Rockett St George SS20 garden collection: How to create an outdoor oasis

From statement planters to outdoor rugs...

As the weather warms up in anticipation of summer, our gardens become a sanctuary for reconnecting with nature and relaxing amongst a new wave of gorgeous greenery. Our outside spaces are an extension of the living areas of our homes and deserve to be celebrated with the same care to individual style and identity as the rest of our interiors.

Handily, the new Rockett St George SS20 collection offers some chic inspiration, and includes a range of classic furniture pieces, statement planters and indoor-inspired accessories that bring the tactile comfort of home out into the natural world.

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Revelling an instant atmosphere of calm, stepping outside has a transformative effect on our mood, and creating a serene oasis in the garden has never been more important.

Create an outdoor oasis with the Rockett St George SS20 collection:

From balconies in the centre of the city, to cosy walled courtyards and grand country gardens, no space is too small to enjoy the beautiful benefits that come with the arrival of summer. Whether you plan to read in the shade, throw a decadent dinner party or top up your vitamin D intake, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than the garden…


Timeless garden furniture is a staple in any outside space and helps to make the most of the long, lazy evenings of summer. Metal furniture sets are both beautiful and practical for handling the unpredictable British weather, but we also love introducing bamboo and rattan pieces stolen from inside to provide stylish extra seating on warm summer days.

Rockett St George SS20

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Find a sun trap for your garden furniture and add outdoor rugs and accessories to create a dreamy dining spot for alfresco dinner parties that last long into the night.

Whilst classic garden furniture is an essential, it’s equally important to bring colour and personality to your outside space. From deep sea blues inspired by the Greek islands, to the brand's Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench that captures the iconic pastel pink palette of Miami beach, colour has the ability to instantly transform your garden.

Rockett St George SS20

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Perfect for courtyard spaces and bringing a sense of harmony to any area of your garden; planters add depth and display to ensure a beautiful outdoor living space. Larger planters are ideal for bay, citrus or olive trees to bring a Mediterranean touch to your terrace, whilst smaller designs can be filled with everything from fresh herbs to seasonal flowers.

Rockett St George SS20

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This Set of 3 Galvanised Zinc Garden Planters introduce classic industrial charm to your garden and are designed in varying heights to help create a gorgeous style spot of natural greenery. The 2020 collection also sees the arrival of grand, classical-inspired sculptures that bring quirky character to your outdoors.

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Outdoor accessories are essential for providing a more social space to relax and enjoy your garden in summer. Key design tricks used in interiors can also be brought outside to ensure the space works for you. For example, outdoor mirrors are great for small and large gardens alike and achieve the illusion of additional space by reflecting sunlight light back into the garden.

Vintage and antique window-inspired designs are a favourite from the Rockett St George SS20 collection, with a weathered look that ages beautifully and blends in against the other rustic textures of the garden.

Rockett St George SS20

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

Just as rugs can be used to create zones in your living room, they also provide a great design tool in the garden to separate alfresco dining spots from the relaxing areas set aside for soaking up the last rays of summer sun. Translating the comfort of home into your outside living spaces, the brand's collection of Monochrome Reversible Outdoor Rugs introduces effortless style and timeless pattern to your garden, balcony or terrace.

Rockett St George SS20

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Not every home is blessed with a beautiful garden outside, which is where the benefit of indoor gardening comes in. Houseplants are shown to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and increase productivity and are therefore a must-have for any modern home.

Introducing gorgeous greenery to your home also helps to bring the beauty of outdoors into your interior, which is especially important for those that don’t have a garden of their own to relax in once summer starts.

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With a range of real and faux options available, it’s never been easier to explore indoor gardening. From statement planters styled as a set and filled with ferns and leafy foliage, to trays of plant pots with fresh herbs for cooking, an indoor garden can be approached with as much attention and creativity as those outside. Doubling up as a wonderful design feature for display, a collection of stand-out planters filled with greenery ensures your home stands out from the crowd.

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