How to conceal an air fryer in a kitchen – 6 practical solutions

Our experts explain how to conceal an air fryer in a kitchen, prioritizing function, accessibility and style.

How to conceal an air fryer in a kitchen
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Love your air fryer but hate how it disrupts the visual flow of your kitchen? You're not alone. When it comes to concealing an air fryer in your kitchen, the key is to seamlessly integrate it into the existing design by tactically considering the layout of your space.

How you organize kitchen appliances such as air fryers really depends on how often you access them. If you are using your air fryer every day, for example, the solution you choose will need to be highly accessible, whereas if you only cook with an air fryer once a week, you can choose a slightly less accessible option. 

We asked kitchen and air fryer experts for the best ways to conceal an air fryer in a kitchen – they recommended these six ideas to keep your kitchen counters clear.

How to conceal an air fryer in a kitchen

When choosing a place to conceal your air fryer, it's important to select a spot in your kitchen that is convenient for you to access and use. Consider the available counter space, proximity to electrical outlets, and the overall layout of your kitchen.

1. On a dedicated kitchen cabinet shelf

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One convenient place to keep your air fryer and its accessories concealed and on hand for cooking is on a dedicated kitchen cabinet shelf.

To create a designated space for your air fryer, you may need to rearrange the cabinet, so consider moving less frequently used items to make room for the appliance. 

You can also use organizational tools such as pull-out shelves, baskets, or stackable shelves to help keep your cabinet tidy and maximize space. This way, you can organize your kitchen cabinets to improve traffic flow.

Installing a DIY pull-out shelf or drawer – such as this one from Amazon – within a cabinet is an excellent way to increase accessibility and keep your kitchen surfaces clean and clutter-free. Installing these features will provide smooth and convenient air fryer access, as long as you have measured your cabinets accurately to find a shelf or drawer of the correct dimensions.

Stackable, Expandable Shelves For Kitchen Cabinet Storage| Was $39.99, now $31.99, from Amazon

Stackable, Expandable Shelves For Kitchen Cabinet Storage| Was $39.99, now $31.99, from Amazon

These stackable shelves are a helpful way to maximize space within your kitchen cabinets. They are ideal for larger storage spaces to store items above or on either side of your air fryer.

2. Under a kitchen island overhang

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'If you have a kitchen island with an overhang, create a custom cubby or shelf underneath to house the air fryer,' recommends Robert Smith at the Culinary Collective Alt. 'This keeps it readily available but out of sight.' 

To avoid damaging your kitchen island, look for adhesive-mounted floating shelves with robust weight-bearing capacity or a handy hanging basket with slide-in hooks. 

3. In a rolling cart

Rolling cart

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'Invest in a rolling kitchen cart with a butcher block top and hidden storage,' recommends Sarah Johnson, appliance expert at Big Air Fryers. 'You can place the air fryer on the cart and roll it into a pantry or under a kitchen island when it's not in use. 

'This not only conceals the appliance but also adds an element of mobility to your kitchen.' We love this Ktaxon kitchen cart from Walmart.

Choose a rolling cart that fits the dimensions of your air fryer and has enough storage for any accessories. 

4. In an appliance garage

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Consider investing in or repurposing an appliance garage. These are enclosed compartments with retractable doors designed to house kitchen appliances, and some come with built-in electrical outlets.

When you need to use your air fryer, simply open the doors for easy access; when not in use, close them to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. 

5. In an appliance hutch or armoire

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'Consider repurposing a small hutch or armoire to house your air fryer,' says Sarah Johnson, appliance expert. 'This is an excellent solution for those who want to keep their kitchen appliances hidden when they are not in use, providing a stylish and functional storage solution.' 

When searching for an armoire, make sure it complements your kitchen's style and fulfills your storage needs beyond just concealing your air fryer. Look for one that includes wine storage and cutlery drawers, as these features can prove to be especially useful.

6. In a pantry

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If you have limited counter space or prefer to keep your kitchen clutter-free, you can store your air fryer in a pantry when it's not in use. 

To keep your pantry organized, designate a specific spot for your air fryer and keep other items in that area to a minimum.

If you have a countertop in your pantry, consider installing a socket to make it possible to use your air fryer where it is stored so you don't need to move it every time you want to use it. If you choose to do this, ensure your pantry has proper ventilation to prevent overheating.


Where should you place an air fryer when it is in use?

Place the air fryer on a heat-resistant mat or silicone pad to protect your countertop from potential damage caused by the heat generated during cooking. We recommend this Boribim grill mat.

If you struggle to find space in your kitchen to place your air fryer and don't wish to keep it visible on your kitchen countertop, consider storing it in a different room. This could be a utility room, laundry room, or even a closet. Just be sure to keep it in a place that is still easily accessible for when you want to use it.

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