Experts think these home DIY trends will be big in summer 2024

These DIY trends that are on the rise are not just fun weekend projects, but many of them represent a movement toward more convenient, and sustainable living

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Largely popularized by TikTok, DIY trends shaping up to be significant this summer are deeply influenced by sustainability and technology. 

Where once DIY projects were limited to paint tricks and ripping up carpets to refinish the hardwood floors beneath, now homeowners and renters alike are much more likely to invest in home improvements that make life easier, less costly and more energy-efficient. 

We spoke to interior design and property experts to discover what's trending in DIY right now – and how you can make your home better yourself. 

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to dive into trending DIY projects to indulge in interior design trends without the spend. The warmer weather offers more opportunities to spend more time gardening, completing projects outdoors, and opening windows to allow painted projects to dry out quickly, or simply because the season often comes with more free time to take on enjoyable home improvement projects.

1. Creative wall treatments

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'One of the biggest trends making a comeback with a huge bang is feature walls,' says Shaun Green, senior interior designer and the founder of The Furniture Shack.  'This includes those decorated with wall decals, custom mural designs with stencils, panels, or painted with contrasting colors or textured paint.

Why not experiment with different patterns and color schemes to create a statement wall that adds character to your space? This could be adding colors and designs synonyms with summer themes, or planning for winter by adding warm tones and textures.

Wall paneling in particular – a design trend popular in the '70s – is making a comeback in 2024. 'In addition to offering warmth, texture, and depth, wall decor panel ideas may help keep rooms quieter,' says Kerry Sherin at Ownerly, a home valuation company. 'Originally used as decorative accents or insulation, they may now be integrated into whole walls and ceilings to provide coziness, warmth, and texture, providing a captivating focal point.'

2. Smart tech integration


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'The integration of technology into home DIY is undoubtedly on the rise,' says Nick Chatzigeorgakis founder and CEO of Intrabuild. 'These smart home must-have tools are not only becoming increasingly popular for their ability to enhance home and energy efficiency but also for their potential to increase a home's value.'

The evolution of smart home technology has made setting up a smart home an increasingly accessible task to do yourself. Some of these projects include the installation of: 

Many of these can be controlled remotely, with timers, voice activation, or by learning your routines.

3. Multifunctional spaces

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The trend towards creating flexible and multifunctional spaces is growing, with experts predicting that DIY enthusiasts will take the opportunity in summer to tailor their spaces to improve rooms' usefulness, efficiency and maximize space.

With many of us continuing to work from home, DIY projects that can make our spaces multifunctional, perhaps transitioning an office to a living area or bedroom, are becoming invaluable. Constructing hidden desks and creative room dividers are practical ways DIY enthusiasts can enhance their living spaces' versatility without compromising on style. Even ideas as simple as combining a pantry-laundry room and installing clever storage ideas are great ways to save space while improving functionality.

Additionally, Michael Kootchick, real estate developer at OneStop ADU says: 'One emerging trend that will be big in summer 2024 is the integration of ADU-specific elements into home projects. This includes converting garages into tiny homes or apartments and adding shed-based offices in backyards. Homeowners are not only looking to add square footage but are doing so in ways that maximize existing property value and enhance functionality. These projects reflect a growing interest in multi-purpose spaces.'

4. Green technologies

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A significant trend that is predicted to be prominent in the summer of 2024 is the integration of eco-friendly gadgets and green technologies into DIY projects.

There are plenty of ways to be more sustainable at home – or more accurately in the garden – that can conserve water to reduce consumption, lowering water bills and ultimately your carbon footprint. 

Steve Schumacher, owner-operator of Boston Landscape Co explains: 'DIYers are beginning to use smart gardening tools that manage watering schedules and monitor plant health through apps. 

'Additionally, homeowners might adopt xeriscaping, using drought-tolerant landscaping ideas and plants to minimize water use, or installing simple water collection systems to irrigate gardens, reflecting a broader push towards eco-friendly living practices.'

DIYers can get involved by installing smart irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting systems, such as making a rain barrel, rain chains to collect rainwater, and even simple sustainable DIY tricks such as reducing surface water run-off.

'This tech makes efficient gardening accessible to everyone and can significantly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of maintaining a home garden,' explains Steve. 'These trends not only improve the usability of outdoor spaces but also contribute to a more sustainable and personalized home environment.'

5. Designing comfortable and inclusive spaces

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We are increasingly seeing homes being upgraded with DIY additions that improve well-being, accessibility, comfort, and productivity, including creating inclusive and accommodating environments for neurodiverse individuals. And this is more than just a trend, but a progression that will continue to become integrated as part of our home and design planning. 

Whether this is designing a home that is soft on the senses to make a home more relaxing or making a home more accessible, for example creating an ADHD-friendly home, these improvements are the perfect way to future-proof your home.

Some of these DIY projects include tactically painting spaces with contrasting colors to help those with visual impairments navigate their homes, installing smart devices  – such as smart blinds – to assist those with mobility limitations in daily tasks, and creating movement chairs to help those with ADHD improve focus while working from home.

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Finally, while not a new trend, upcycling is becoming increasingly sophisticated. 'This isn’t just about repainting an old chair; it's about transforming unexpected items into functional home décor,' says Pam Hutter, principal of Hutter Architects.

'In our practice, we have repurposed old shipping containers into stylish modular housing. Similarly, DIYers are getting more creative, turning old ladders into bookshelves or wooden pallets into garden furniture. 

'These DIY trends not only enhance the home aesthetically and functionally but also demonstrate a shift in 2024 to increased resourcefulness and a commitment to sustainability.'

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