5 interior designer-approved bedroom furniture trends to take note of in 2024 and beyond

Create an on-trend sleep space with these bedroom furniture trends from interior designers

bedroom furniture trends for 2024
(Image credit: Liz Marchant Interiors / Plaster & Patina / Photography Amy Bartlam / Jamie Haller / Photography Lauren Moore)

When it comes to giving your home a refresh, the bedroom always seems to fall last on the list, with kitchens and bathrooms getting most of the limelight. But as the room in which we spend most of our time – whether that's sleeping, getting ready for the day, or even working from home – it deserves a spruce up from time to time.

Now we're not talking about complete renovation bedroom ideas, but by arming you with 2024's most-coveted bedroom furniture trends you can go forth and give your sleep space a stylish revamp for the new year. 

From warm wood tones to ways to seamlessly integrate the latest technology, we've chatted with the experts to find the best bedroom furniture trends to try in 2024.

A well-designed bedroom is crucial not just for getting a good night's sleep but also as a sanctuary for relaxation and me-time. Gone are the days when a bed and a couple of nightstands sufficed, today's bedroom trends are all about creating curated spaces that cocoon you in comfort.

'While bedroom furniture trends are ever-evolving, a constant goal remains: crafting a space that exudes tranquility and versatility, fostering relaxation and well-being,' says Liz Marchant Ourston of Liz Marchant Interiors.

Here, we’ve polled interior designers to find out what trends they’re noticing in bedroom furniture, so you know what to keep on your radar when planning a bedroom makeover. 

1. Built-in bed nooks

studio duggan blue bedroom with a bed nook and unexpected red bedside table

(Image credit: Studio Duggan / Photography Sarah Griggs)

The charm of built-in nook beds, otherwise known as alcove or box beds, has captivated the hearts of interior designers and enthusiasts for 2024. They not only maximize space by fitting into the architecture of the room but can be customized with hidden (or on-display) storage and provide a cozy haven to retreat into.

London-based interior designer Tiffany Duggan, founder of Studio Duggan, sheds light on the allure of built-in bed nooks, noting: 'I do love a built-in bed nook. In addition to adding a playful and cocooning feel, they are an excellent tool when it comes to the layout of a small bedroom,' says Tiffany.

Think of them as the grown-up version of bunk beds. They can be used for sleeping, of course, but also double up as a reading nook and a place to sit and relax. or 'We often design storage into built-in beds – drawers below the mattress, little built-in bookcases or secret cupboards and wardrobes to the side panels,' she adds. As bedrooms become more versatile, built-in bed nooks represent a growing need for multi-functional spaces and space-saving solutions. 

2. Integrated and wall-to-wall headboards

intergrated light wood headboard in master bedroom with natural decor

(Image credit: A. Naber Design)

The grandeur of integrated wall-to-wall headboard ideas is making waves in bedroom design. Creating a statement look, an integrated headboard frames the entire sleeping area to maintain a clean and cohesive look. It's a design choice that speaks to the desire for bedrooms to be sophisticated but still inviting, a space where you can truly unwind.

Headboard design has come a long way from the traditional upholstered look. In 2024, we're going to be seeing more built-in headboards made from wood, rattan, or boucle for a more modern take. 

Designer Abbie Naber of A. Naber Designs hopes that this is a trend with timeless longevity. 'It's more of a permanence in bedroom design but integrated the headboard can really add value to the space and give you a bang for your buck,' she explains. 'In some cases, it allows you to eliminate the need for art on the wall above the bed and can act as a strong focal point, anchoring the bedroom scheme,' adds Abbie.

annie naber interior designer
Abbie Naber

Abbie Naber is the owner and principal designer of a NABER DESIGN, a San Diego based interior design firm. Focusing on renovations, new builds, interior design, and styling, Abbie strives to create spaces that are approachable, fresh, and inviting. 

3. Dark wood tones

modern bedroom with warm wood tones and integrated headboard

(Image credit: Nicole Hirsch / Photography Sarah Winchester Studios)

The embrace of dark wood tones signifies a departure from the more minimalist Scandinavian decor that has taken over our homes and instead invites a sense of warmth and luxury into the bedroom. 

'I’m definitely seeing a continued push within furniture and walls for dark wood tones like walnut,' observes interior designer Nicole Hirsch. 'We pair it with light, airy colors to make it stand out and not give the room a dark feel. Having that rich, moody grain within a space gives the room so much warmth,' she adds.

Emily Brownell, founder of Gilded Hearth, agrees. 'For a period of time we were seeing lots of white-washed wood, black stains, and painted furniture, but I prefer a return to warmth by letting the natural beauty of wood shine. Nature really is the best creator and covering that up takes away some of its soul.'

'Heirloom pieces make a room feel timeless rather than trendy,' adds Emily. 'With grounded furnishings made of quality natural woods, you can really play with trends in bedding or add an unexpected lighting choice. The furnishings should be both an anchor to the room but also items that won't end up in the landfill in a year or two.'

interior designer nicole hirsch head shot
Nicole Hirsch

Nicole Hirsch Interiors is a boutique design firm located in Wellesley Massachusetts. Specializing in contemporary, tailored design paired with a livable sensibility, her team strive to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. 

4. Cozy seating

cozy bedroom with built in window seat for reading and a vintage four poster bed

(Image credit: Plaster & Patina / Photography Amy Partlam)

But it is not all about the bed. Whether it's a plush bench, a window seat bathed in natural light, or an ottoman at the foot of the bed, these elements all encourage relaxation. A focus on standalone seating arrangements is reshaping how we perceive bedroom comfort.

'We're seeing a trend for prioritizing comfort within a bedroom, but still having it feel chic,' notes designer Alexandra Azat, founder of Plaster & Patina and designer of the cozy bedroom space seen above. 'We're noticing clients being more open to built-in nooks and creating smaller spaces to gather vs the larger,' she adds.

'We're also seeing a lot of strategically mixing old and new,' adds Alexandra. Jennifer Barron, of Jennifer Barron Interiors, agrees. 'Whether it's antique or new, a bench at the end of a bed is always a good idea!'

'Benches contribute to the overall fullness of a space and act as the perfect finishing layer to a bedroom. Adding a bench to the foot of a bed offers a chance to bring in fun upholstery, as well as a spot to sit and put on shoes, serving both a functional and beautiful purpose,' explains Jennifer.

plaster and patina founder alexandra azat
Alexandra Azat

Known for her attention to detail and sophisticated aesthetic, Alex possesses a keen ability to deeply understand her clients style along with their hopes and dreams and cares to always surpass them. Her designs, although creative and unique, are always rooted in an old-world  and timeless overall feel.

blue bedroom with wood ceiling and two ottomans at foot of bed

(Image credit: Jennifer Robin / Photography Paul Dyer)

But is two better than one? 'When designing small bedrooms, I often use two ottomans at the foot of the bed instead of one larger bench,' notes Jennifer Robin. 'Ottomans are also great in less formal bedrooms or children’s bedrooms as they are more versatile and flexible in location and function.'

Interior designer Kathy Kuo, however, favors a large ottoman for multi-function. 'A larger bench or even a day bed not only draws the eye in a fun way, but it can be practical for a place to stack decorative pillows and throw blankets when you're not using them at night and as just a nice place to lounge for a moment during the day,' says Kathy. 'And if you have a pet? Trust me, pets love these benches!'

jennifer robin interior designer head shot
Jennifer Robin

Jennifer Robin is the founder and owner of Jennifer Robin Interiors, a full-service interior design firm based in Northern California. Known for her re-imagination of luxury living, her designs blend traditional elements, modern lines, and organic materials to create beautifully curated interiors full of warmth and elegance.

5. Hidden technology

neutral bedroom with a hidden tv in the base of the bed

(Image credit: Jennifer Robin / Photography John Merkl)

The seamless integration of technology, including hidden TVs, is redefining the modern bedroom. Even if you're on the fence whether TVs belong in the bedroom, there's going to be some sort of tech in your space. But you still want to maintain a peaceful and unobtrusive environment for rest and relaxation

Designer Jennifer Robin, who created the cozy neutral bedroom seen above, says: 'I always strive to hide the TV and a favorite application is to create a custom piece with a hidden internal TV lift at the foot of the bed (or custom built into the bed itself),' she explains. 'When not in use, the TV easily hides itself away. This is especially important if your bed faces exterior doors or windows that celebrate surrounding views.'

Liz Marchant is also excited about smart furniture. 'Innovations like bedside tables with integrated chargers and adjustable beds tailored for personal comfort are not just convenient but also aesthetically pleasing – and they reduce the need to hide unsightly cords!'

'As people increasingly seek a haven from their hectic lives, it's evident that the focus on comfort and well-being will remain. The key lies in adapting trends to achieve the ultimate goal of self-care,' adds Liz.

The good news? The top bedroom furniture ideas for 2024 are not only beautiful, but pretty straightforward. 

Let these bedroom furniture trends serve as inspiration, helping you to curate a bedroom that reflects your personality and meets the demands of contemporary living. Whether it's the cozy embrace of a built-in bed nook or the grandeur of an integrated headboard, the richness of dark wood tones or versatile seating arrangements, see this as your starting point for bedtime bliss.

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