Farmhouse shower ideas – 10 ways to freshen up in rustic style

Give your shower a modern farmhouse makeover with these inspirational ideas from the pros

Farmhouse shower ideas
(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch/Future, Polly Eltes/Future, Kate Lester Interiors)

Yes, farmhouse shower ideas can be achieved successfully, because while the clean, functional lines of a standard shower may not immediately seem to lend themselves to the warmth of farmhouse style, there are plenty of ways to bring the modern rustic look to this space.

Whether your farmhouse shower room is a separate space, a standalone cubicle, or above the bath, key decorative choices in fixtures, wall surfaces, flooring and accessories will help to introduce the minimal but natural bathroom ideas that suit this look.

Farmhouse shower ideas

Complement existing farmhouse bathroom ideas, or use the relatively small space of a shower room to explore this rustic-luxe aesthetic for the first time. A combination of wood, aged metalwork, sleek tile and restrained color are elemental factors in farmhouse shower design.

'Modern farmhouse style is becoming more and more popular, especially in bath and shower rooms,' says Connor Prestwood, interior designer at home décor brand Dowsing & Reynolds. 'There’s something about its authentic charm and character that really compels us to relax and be at one with ourselves when in these spaces.

'Modern farmhouse is all about the natural elements and chunky furniture, seamlessly blended with modern fixings and fixtures to create the perfect balance.' 

1. Combine tiles and wood together

farmhouse shower room with white freestanding bath

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

Porcelain wood-look tiles, or actual wood cladding, will help you create classic farmhouse shower ideas.

'For materials in a contemporary farmhouse, I find that mixing larger-sized subway tiles gives the space an updated yet classic look,' shares San Diego-based interior designer, Amala Raj Swenson

'I often create an accent wall in porcelain tile by mixing two different wood-look tiles together. This creates drama while still being cohesive enough to blend with a subway tile.'

You might want to use this mixed-material approach with wood and tile as part of your farmhouse kitchen ideas, too.

2. Use a monochrome palette

farmhouse shower with grey cabinets and slate floor

(Image credit: Trish Estill/Bevan & Company)

While richer tones do appear in farmhouse decor ideas, it's more restrained tones that tend to feature – particularly shades of cream, white, grey and black.

'When creating a modern farmhouse shower, mix clean lines with natural textures,' suggests Bevan Talbott of Connecticut interior design firm, Bevan & Co.

'Next, add high-contrast finishes, such as dark bronze hardware and black grout on white tile.'

3. Channel the beauty of natural stone

farmhouse shower and bath with beautiful natural stone tiles

(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch/Future)

Walk-in shower ideas call for imaginative tiling that will suit the farmhouse shower room aesthetic. With its variations in pattern, color and texture, natural stone is intrinsically beautiful if you're looking for fitting bathroom tile ideas. And while undeniably luxurious, it's this lack of uniformity that works so well in a farmhouse shower room.

Play up the unique beauty of stone but choosing different tile sizes and laying patterns, to create a one-of-a-kind wet room shower.

4. Pack a pattern punch with tiles

farmhouse shower with patterned floor tiles

(Image credit: Kate Lester Interiors)

Simple white metro tiles and a black-framed shower enclosure tick the minimal farmhouse style box, but it's the tiles that really pop in this picture.

'I think it’s really important to push the boundaries and introduce juxtaposition with textiles, patterns and artwork that may not feel traditionally "farmhouse-Inspired"', says Los Angeles-based interior designer Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors, who created this scheme.

'Keeping the eye moving and adding wow factor to a traditional backdrop is one of the tricks we always use when putting a modern spin on a classic.’

5. Mix warm and cool tones

farmhouse bathroom with wood cladding

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

When you're looking for bathroom color ideas for your farmhouse shower room, then think about how much color you want to commit to. If the answer is 'not so much', there are still ways to use complementary tones to bring warmth and depth to your shower room.

'I like to play with light and dark contrasting tones in the material palette,' explains Merrill Alley, Principal at Austin-based interior design company, Urbanspace

'I love how lighter wood plays nicely with the warm grey tones of grey marble stone.'

6. Go rustic with cabinetry

farmhouse shower with rustic wood vanity

(Image credit: Chris Snook/Future)

Shower room ideas of any style can be cold-feeling, so it pays to add warmth and texture to your farmhouse shower ideas with wood. 

'For cabinetry, I love using natural wood tones,' says interior designer Amala Raj Swenson from San Diego.

'I think many people stick with white Shaker but by incorporating more color, your space has an extra vibrancy to it. 

'The wood tones also add to that perfect contemporary farmhouse feel without being too heavy of a look.'

7. Use wraparound pattern in the shower enclosure

shower with patterned tiles

(Image credit: Paul Raeside/Future)

Wet room ideas can work alongside farmhouse shower ideas, as long as you choose materials with a rustic edge. Using pattern within the enclosure is a pro tip, helping to define this space within the bathroom as a whole.

While black and white tiles are a design classic, opting for a softer brown or grey tone will suit a rustic scheme, especially when wood floors also feature.

8. Include glass for a 'barely there' look

farmhouse shower with slate flagstone flooring

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

Even if you don't have a tanked wet room, you can achieve the look with a frameless glass shower screen and inset shower tray.

To give the room a farmhouse feel, opt for large format floor tiles in natural slate or stone, reminiscent of original flooring in rustic buildings.

9. Opt for brass for added luxury

shower with brass fixtures

(Image credit: Pooky)

Metal fixtures within a farmhouse shower scheme tend either to be sleek and industrial, or polished and glam. Here, the room includes both options, with a smart black shower screen contrasting with brass shower rails, taps and wall lights.

'I find that I lean towards brushed brass and chrome when working in the contemporary farmhouse style,' says interior designer Amala Raj Swenson. 'Both these finishes add a nice “jewelry ” statement to the space.'

10. Take care over finishing touches

metro tile shower

(Image credit: Chris Snook/Future)

For the simplest farmhouse shower ideas, it's the details that elevate the look. 

Here, a vintage sign, an antique frame repurposed as a mirror, and even a seat built into the shower, add personality to a minimal metro tile shower.

What is a farmhouse style shower room?

A farmhouse style shower room is a practical space with all the modern luxuries of any other shower room or bathroom – but styled and decorated in modern farmhouse style. That might include simple, patterned tiles, an earthy color scheme, elements of natural materials, whether slate for flooring or wood for cabinetry. Accessories will be similarly 'farmhouse' in style – from brass or copper shower fittings to ironwork for cabinet handles. 

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