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Powder blue is the new kitchen color trend for 2023 – designers respond to this increasingly popular shade

Interior experts react to the invigorating hue freshening our kitchens – but can it replace the most popular color of the year?

Powder blue kitchen designed by Tom Howley
(Image credit: Tom Howley)

While we all understand green kitchens enduring allure, the ever-growing appeal of powder blue cabinetry is understandable. The soothing tones of this soft shade equally mirror nature's finest natural assets – with oceanic tones and serene summer sky shades that bring a sense of tranquility into our kitchens. 

Recent search trends have shown 'powder blue kitchens' jump by 200% on average, while demands for 'powder blue kitchen paint' are also up by 200%, and 'powder blue cabinets' have similarly risen by 191% – but does this natural shade really threaten green's indisputable power? 

We asked the people at the top of the interiors world to share the benefits of this pastel-infused shade.

What are the benefits of powder blue in a kitchen? 

Powder blue kitchen cabinets in kitchen designed by Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

If anybody knows about the subtle power of a blue kitchen, it is Claire Birkbeck, a designer at the luxury kitchen brand Neptune. Claire praises powder blue for its ease of use, which then promotes a 'restful space that won't shout for attention.' 

The designer also compares the shade to an almost-neutral color, suggesting it offers the timeless and versatile characteristics of an achromic shade but with a 'little more color and liveliness [on] your kitchen cabinets.'

Claire's observations are equally mirrored by designer and founder of the eponymously named kitchen manufacturers, Tom Howley, who similarly celebrates this pastel shade. Tom, who regularly uses this hue in his signature designs, notes how powder blue kitchens are 'highly-coveted and popular because they always look so fresh and clean.'

'This lovely light blue gives our traditional cabinets a contemporary twist. The color complements a Shaker kitchen's typical features such as open shelving, butcher's block, and traditional chimney breast to stunning effect,' Tom adds. 

Powder blue kitchen cabinets designed by Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

How would you bring powder blue into your kitchen?

Neutral shades are eternally popular, thanks to their classic, easy-to-live-with ambiance. However, this season, powder blue is refreshing our kitchen's look. 

'Combining blue kitchen cabinets with a white work surface and dusted oak interiors creates a warm, welcoming room,' Tom suggests. 

Powder blue kitchen in California

(Image credit: Rande Leaman)

Will blue overtake green as the trendiest kitchen color?

While we were convinced that there was no color more suited to kitchens in 2021 than green, the sophisticated yet calming aura of powder blue has not gone unnoticed by designers. 

Los Angeles-based designer Rande Leaman states this pastel color is set to steal the crown as the trendiest kitchen color of the year, sharing: 'Clients seem to be responding to the use of this color in their kitchens, and light blue is on course to overtake the popular green kitchen trend.'

'Pale blues have a calming feel to them and remind people of the ocean and sky. This tone pairs well with fixtures in matte brass or polished nickel. I suggest using it on cabinetry or backsplash tiles. After the year we've had, everyone wants to feel relaxed and peaceful in their kitchen and their wider home,' Rande adds. 

Are you swaying towards team blue, or are you a firm supporter of the green team? Whichever side you choose, we have no doubt either of these colors is going anywhere soon. 

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