How much do fitted wardrobes cost to install? Everything you need to know

Want the best storage and wondering how much fitted wardrobes cost to install? Here’s the lowdown

How much do fitted wardrobes cost?
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Wardrobes designed to fit your room make the very best of the space available to boost storage capacity, but how much do fitted wardrobes cost to install? We’ve asked the experts to give us guidance on what professionals charge for this task.

Apart from enjoying storage that’s sized to the location, there are other reasons why you might prefer fitted wardrobes to freestanding versions. Fitted wardrobes are great for rooms with features such as alcoves and sloping ceilings as they can fit in where a freestanding wardrobe just wouldn’t go. 

Opting for fitted wardrobes also gives you the opportunity to choose the materials, door style and color and finish you prefer. The interior configuration can be just what you need for clothes, shoes, and accessories, too.

Whatever your style preference and your bedroom ideas and bedroom storage needs, our guide has the details on how much fitted wardrobes cost to install.

How much do fitted wardrobes cost to install?

The cost of fitted wardrobes will be influenced by a variety of factors, including whether the design is a walk-in version, the materials from which it is made, and the choices made for the interior.

Also crucial is whether the wardrobe is made from prefabricated parts or it’s a completely bespoke fitted wardrobe.

What is the basic cost of fitted wardrobe installation?

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As a starting point, how much fitted wardrobes cost to install depends on what type they are. ‘Fitted wardrobes usually cost between $1,000 and $3,000,’ says Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder and project director of Fortress Home. In the UK, expect to pay from around £2,000.

‘This assumes that the wardrobe is a reach-in rather than a walk-in,’ he continues. ‘For walk-in wardrobes we can double this price.’

A completely bespoke fitted wardrobe will cost more. ‘You can expect to pay from around $3,500 (£2,500) for bespoke fitted wardrobe installation,’ says Homes & Gardens editor-in-chief Lucy Searle. 

‘But bear in mind that would be for a small bedroom design with a very simple interior. Prices can be much higher for larger designs, and more than basic shelving and a hanging rail inside.’

How does size impact on how much fitted wardrobes cost to install?

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How much do fitted wardrobes cost to install according to their size? As you might expect, a smaller wardrobe will generally cost less to install than a larger version. With the materials and parts plus the labor, a small wardrobe might cost from around $1,000 or $1,500 (in the UK, from around £2,000) but a large version could be $5,000 or more (from £4,500 in the UK). 

How do the materials chosen affect how much fitted wardrobes cost to install?

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The materials from which a fitted wardrobe is made have a large influence on how much fitted wardrobes cost to install.

‘The most commonly used material for fitted wardrobes is wood, and of these the most affordable material is MDF with a laminate wooden finish,’ says Volodymyr Barabakh.

‘Plywood and cherrywood make for a sturdier wardrobe with a more luxurious finish but can increase the overall cost of materials used by 30 to 50 per cent.’

General contractor in NYC and Westchester Dylan Murray of Murray Craft Builders frequently works both with designers and directly with clients on custom fitted wardrobes. ‘For the exterior, it can be shop-sprayed lacquer or hand-painted plywood,’ he says. ‘Finished solid wood like curly maple is the priciest option.’

The materials used inside the wardrobe can result in a larger cost as well. ‘An interior trend we’ve been seeing is a painted interior with wallpaper on the back wall. This gets pricier especially depending on the kind of wallpaper the client requests,’ explains Dylan Murray. 

How does internal configuration affect the cost of installation of fitted wardrobes?

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While size does have an impact on the cost of a wardrobe, its internal configuration is also a hugely important factor, and one that can often be overlooked. Features such as shelves, drawers and other types of dividers contribute to the overall cost, explains Volodymyr Barabakh. 

‘For every additional shelf or drawer you can expect to add $60 to $120 to the overall cost of the wardrobe,’ he says. In the UK, a drawer might cost from around £150 in a custom wardrobe interior. 

‘Interior options can get pricey with more customization – the more drawers and custom pullouts (for jewelry or shoes, for example),’ says Dylan Murray. ‘Standard shelves and rods are the base. If customers want lighting, electricity or even a safe for jewelry, of course that gets expensive.’

Are there any other factors that influence how much fitted wardrobes cost to install?

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Be aware that the answer to the question how much do fitted wardrobes cost to install can also be subject to other considerations.

‘Sloped ceilings and alcoves mean more customization so that is more expensive,’ says Dylan Murray. ‘But built-in storage is a good way to maximize space for alcoves and nooks.’

‘Another big factor that influences the cost of a fitted wardrobe is whether its installation affects the electrical wiring within your walls,’ says Volodymyr Barabakh. ‘The cost of adjusting this wiring is around $10 per square foot, so if there is a lot of rewiring needed then this can significantly push up the cost of the project.’ In the UK, for moving a socket or switch, expect to pay from around £150.

Do fitted wardrobes add value to a house?

Good fitted wardrobes could add value to a house if they are well designed. This is particularly the case in a smaller home where additional storage space is a valuable asset. 

Fitted wardrobes can have the effect of making bedrooms look more spacious, which can make your home stand out from the competition when you’re selling. The reason? Not only can they replace a freestanding wardrobe to streamlined effect but, if they have interiors with drawers and more, there’s less need for items such as chests of drawers that take up floor space. 

With the right choice of materials, fitted wardrobe can also make any bedroom scheme look more stylish creating additional appeal for potential buyers.

How long do fitted wardrobes take to install?

Installing fitted wardrobes can be a relatively quick job for a professional contractor. ‘As far as timing, shop drawings and building could take a month but the actual installation can usually be done in a few days depending on the complexity of the project,’ says Dylan Murray.

The size of the wardrobe will naturally play its part in the time taken, as will the complexity of the internal configuration. Don’t forget also that if electrical wiring needs adjustment, the project will take a little longer, too.

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