Balcony Christmas decor ideas – 8 festive ways to dress up your small outdoor space

Add to your seasonal decor by enhancing your bijou outdoor space

Winter balcony with coffee table, cozy chairs covered with white fur and splendid snow-covered mountains view.
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Whilst some outdoor Christmas decorating requires larger plots, city dwellers needn't miss out on the fun. 

Even the smallest of balconies can be given a seasonal lift with a few choice accessories, twinkling lights, and festive foliage. Plus, street-facing balconies will add festive curb appeal as well as being enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

From cozy, Scandi-chic setups to dazzling dining spaces ready for entertaining alfresco, we've rounded up our favorite ways to dress a winter balcony for the holiday season.

Embrace the season with these balcony Christmas decor ideas

It's easy to give your balcony ideas a refresh in time for the holidays and make the most of even the smallest of spaces with scaled down Christmas decor.

1. Try a Scandi-chic theme

Sofa with knit blankets and cushions on home cozy terrace with Christmas decoration

Mix neutral tones with natural textures

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If you prefer to keep your Christmas decor understated, a Scandi-chic look is the perfect solution. 

Opt for accessories in elegant neutrals and natural textures – think rattan, wood, and fluffy sheepskin. Layer up cushions and throws to make a cozy seating nook and watch the world go by (perhaps with a hot chocolate in hand). 

Adding an oversize Christmas wreath to the wall will tie the theme together.

Hanging lanterns are also a way to add to the rustic Christmas decor appeal. Fill them with LED outdoor-suitable tealights for peace of mind, or opt for solar-powered designs such as these hanging outdoor waterproof lanterns from Amazon.

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2. Decorate an outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas tree outdoors decorated with white ornaments in the snow

Christmas trees aren't just for the living room

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Some Christmas tree varieties are perfect for growing in pots outdoors, so if you have the space on your balcony, and it's relatively sheltered from high winds, this is the perfect outdoor Christmas decor for your balcony.

Keep it well-watered and it will maintain its freshness longer than a cut tree indoors. Weave outdoor string lights around the branches, and tuck ornaments amongst the foliage (avoid glass just in case they fall off).

'Use mirrors or shiny baubles for reflecting holiday lights to make spaces look bigger,' says interior design expert Artem Kropovinsky. 'Select decorations appropriate for your home. Silver and white will give you a modern look,' he says.

Artem Kropovinsky headshot
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky, founder of the NYC-based Arsight, boasts over a decade of global interior design expertise in both residential and commercial projects. From transforming Brooklyn brownstones to reshaping Manhattan retail spaces.

3. Plant up seasonal containers

balcony christmas decor with topiary evergreens and a wreath

Add height for extra impact

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Rather than a Christmas tree, you could simply set up some chic planters – an idea that also works well for Christmas porch decor.

Filling them with winter plants for pots will add color and form to your balcony decor throughout the season. But for a slightly more festive edge, it's fun to get a little more creative.

Pushing twigs, sprigs of evergreen Christmas foliage, and even dried flowers into the compost will add height and provide instant impact, giving you the perfect base for microlights or hanging decorations for extra sparkle. 

4. Make pretty winter window boxes

Angled window box arrangement filled with winter seasonal flowers and plants

Fill planters with seasonal decor

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For very small balconies with little floor space, winter window boxes could be the solution for embracing the holiday spirit.

Again, these can be filled with seasonal plants, and elevated with festive accessories. These faux winter berries at Amazon, for instance, which could be pushed straight into the soil. Pine cones also make a pretty addition, as do Christmas ornaments, LED candles and subtle solar lights.

'Choose trailing greenery such as ivy, combined with string lights adding a touch of magic to your balcony garden,' suggests Artem Kropovinsky.

5. Set up a festive entertaining space

an outdoor table on a balcony set for entertaining with festive lights

Ready for entertaining in style

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Christmas is a great time to get together with loved ones, so why not extend your living space to your balcony for a spot of alfresco entertaining?

With the darker evenings, outdoor Christmas light ideas are a must, whether that's festoons strung up overhead or flickering candles in the middle of a decorative Christmas table centerpiece.

Tablescaping allows for plenty of creative opportunity, too. Ornate serving bowls, decorative runners and napkins, and hand-crafted menus or place cards will all make an occasion feel extra special. Whether you're serving a three-course dinner, or simply mugs of mulled wine and baked goods.

6. Layer up the Christmas decor

Stylish christmas decorations, red jingle bells, lights, fir branches with ornaments on balcony

Spread good cheer to passers-by

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Dressing up your balcony is a great way to spread holiday cheer, as passers-by can appreciate the display, too. This setup, complete with foliage Christmas garlands, luxe bells, and lots of lights is sure to turn heads and give you a warm welcome home.

If possible, you could make an even more dramatic display by learning how to hang Christmas lights. 'You can never go wrong with classic strands of Christmas lights. To illuminate the balcony even more, you could go with LED light strands,' suggests Dara Greaney, a Christmas light expert.

'Adding a row of lights to a balcony on the trim will create a stunning effect that draws attention to the exterior of the house,' he says.

7. Create a cozy corner

Log store and rocking chair set up on a balcony

Create a Christmas scheme that suits you

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Try and tap into the trend of personalization when it comes to festive decorations, as this can apply to your balcony Christmas decor, too.

One way to do so is by layering up artificial flowers with foraged treasures to make your own eye-catching displays, whether that's on small tables as vignettes, or in wreaths.

Scandinavian Christmas decor looks will be boosted by artfully displayed logs.

8. Secure a super-sized wreath to your balcony

A historic home decorated for Christmas with traditional wreath and flag

Green and red foliage decor always feels festive

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Once you know how to make a Christmas wreath, you can go as big as you like – this large design provides plenty of impact. 

Framed by faux foliage garlands, it gives a picture-perfect look that is sure to spread good cheer to your neighborhood. Just make sure it is securely attached using multiple anchor points and take proper safety precautions during installation.


How can I decorate my balcony for Christmas?

'Begin by assessing what space you have to decorate. For balconies with railings or fencing, try stringing up outdoor-safe string lights,' says lifestyle blogger Laura Pucker

'Opt for warm white lights to create a cozy wintry glow. Use light clips to attach them securely along the railings.'

'Next, adorn those railings with festive embellishments like red velvet wreath ribbons, pine garlands accented with ribbons, or frosted pinecones. Secure them in place with removable hooks or zip ties so they withstand the elements,' she suggests.

'For a quick splash of holiday happiness that’s visible from below, hang a vibrant wreath or festive holiday banner on your balcony wall or door.'

Laura Pucker headshot
Laura Pucker

Laura Pucker is an experienced social media manager and creative content creator. Through her website and Instagram page, she offers tips and tricks to help people achieve a more confident look with sustainable products.

Traditional Christmas decor, such as trees and wreaths will work as festive additions to your balcony garden. And cozy textured throws and cushions will help bring warmth. 

No festive display is complete without lighting. Be it string lights, solar lanterns or classic candles. Illuminate your decor to delight passers by as well as people inside your home.

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