3 'small but impactful' paint updates to try in 2024, according to a color expert

Lift the mood of your home by adding a pop of bold color

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Decorating with color can go a long way in transforming your home. Especially at this time of year, it's tempting to consider adding more color trends to your space to help lift your mood. But for those who are used to decorating with neutrals, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To give you some ideas, Tash Bradley, color psychologist and Director of Interior Design at Lick Home has suggested three 'small but impactful' ways to bring color into your space. We've rounded them up below, perfect if you're looking to revive your home this winter with a pop of bold color through paint ideas.

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1. Add an accent wall

Bedroom accent wall ideas with yellow wall paint

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While Tash acknowledges that accent walls have in recent years been a divisive topic, she suggests that they can be an effective way to bring color into your home – 'Feature walls done right look stunning.' 

But, you should consider a revised way of doing the classic accent wall, as Tash suggests: 'What I’d recommend you do is choose the wall you want to make the focal point, and I would just take that color down onto your skirting and then take it one step further and do all of the skirting boards in that room and what that does is it makes the room just feel really considered.'

You can opt for any color you're most drawn to for a feature wall, but to create an instantly uplifting look, we recommend Lick's Yellow 02, a warm-toned yellow; or Orange 02, a brown-ish orange that's endlessly warm. 

tash bradley from lick paints
Tash Bradley

Tash is trained in color psychology and theory, she helps people around the world bring their dream decorating projects to life and utilize color to impact personal spaces, as well as overall lifestyle and wellness. Tash leverages her expertise in color psychology and theory, as well as interior design, to lead Lick’s design studio and curate the brand’s global paint and wallpaper offerings. To date, she has led 2,500+ color consultations for Lick clients, providing customers the confidence they need to create a home they’ll love.

2. Color drench a small room

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Small rooms can be a great space to experiment with bold colors. Since they're likely not the main spaces of your home, you can afford to be slightly more daring, such as in a powder room, laundry room, or guest bedroom. Once you've chosen your favorite color, such as Lick's Blue 07 (a deep and inky blue) or Green 06 (a dark yet warm-toned green), Tash recommends then color drenching for the most effective look. 

'These rooms suit being a bit more playful, injecting your personality into them. Color drench these rooms, have a bit of fun with them. You don't spend loads of time in them so I think you can go a little bit bolder.' 

3. Upcycle furniture with a bold color

Painted furniture ideas - console

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Tash's final idea for bringing a pop of color into your home is to get creative by 'upcycling a piece of furniture and giving it a new lease of life with a bolder color.' 

This is a good renter-friendly option, and also a good idea if you don't want to commit to painting the walls. 'Honestly, if you’ve got a neutral room and you upcycle a chest of drawers in a bright red with a high gloss, it honestly looks ten out of ten.' Opt for Lick's Red 02 to follow Tash's advice and make a statement by painting a piece of furniture in this daring shade.   

Looking for some more ideas? Here are some other expert tips to bring color into your home, spanning creative ways you can achieve a colorful look, depending on how bold you want to be.

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