How can I make my bedroom look pretty? 7 looks loved by the experts

These pretty bedroom ideas will transform your space beyond recognition – we have expert design advice, too

How can I make my bedroom look pretty?
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Pretty bedroom schemes rely on a combination of warming and restful notes, often best achieved by introducing symmetry and scale. The most satisfying bedroom layouts are usually the simplest, but pattern, color and texture all play their part in adding interest and playfulness. 

Whether you opt for a muted, layered scheme, a profusion of pattern or a bold color addition, take inspiration from these beautifully considered looks to make your bedroom look pretty.

How can I make my bedroom look pretty?

If you are looking for beautiful bedroom ideas, or even guest bedroom ideas, with a focus on luxury, making these changes will not only make you feel like you’re on vacation, but you’ll find it easier to drift off into the deep sleep your body requires to truly rest and recover. 

From clever paint tricks and decorating with mirrors to wonderful ways to use symmetry in interior design and bedroom art, our designers' beautiful decorating ideas will help you curate a bedroom that looks attractive, elegant and oh so pretty. Below, with the help of interior designers, we answer the common question 'how can I make my bedroom look pretty?'

1. Introduce a decorative rug

Country bedroom rug ideas

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Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors believes that rugs – especially antique ones – can transform a room. ‘I love using them in all rooms, especially bedrooms. They instantly ground a room adding color, pattern and interest.’ 

Rugs also have the benefit of being transportable – unlike tiles or parquet floors – so look at them as investment pieces. 

‘In my experience, the biggest regret from clients when choosing a rug is not going bold enough or big enough,’ says bespoke rug designer Amy Kent. ‘Nothing ever looks as bold as you think it’s going to so it’s always better to err on the side of risk rather than being sensible.’ 

2. Size it up 

A bed with a large, cream headboard with musical instruments embroidered onto it

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The headboard ideas you choose will set the tone of your bedroom and opting for an oversized statement style can help anchor the space. 

In this Terrace Suite at Kit Kemp’s The Soho Hotel, the master bedroom features a hand-embroidered applique headboard created in collaboration with fashion designer Clio Peppiatt and inspired by the local Soho music scene. For your own scheme, consider creating a headboard with your favorite fabric for a finish that feels personal. 

For this, a stockist to know is Ensemblier London. Go for a wall-mounted design that also sits on the floor for support and finish with studwork or a contrasting pipework for a luxurious hotel-style look.

3. Paper the ceiling 

Bedroom ideas showing a room with wallpaper on the ceiling

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For those who prefer a more neutral look it’s wise to think about ways of adding details to a space to prevent it from feeling too stark. A textured cushion or patterned curtain may be the first ideas that spring to mind, but have you considered decorating the ceiling? All too often the ‘fifth wall’ is left untouched but it can be a great opportunity to incorporate color or pattern to your bedroom ceiling ideas

We love how this Nuvolette wallpaper by Fornasetti for Cole & Son provides a playful ‘head in the clouds’ moment, yet doesn’t detract from the simple scheme by Gunter & Co in this Grade II-listed house in Chelsea. A design on your ceiling is best enjoyed when in bed, so choose a pattern that is calming to look at.

4. Introduce pattern play

Four-poster bed with curtains, upholstered with orange fabric with pink geometric pattern and green bedding. Red painted wall behind bed, green painted wall on wall with windows

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‘Mixing patterns is one of the most enjoyable parts of a design scheme,’ says textile designer Bethie Tricks

‘I tend to use the rule of three as a starting point – pulling together patterns that share a similar color or design element to ensure they echo each other subtly while adding variety and a sense of continuity. Using the biggest pattern on the floor in the form of a rug helps to anchor a space. Apply another on one of the main pieces of furniture, such as a headboard or armchair, and finish with either a patterned wallpaper or curtain fabric. You can then pick out colors from these patterns to finish the scheme when choosing your bedding and other decorative accessories.’

5. Commission bespoke storage

A bedroom with a beamed, vaulted ceiling and tall cabinetry with a ladder

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‘Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture allows you to create a tailored bedroom storage solution that not only maximises use of the space but is also designed to suit what you want to put away and what you want to display,’ says Roselind Wilson, owner and director of Roselind Wilson Design

‘It’s also the perfect opportunity to create a statement design that is as individual as you are. You can specify materials and colors to match your room scheme or existing items of furniture, and a style that suits your taste and type of property.’

6. Create harmony with color

neutral bedroom with wallpaper, mirror, patterned pillows, taupe blanket, teal accents

(Image credit: Charlotte Elizabeth Interiors/Darren Chung/CDL Developments)

There are no hard and fast rules about what bedroom colors should be paired but we can learn a huge amount from nature, where colors harmonize and partner naturally. Colors never need to match; they just need to sit happily together. Look at how they react with each other – some will recede while others will demand attention.

The bedroom is somewhere you want to relax, unwind and switch off from the everyday. Tranquil blue tones and calming neutrals are known for their relaxing and regenerative powers,’ explains Zoffanydesigner Peter Gomez. ‘Using muted, pared-back hues will create a sophisticated and soothing space. If you want something a bit warmer, a shade like pewter will help to create a cozy, cocooning environment where you can wrap yourself up and escape from it all.’

7. Make a spare room sing with pretty details

bedroom with pink walls and bed with oversized green headboard

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

In your zeal to be creative in every other area of your home, don’t forget the spare room, says Irene Gunter, founder of Gunter & Co

‘To make it inviting think about texture. Fabric walling doesn’t have to cost a fortune and will transform the space, making it look sophisticated while feeling cozy and warm.’ By the same token, use proper Roman blinds or curtains. Also be a bit punchier with pattern or color. ‘You can risk it here,’ says Irene. 

Make sure the guest room doesn’t have a neglected ambience and hang as many pictures as you’d have in your own bedroom. Then add details, such as fresh flowers or even faux flowers – the best ones will make the spare room look ready for action if any last-minute guests arrive.

What makes a bedroom look pretty?

If you want to make a bedroom look pretty, think about layering – whether that’s tonal variations of color on different surfaces, a mix of patterns that playfully explore a particular palette or a dynamic blend of textures. Two or three variations of each is enough to develop a richly pleasing space that is the last thing you see at night and the first thing the next day.

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