The most popular wall colours – and the meaning behind each one

The best colour for working from home is purple, having the best effects on emotion and creativity.

Have you ever wondered what the most popular wall colours are? MyJobQuote sought the help of Lee Chambers, Environmental Psychologist to explain the meaning behind each colour.

In colour psychology, there are trends that can be attributed to certain colours, and as feature walls are an amplified focal point in a room, our eyes are naturally drawn to them.


Green has a warmth to it, and is ideal for a person who values growth and nature.

Freshen up your home this springtime with shades of green to bring the outdoors in. With green available in a whole host of shades, it’s easy to find one to suit your look and give your scheme a seasonal lift, whether it’s a large-scale makeover for the kitchen or simple styling projects for the living room. If a full makeover isn’t for you, then a few well-chosen green accessories will inject colour into a neutral scheme and can give your room a whole new look in next to no time.

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Now the second most popular colour after green, grey has secured its position as the modern neutral. Use grey anywhere you want a cosy, enveloping feel – perfect for a north-facing room that needs the chill taking out of it.

Classic with a subtle elegance, the effect of the colour grey is highly dependent on the shade. Combined with white it looks refreshing, crisp and airy. If too dark or overpowering it can lead to darker and depressed feelings.

popular feature wall colours

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Calming and serene, blue is great colour if you are a relaxed soul, but certain shades can feel a little cold, and others evoke an element of sadness.

Bring a summer feel to your home with an ocean-inspired shade. Fresh yet soothing, blue is a clever choice to brighten up a room. Reminiscent of the colour of a tranquil sea, it works well on walls and furniture. Team with white to keep a light feel, then accessories with touches of fiery coral to add striking pattern and a hit of warmth.

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Pink creates a soothing, comfortable atmosphere, and can be used to transmit a feeling of personal preference as a colour with rigid connotations.

From soft pastel tints to burgundy hits, chic shades of pink are this season’s go-to hue. This season the bloom-inspired pinks are crisper, with violet undertones to make a room feel fresher. Use splashes of this colour against pale backdrops and furniture for a pretty look with punch.

popular feature wall colours

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5. RED

This colour expresses energy and excitement. It is rich and elegant, and certainly stimulates people to converse and connect.

No other shade evokes the celebratory mood quite like rich cranberry red. Add plenty of natural elements, such as wooden furniture, wicker baskets and evergreen foliage, for a refined, traditional scheme with a cosy, enveloping feel.

popular feature wall colours

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Yellow walls generate a spacious and welcoming aura and depending on the shade, it can amplify a sunny disposition. However, it is best used in small amounts as it can cause anger and frustration more than any other colour.

Create a welcoming scheme full of pretty country style with a palette inspired by glorious summer meadows. Make a bold, sunny statement by using cheery buttercup on the walls, then add key accessories in vibrant verdure and soft dandelion. Temper the yellow tones with earthy putty, cornflower blue and calming white.

popular feature wall colours

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Purple was the colour of the moment back in the Nineties, but it’s finding its feet once more as a natural partner for ever-popular shades of grey and white. A rich, luxurious colour that provides depth, purple exudes nobility and creativity, and brings a balance of energy and relaxation that bold individuals resonate with. The balance of energy and effect on creativity makes purple the colour that works best for working from home.

popular feature wall colours

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The colour of energy and the bastion of individuals who like to make a statement of their vibrant personality. Add a touch of bohemian chic to your room with an exotic shade of orange. A strong, confident colour, orange is both elegant and dynamic. In spite of its distinctive hue, you can go as bold or as subtle as you like. Make a strong statement by using it on walls or inject it in small amounts with rugs, curtains and cushions.

popular feature wall colours

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