Things people with clean homes have in common – 6 tips every cleaning fanatic swears by

These 6 good cleaning habits keep homes immaculate without the need for regular deep cleans

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We have all been in homes that just scream ‘immaculate’. Everything is gleaming and well-organized, and there is barely a spot of dust or discoloration to be seen. But how do they do it? 

This kind of dedication goes beyond picking up a few quick cleaning tips. It is about dedicating yourself to cleaning as you go and even stopping messes at the front door. 

These are the six things people with clean homes have in common that you can quickly and easily pick up too.

Things people with clean homes have in common

People with clean homes are just naturally better at tackling the hardest household cleaning tasks; they face the same household cleaning challenges as the rest of us. Instead of procrastinating tasks, they usually face them head-on, building, cleaning, and tidying into their everyday routines. 

These are the six things you can learn from them. 

1. They have a strict cleaning routine – and stick to it

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One piece of advice professional cleaners repeat over and over again is to set a cleaning routine and find ways to make yourself stick to it. Those with clean houses enforce this as law, says Alex Cortez, a professional cleaner at Denton Maids:

‘One thing every clean home has in common is that people clean every day and, most importantly, organize their cleaning tasks throughout the week. 

‘If you do it this way, you only have to spend 20-30 minutes every day, and no room in your home will be messy for too long. (e.g. clean the kitchen on Mondays, bathrooms on Tuesdays, bedrooms on Wednesdays, living room on Thursdays, anything else on Fridays).'

This leaves you with a) chore-free weekends and b) a sense of accomplishment each day.

2. Clean as you go

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Several cleaning tasks can be simplified by doing them as and when they pop up rather than letting them accumulate. People with clean homes will always clean as they go, so much so that cleaning barely feels like a chore.

One of the key areas you see this is in the kitchen, says James King, cleaning expert and operations manager at DeluxeMaid, but similar principles can be used to help clean bathrooms during your morning routine or tidy up a bedroom.

‘By washing dishes, utensils, and countertops while you prepare meals, you can prevent them from piling up, making the cleanup process easier and less time-consuming. This means you can focus on making delicious meals without worrying about a messy kitchen later on. 

‘While cooking, wash your dishes and utensils as soon as you’re done using them. This will help prevent any food from sticking and making a mess. While waiting for your food to cook, take a quick break and clean your kitchen. Wipe down the counters and put away any ingredients or tools that you’re not using. That way, you’ll have a clean and organized kitchen to work in and won’t have to worry about clutter getting in your way.’

James King
James King

James King is operations manager of DeluxeMaid, a home cleaning service in Indianapolis. With years of experience in the industry, he oversees all aspects of the business, ensuring exceptional service to clients.

3. They always have cleaning supplies on hand

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One of the best ways to keep a home clean all the time is to always have your essential cleaning tools on hand so any spill, stain, streak, or dust pile can be cleared away as you spot them. 

A good way to keep track of your supplies is to make an ultimate cleaning supplies list with all your favorite products and note where you keep them. Color coding your cleaning and keeping items in the room you use (for instance, keeping bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, kitchen cleaners in the kitchen, screen cleaners in the living room, etc.) will help you to stay organized and make quick cleaning less laborious.  

4. They use preventative strategies to stop dirt

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Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to something as energy-dependent as cleaning. To keep a home clean all the time, people with tidy homes will usually have several preventative measures in place to prevent dust or stop you from tracking dirt through their spaces.

‘They never wear shoes inside the house or use slippers inside when walking around their home,’ says Delah Gomasi, Managing Director and cleaning expert at Maid for You. ‘You'd be surprised at how much dirt, grime, and dust on floors is prevented when you take your shoes off at the door each day.’

Delah Gomasi

Delah is the founder and CEO of Maid For You, a comprehensive cleaning service. He focuses his day to day efforts on creating extensive cleaning procedures for this cleaning teams. 

5. They have an opening and closing shift routine


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Even when they clean as they go through the day, tasks can still be left over before bed or first thing in the morning. People with clean homes almost always follow a morning opening and evening closing shift routine to knock these tasks off and start their morning on a relaxed, contemplative note,' says cleaning expert James King: 

‘Upon waking up, they always make the bed,’ he begins. ‘This not only makes a room look tidy, but it also has a bunch of other benefits. For one, it sets a good tone for the day. When you complete a task like that first thing in the morning, you feel motivated to do other things, too. It helps your brain transition from sleep to being awake. There’s an instant sense of calm and order. And that feeling can spread to the rest of the home.’ 

If you are conscious of your sleep hygiene, you can straighten out the duvet or comforter and fold it neatly to allow the mattress to air while still straightening up the space. There are few things more untidy than a crumbled bed. 

In the evening, people with clean homes will usually ensure no dishes are left in the sink, the dishwasher is running, leftovers are put away, and the kitchen counters are clean, and then straighten out the sofa and clear off the coffee table. Even small steps like these help make a morning routine more organized and instill discipline to help build more positive cleaning habits. 

If you have pride in your space, you will feel more proud of yourself. 

6. They have smart home help

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All of this cleaning is, of course, very time-consuming. If you are wondering how they fit it all into their day, then you’re not the only one. 

'More often or not, people with constantly clean homes have some extra help from smart home technology,' reveals Laura Smith, owner of All Star Cleaning Services:

‘They normally clean the floor on a regular, often daily basis. This does not mean you need to do it. The small robot vacuums which run daily make a world of difference, and they are becoming very reasonable in price.’

They might also use smart air purifiers to help monitor and clean the air in their homes, or in rarer cases, use smart kitchen appliances controlled by home devices or their phones to schedule the dishwasher or washing machine to help with doing laundry.  

Laura Smith
Laura Smith

Laura Smith is the owner of All Star Cleaning Services of Fort Collins which is one the largest and most successful home cleaning companies in America. She created All-Star Cleaning Services after a period of significant hardship. The company now helps to employ young people, offering them mentoring and a chance at fair work and pushing them onto bigger opportunities in the future. 


Are cleaner people happier?  

Studies have suggested that cleaner and more organized people are happier than those who are not. This is because being in messy or chaotic environments triggers the cortisone response in our brains, increasing stress and encouraging low mood. Cleaning and organizing might feel just as overwhelming, if not more so, but the clean space at the end will instantly start to lower that stress response, allowing you to relax and improve your mood.  

What are the joys of a clean house?  

One of the many joys of a clean house is the ability to fully relax and reset without being reminded about the chores you must complete around your home. This is in addition to giving you a sense of accomplishment, helping to boost your mood and stave off anxiety or depression. It can also help improve your physical health as you eliminate bacteria and germs and prevent their spread around your home. 

Having a clean and tidy home can significantly reduce stress, improve your mood, and even improve relationships – especially when you encourage your family to declutter and work together towards a clean space. 

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