few mattresses available, and some on markdown, but they are usually cheap, low-quality mattresses. What's more, you won't see any big deals until Black Friday. Of course, if your mattress is uncomfortable and disrupting your sleep, you should always find something else. 


When are Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Amazon Prime Big Deals Days are running from 10th-11th October. Some of the deals have already dropped, and some will run longer than the 11th. 

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving. However, in recent years the deals have lasted all month long. The following Monday has also been called Cyber Monday, and sees further discounts. 

Amazon are far from the only retailer running deals, however. Walmart are running a Walmart Deals Holiday Kickoff, and Best Buy have also reduced some of their prices. 

Alex David
Head of eCommerce

As Head of eCommerce, Alex makes sure our readers find the right information to help them make the best purchase. After graduating from Cambridge University, Alex got his start in reviewing at the iconic Good Housekeeping Institute, testing a wide range of household products and appliances. He then moved to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, assessing gardening tools, machinery, and wildlife products. Helping people find true quality and genuine value is a real passion.