Clever utility room ideas for a well-planned space

A considered laundry, boot room or pantry, will help to ensure that calm and order prevails throughout the rest of your home

You don’t need a big area to create a successful utility room. Even in a small apartment, you can design an effective space in little more than a cupboard. Appliances can be stacked and a double cupboard can house all your cleaning essentials. 

A well-designed utility will zone everything and create order, allowing the kitchen and living area to be relaxed, quiet spaces. A utility area should be designed with functionality at its heart. There is no point having an airer if it fills the room and you can’t get through the door. 

If you are creating a boot room, flower room or if the space is going to be used for pets, it will need outdoor access, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking it has to be connected to the kitchen. A large porch or the end of a hallway can often provide the ideal space.