What's replacing sage green in 2024? 5 on-trend variations of this nature-derived hue

Designers are swapping muted sage for more vibrant tones

Green room ideas
(Image credit: Matthew Williamson/photography by Damian Russell, White Arrow, Nina Farmer/Jared Kuzia)

In recent years, sage green has been an incredibly popular color across interior schemes. A muted and earthy hue that has a slight gray tone to it, this gray-green has seen plenty of appeal for its ability to create calming and pared-back spaces. 

But in 2024, it's becoming clear that sage green may no longer be the most prominent variation of this nature-derived hue. Recently, we've noticed a move towards much more vibrant and warm green color trends, emphasizing a shift toward personality-led spaces. 

'People are looking to have more fun with colors and textures, experimenting tastefully with bright and bold design rather than sticking to the neutral, muted palettes that have dominated modern design in recent years,' explains interior designer Courtney Brannan, Principal at New York-based Champalimaud Design

What colors are replacing sage green?

Below, we've rounded up five variations when it comes to decorating with green that interior designers expect to lead the way in 2024, replacing once-loved sage green. From jewel tones to light lime green, all in all, there's a noticeable shift towards a far more vibrant approach to green room ideas.

'Although muted colors are always on trend in interior design, we are going to see more bold shades take center stage as people start adding more personality into their spaces,' explains interior designer Luis Carmona, founder of VERDE Interior Design

Interior designer Betsy Wentz adds that this year, it's all about warm shades of green in place of cooler variations. She explains: 'I think you will see all shades of green – from warmer versions of sage to grass to deeper emerald – green is having a moment. It’s a relaxing color associated with nature and a way to bring the outdoors inside.'

1. Jewel tones

maximalist emerald green bedroom

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson, photography by Damian Russell)

In 2024, designers say that we'll see a rise in decorating with jewel tones in interior design. While sage green is muted, jewel-toned greens such as emerald create a far more dynamic look. 

Interior designer Matthew Williamson explains: 'As we transition away from sage green in home decor this year, I anticipate a rise in the popularity of jewel tones such as jade and emerald. These rich and luxurious shades bring a sense of depth and opulence to interiors, offering a refreshing departure from the subdued nature of sage green.'

'Expect to see these vibrant hues making a statement in various design elements, from wallpapered and painted walls to furnishings, injecting a sense of sophistication and drama into living spaces.'

Denver-based interior designer Nadia Watts also notes emerald green as a standout color for 2024. She explains: 'Emerald green is a classic, it evokes calm and harmony as well as a sense of elevated elegance. Emerald green makes a bold statement, this deep satisfying shade of green will give your space an immediate boost of sophistication.'

2. Celestial-inspired hues

Modern dining room painted teal on walls and ceiling

(Image credit: Zeke Ruelas Photography / Brad Ramsey Interiors)

Much like the richness that jewel-toned greens bring to interior schemes, Nadia Watts similarly points to celestial tones, such as decorating with teal, adding just as much sophistication and warmth to a space.

'Celestial colors are on the horizon,' says Nadia. 'Say goodbye to the muted muddy greens and hello to teal green and chartreuse. Chartreuse is the perfect blend of yellow and green, it’s an in-between color, allowing it to go well with a wide range of other colors. Teal green is a deep blue-green, it’s a pleasant combo that brings you the calming benefits of blue and the renewal properties of green.'

3. Dark and moody greens

Dark green living room with red accent chairs

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So far this year, we've seen lots of appeal for deep and moody colors, thanks to popular trends such as dark academia. Using rich, dark colors makes spaces feel cozy and sophisticated, and works especially well in small rooms such as a snug living room. Within these popular dark colors, green is already a popular choice, with Shea McGee's pantry remodel leading the way. 

'Darker, more moody shades of green will be used in lieu of sage green,' says Luis Carmona. 'Shades of green like Backdrop's Kismet and Porshe Irish Green provide a moodier shade for a space without it appearing too dark. Shades like this are still bright enough to create a welcoming, relaxing environment without being too bright. These types of greens are perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms where you want to create a look that is vibrant, yet sophisticated.'

4. Vivid lime green

green kitchen with arched island

(Image credit: Nina Farmer/ Jared Kuzia)

Another shift we'll likely be seeing this year when it comes to decorating with green is the increased use of vibrant hues such as lime green. 'I predict the use of ‘fresher’ colors like lime green, with subtle shades of yellow emerging,' says interior designer Matoula Karagiannis, Principal at Champalimaud Design.

A core retro color trend, lime green can feel daunting to incorporate into home decor, however, it's a great way to bring warmth and zeal to a space. Rather than the toned-down and slightly gray tones of sage green, lime green feels instantly fresh and works to uplift a space with its yellow undertones. Opt to introduce this playful color as an accent color idea to ensure it doesn't overwhelm a space. 

5. Rich grass green

bright green kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Purple Cherry Architects, photography Steve Buchanan)

Lastly, experts say that in 2024 we're going to see the use of grass green throughout home decor ideas. 'Bolder shades of green like Farrow & Ball's Verdigris Green or Danish Lawn are going to be used more to bring positive energy and character into a space,' explains Luis Carmona. 'These shades of green are louder than a more muted sage green, but are not overpowering or polarizing like a lime green or shade of citrine would be.'

Referencing the green kitchen pictured above designed by interior design and architecture studio Purple Cherry, founding principal and owner Cathy Purple Cherry weighs in on the use of the vibrant grass green that drenches the space:

'I love this bold green color because it truly screams green, rather than a sage green color that might hide behind a gray or blue undertone. If you’re going to be bold, step into it! For this project we used a custom green paint color however, a similar shade would be Benjamin Moore's Seaweed.'

Whether you're drawn to dark moody shades of green or vivid lime green, there are so many on-trend options to explore this year. Whichever you choose, it's clear that designers are favoring a return to warm greens that make a statement in place of pared-back sage green. 

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