I'm a product tester - these early Labor Day deals are unmissable

Early Labor Day deals are some of the best opportunities to buy your favorite appliances before the big sale madness hits.

early labor day deals - kitchen countertop with a coffee maker, blender, and kettle on it
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Even though Labor Day marks the end of summer for most people, I look forward to it for months; with every national holiday comes a sale and Labor day ones can be particularly juicy.

It's my job to shop. I'm always looking for the best deals on my favorite products. Most of the best Labour Day deals cover the summery products such as the best gas grills or outdoor furniture. However, I've spotted some early appliance discounts that you won't want to miss.

Labor Day sales might not be as dramatic as Black Friday deals, but if you can't wait to get your hands on an appliance, this a great opportunity to save a little money. 

I've searched through hundreds of products to find the best early deals on small appliances, from air fryers to juicers. Here are my favorites.

Best early Labor Day Deals

If you're eager to browse the sales yourself, there are a few places that you need to go to:

  • Wayfair: Up to 65% off furniture.
  • Walmart: More than $1000 off patio furniture.
  • Best Buy: All your small appliances
  • QVC: Flash sales on pretty much anything you can think of
  • Bloomingdale's: Luxury goods for hundreds of dollars less.

Best air fryer deals

An air fryer on a wooden countertop

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The best air fryers on the market can save you hours of cooking time. They're quick, easy to use, and normally more efficient than a standard oven. I was excited about all of these deals, but seeing one of favorites, the Ninja Foodi, reduced by $50 reminded me why I love Labor Day deals.

Best blender deals

A blender in a countertop with banana and avocado in the background

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Whether you start your day with a smoothie or use them to whip up quick dips, blenders are an excellent appliance to have to hand. Not all blenders were made equally, but these are some of the best. I use my Nutribullet every day.

Best food processor deals

A birdseye view of a food processor blending

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Food processors are a saviour when you're making meals from scratch. Whether you need to blitz chickpeas for hummus or make a paste for your curries, this will be an excellent option. 

Best coffee maker deals

An automatic coffee maker in front of a white wall

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I used to be a barista, so I hold coffee close to my heart. I'm always on the lookout for the best coffee makers on the market and these are the best deals out there at the moment. I was hoping for some bigger discounts, but these are still good.

Best juicer deals

juicer on countertop with a bowl of fruit beside it

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I've recently become an enthusiastic juicer. I love a green juice in the mornings or making juice for all the family. These are some of the best on the market at some brilliant prices. The Aicok is an especially good deal. Even though I haven't personally tested it, I've read lots of gushing reviews from respected reviewers.

Best vacuum deals

A handheld vacuum being used on a white sofa

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Vacuum shopping is one of the wisest things you can do in a sale. These appliances can be expensive at full price, but when you can catch a good reduction, you'll be grateful that you were savvy and waited for the sales. Some of our best vacuums are reduced in these, so I would recommend taking a careful look at Wayfair's vacuum sale in particular.