Ikea bedroom ideas – 11 practical, stylish spaces

Create a stylish and functional sleep space on a budget with these clever ikea bedroom ideas

Ikea bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Future / Superfront / jan Baldwin)

Ikea bedroom ideas are a go-to for those looking to create a stylish, organized and comfortable bedroom on a budget.

Offering closet systems, drawers and bedside tables, to curtains and bedding, Ikea is a one-stop shop for affordable bedroom design. From its signature Scandinavian style to more traditional designs, Ikea offers furniture styles to suit all tastes. 

So, if you're in search of bedroom ideas that are stylish and affordable you're in the right place as we've rounded up an array of Ikea room ideas and creative Ikea hacks guaranteed to inspire.

Ikea bedroom ideas

There are so many ways to integrate Ikea bedroom ideas into your home, from bed ideas and bedroom storage ideas to bedroom lighting.

Designed for self-assembly and available in a range of sizes and with different door and drawer fronts, Ikea's furniture is particularly popular with those looking for stylish, functional storage at an affordable price. For main bedrooms, built-in systems like the Pax wardrobe are particularly popular. Alternatively, freestanding furniture or storage beds make wonderful solutions for small bedrooms.

Unlike the busy communal areas like the kitchen and living room, bedrooms are private spaces where you can really express yourself and they're the perfect place to get creative with some furniture hacks. 

Ikea's simple, functional and affordable designs make a perfect base for getting creative and customizing with paint ideas or wallpaper. Alternatively, you could create a statement high-end look by opting for bespoke doors from companies such as Semihandmade in the US and Superfront in the UK.

'By applying our fronts to your existing Ikea furniture, you can transform your bedroom furniture while keeping costs to a minimum. You can choose from a selection of lacquered or wooden doors in a multitude of patterns and colors that will work with the existing furniture pieces in your bedroom,' says Monica Born, CEO and Co-Founder of Superfront. 

'Not only does this mean you can create your very own bespoke space, but it also allows you to upcycle the furniture you already have – which means much less waste than a complete bedroom re-fit.'

1. Give your Ikea bedroom furniture a bespoke paint finish

Ikea Malm drawer units paints in Smoked Trout Estate emulsion by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Future)

Painted furniture ideas are a quick and easy way to bring personality to a plain piece. Here Ikea's Malm drawer unit has been painted in Farrow & Ball's Smoked Trout shade to bring a feminine touch to this dressing area. 

'Unlike some sugary pinks, this peachy pink has a sophisticated feel and works well with warm neutrals,' says Jennifer Ebert, Digital Editor of Homes & Gardens.

2. Upgrade your closet doors

Ike wardrobe with white Superfront doors

(Image credit: Superfront / photograph Henrik Nero)

Consisting of a range of self-assembly, standard-sized units, Ikea's Pax closet system allows you to create the perfect walk-in closet at a fraction of the cost of bespoke joinery. The units come with a range of internal solutions including rails, drawers and shelves, which can be adapted depending on your clothes storage ideas.

There are a range of door styles available, but for those looking for something more decorative, why not customize the system with some designer doors? 

Superfront offers bespoke doors designed to fit onto Ikea's Pax clothing systems allowing you to elevate affordable storage into a statement piece. Reminiscent of buttoned upholstery, this Plus door design in white brings softness and texture to the space.

Alternatively, for a dramatic look, 'why not opt for our ‘Harlequin’ patterned closet or storage fronts in a rich ‘Infinity Blue’ color which is a striking yet elegant combination?' says Monica Born, CEO and Co-Founder of Superfront. 

'For something a little more traditional or architectural, you could opt for ‘Vertical’ fronts on your existing bedside table.'

3. Introduce space-saving solutions

Bedroom with wooden Ikea bed and floating side table

(Image credit: Ikea)

Furnishing a small bedroom such as a second bedroom or a guest bedroom can be a challenge. To maximize floor space and create the illusion that the room is larger than it is, consider floating nightstands such as Ikea's simple EKET wall cabinet.

Reminiscent of mid-century modern designs, the BJÖRKSNÄS bed is another great piece for small bedrooms as it has an open wood frame that keeps spaces feeling light and airy. 

4. Create statement pieces

Bedroom with Ikea bedside table with Superfront umber wood front

(Image credit: Superfront)

It's not just the doors of Ikea furniture that can be upgraded, there are many companies that offer custom hardware and legs, too. This stylish nightstand has been fitted with umber wood doors, ball feet and knobs for a contemporary and sophisticated look. 

'Adding finishing touches to doors or drawers such as a beautiful handle or new leg accessory will also refresh your bedroom space with very little effort or expense,' says Monica Born, CEO and Co-Founder of Superfront.

5. Try flexible storage solutions

Ikea bedroom with open clothes rail and a curtain

(Image credit: Ikea)

While built-in closets are great for curbing clutter, they are a big investment and a cost you may not want if you're not in your forever home. Opting for open TURBO clothes rails from Ikea and disguising them with a simple curtain closet ideas is a quick and inexpensive storage solution. 

Another benefit of Ikea's clothes rails is that they can easily be moved throughout the room giving flexibility over your bedroom layout ideas.

6. Make the most of wall height

Scandi bedroom with wall-mounted Ikea Malm chest with joan black dresser fronts from Norse Interiors

(Image credit: Norse Interiors)

If floor space is at a premium in a bedroom then wall-mounted storage is a great way to maximize space. Here, Ikea's BESTA cabinet has been upgraded with sleek black doors from Norse Interiors to complement the chic Scandinavian decor.

7. Elevate nursery furniture

Ikea Besta cabinet with Semihandmade white beaded doors

(Image credit: Maggie Sciara / @eme.interiors)

Organizing a nursery is essential, whether toy storage or solutions for storing baby clothes neatly. Here, Maggie Sciara of @eme.interiors hacked a Besta Ikea cabinet with Semihandmade white Quarterline doors to create a stylish cabinet to conceal the clutter. 

Opting for a neutral color is useful when it comes to furniture for kids' rooms, as it means it will stand the test of time even when their tastes evolve. To finish the look she added large wooden door handles from Etsy.

8. Upgrade your bed frame

Bemz neutral linen cover for Ikea headboard

(Image credit: Bemz)

It’s not just Ikea storage that can be customized – why not give your bedroom a beautiful focal point with an upgraded Ikea bed frame? Bemz offers designer covers for the Ikea GRIMEN, VANVIK and FLORÖ bed frames as well as a selection of its headboards allowing you to create a unique piece that will perfectly fit with your interior. 

9. Transform an Ikea closet with wallpaper

Bedroom with Ikea wardrobe

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

If you love decorating with pattern why not customize your Ikea furniture with some beautiful wallpaper offcuts? It's quick, cheap and easy to do over a weekend. 

This inexpensive plain white Hemnes closet from Ikea has been transformed into a statement piece with a large-scale floral print set inside its panels – for a similar print try Osborne & Little's Fullerton paper.

10. Choose a flexible daybed

Girl's room with Hemnes daybed Ikea

(Image credit: Anya Rice)

An Ikea classic, the Hemnes daybed is a popular piece for kids' rooms as it can be swiftly pulled out into a double for sleepovers and comes with additional storage built in for toys. 

Look to daybed ideas for a flexible guest bedroom which isn't always in use as it can also serve as a sofa for curling up with a good book when you need a retreat.

11. Add a vanity unit

Bedroom with Ikea desk hack

(Image credit: Semihandmade / @theresa_theposhbride)

Looking for clever bedroom alcove ideas, whether to maximize your layout or to make a small bedroom look bigger

An unused alcove is a great place to fit dressing table ideas or for bedroom layout ideas with a desk. Here @theresa_theposhbride upgraded two sets of Ikea's SEKTION 15 inch drawers with white Shaker fronts from Semihandmade and topped them with a countertop to create a clever vanity unit with plenty of storage for hair and beauty products.

How can I design my bedroom on a small budget?

Opting for self assembly furniture from companies such as Ikea is a great way to create a bedroom on a budget. To reduce how many pieces of furniture you need to buy consider multi-functional pieces such as beds with integrated storage and instead of choosing expensive built-in closets consider low-cost alternatives such as clothes rails set behind curtains.

Upcycling furniture with a fresh lick of paint, new handles or legs is also a cost-effective bedroom idea that will bring a unique look to your space but also helps limit your impact on the environment.

What are easy ways to make your bedroom look expensive?

Customizing pre-made self-assembly pieces of furniture from the likes of Ikea is a wonderful way to make a bedroom look expensive – you could try a bold paint effect or simply updating the handles. Alternatively, there are many companies that offer bespoke doors and drawer fronts in stylish colors and designs that can be fitted to basic Ikea furniture frames such as the PAX wardrobe system or the BESTÅ cabients..

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