Living room

  • Christmas living room

    Traditional Christmas living room with natural foliage and classic furniture

    The gentle glow of candlelight, frosted silver and natural foliage combine for an atmospheric Scandinavian-inspired feel. The unusual array of garlands gives this formal room an air of whimsy.

    Photography/ Simon Bevan

  • Classic living room with elegant furniture and upholstered sofa

    Upholster a compact sofa with an oversized print to create a strong, elegant statement piece set against a calm backdrop. A bold linear design rug offers a contrasting but complementary sense of scale and drama.

    Photography/ Simon Bevan

  • Contemporary living room with a pastel palette

    Reminiscent of a late-summer garden, this hand-painted watercolour mural in shades of warm peach and spice creates a relaxed and expressive backdrop for pared-back modern pieces.

    Photography/ Damian Russell

  • Living room with tactile textures, rich colour and glamour

    Celebrate raw materials, organic textures, natural scenes and crafts such as mark making and weaving. Sweeping lines, tactile surfaces and deep tones of copper and red combine to create a deliciously warm and cocooning interior, with contrasting textures and a touch of glamour.

    Photography/ Damian Russell

  • Vibrant pink living room scheme with paisley patterns

    Celebrate the heat and colour of the subcontinent with vibrant patterns and textural accessories. Shades of rose bloom in this flamboyant 
scheme, with touches of burnt orange 
to give a nod to tropical heat.

    Photography/ Jan Baldwin

  • Living room with vibrant colour and pattern

    Celebrate the heat and colour of the subcontinent with vibrant patterns and textural accessories. Fabrics in shades of sapphire and emerald create a space that both soothes and energises. 

    Photography/ Jan Baldwin

  • French Modernist living room with mixed materials

    A new wave of geometric designs, inspired by the work of abstract artist Sonia Delaunay, combines graphic shapes with exciting colour combinations to create a smart mid-century feel. Mixing a range of fabric designs featuring diamonds, circles and hexagons brings instant vitality, especially when directional light gives it a stripped appearance.

    Photography/ Paul Raeside

  • Tropical-style living room with printed fabric and bamboo

    Vintage-syle tropical prints, teamed with bamboo and cane, evoke the faded grandeur of colonial Cuba. Découpage is an impressive way of creating a bespoke piece of furniture that can be tailored to suit your room scheme.

    Photography/ Adrian Briscoe

  • Modern living room with powdery pastel colour palette

    Decorating with pastel shades needn’t mean going entirely pale. An accent wall in a darker colour, such as the deep blue used here, serves to balance lighter tones. To add depth, introduce subtle textures with wool upholstery and curtains and rugs in patterned weaves.

    Photography/ Paul Raeside

  • Classic living room with simple linens and silk furnishings

    Polished concrete flooring offers a smooth, subdued contrast to organic-shaped furnishings, while a smart grasscloth wallcovering lets dramatic artwork do the talking.

    Photography/ Damian Russell

  • Calm, relaxed living room scheme with a neutral colour palette

    Serene greens, monochrome patterns, tactile weaves and rich textures combine to deliver an inviting colour palette for a considered living space. As seen in Japanese homes, a freestanding wall acts as a divider, 
zoning a large room. Natural flooring and delicate paper lights complete the look.

    Photography/ Damian Russell

  • Deep green and blue living room with a global artisan feel

    We embrace our inner nomad with a considered mix of Eastern, African and South American patterns with natural materials, rich textures and bold hues for an elegant, worldly look at home.

    Photography/ Damian Russell

  • Exotic living room with dark-wood flooring

    A black cane sofa arranged with palm leaf-motif cushions against plain ochre linen lends an elegant exotic feel to a classic scheme. Dark-wood flooring and a table of leafy plants complete the look.

  • Summer living room with seagrass and bamboo furniture

    Washed linens and the eye-catching open design of the rattan sofa bring a relaxing mood to this inviting space, which is enhanced by unlined curtains that gently filter the sunlight. Taking inspiration from the room’s palette of raspberry and citron, our moodboard offers further ideas for creating a fresh, stylish look.

    Photography/ Emma Lee

  • Modern living room with vibrant abstract wallpaper

    A feature wall in a striking wallpaper was the starting point for this vibrant hallway design. Plain upholstery and curtains in complementary shades prevent the look from overpowering, while a textured rug adds depth.

    Photography/ Davide Lovatti

  • Living room with a mix of ancient and contemporary style

    A daybed layered with mattresses gives an Eastern flavour to this reading corner where a sense of adventure is suggested by books and maps.

    Photography/ Paul Raeside

  • Floral living room with an Italian flair

    Opting for curtains and walls in the same pastel shade creates a subtle backdrop, allowing a choice abstract upholstery print to sing out.

  • Botanical living room

    Verdant living room with trellis wallpaper

    This trellis wallpaper speaks of blissful summer days in the garden. Working geometric motifs into the scheme gives the finished look a modern edge.

  • Classic living room with paisley embroidery

    From subtly textured embroidery to richly decorative designs, Indienne-style motifs can be used to bring depth and interest to a simple, contemporary scheme. Softly coloured paisley chairs sit well within a pale scheme that blends linen, taupe and charcoal. 

    Photography/ Catherine Gratwicke

  • Living room with delicate designs and bold motifs

    Using a variety of motifs in one hue and keeping pattern to the upholstery, while walls and floors remain plain, brings depth to a scheme without it feeling too busy. In this room, a striking wave design on the sofa offers a contrast to the more subtle prints elsewhere.