These are the 2023 trends that designers agree we need to bring into the new year

From quiet luxury to color drenching, these are the trends to continue into 2024

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2023 has been a year full of exciting trends in the world of interior design. From dopamine decor to embracing bold paint trends, 2023 has been all about showcasing creativity in the home; creating spaces that are deeply personal while serving as restful spaces to unwind. 

As with all interior design trends, some can be short-lived whereas others become core styles that will be widely embraced by designers and homeowners for many years to come. 

We've rounded up seven different interior trends that have dominated the design world this year and will continue to be embraced next year, according to interior designers. 

1. Quiet luxury

Neutral living room with console table behind sofa

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Quiet luxury has been a hugely popular trend this year; a style that's all about focusing on an understated approach to interiors that prioritizes the quality of pieces that withstand the test of time. It's no surprise that designers are taking this into 2024, observing it as less of a trend and more of a revised mindset as to how we decorate our homes. 

'I have been loving the 'trend' of quiet luxury', but I see it as more of a mindset than a trend,' says interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'I think the quiet luxury idea of taking the time and care to invest in furniture and decor that's timeless and expertly crafted is both more elegant and more sustainable than most interior design trends out there. I love the concept that true luxury is about quality materials, ethical production, and artisanal craftsmanship and I will definitely be taking that into 2024.'

kathy kuo home
Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

2. Color drenching

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Color drenching, where all elements of a room are adorned in one single color, has been a popular 2023 paint trend, and one that interior designers will be continuing to embrace next year. Color drenching is commonly used to make a room feel cozy, perfect for relaxing rooms such as the bedroom or living room.

'I love the moody color drenching trend of 2023, and that's something I'm definitely carrying into several projects in 2024,' says interior designer Bethany Adams. 'I'm choosing slightly more intense colors though, to give the trend a fresh spin.'

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams

Bethany Adams has over 15 years of experience designing and project-managing high-end residential projects all over the US. She started her design firm in Louisville in 2015 and before worked for several designers and architects over the course of a ten-year career in Chicago.

Interior designer Matthew Williamson adds that this paint trend can be a hugely impactful way of transforming a space: 'Colour-drenched walls can be the single most effective and affordable way to transform and elevate a space.'

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique use of pattern and color. Alongside his growing residential and commercial design portfolio, Matthew has also launched a series of homeware collections in collaboration with John Lewis, Pooky, Roome London, Obeetee, and more.

3. Limewash paints

Rustic style kitchen with limewashed walls and painted cabinetry

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Opting to use limewash paints is another paint idea that's become popular this year, adding a rustic look to any room of the home. 'Utilizing limewash in place of regular interior paint is a trend that I am excited to see carry through into 2024,' says Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. 'It adds such depth, beauty, not to mention character, to any space.'

For 2024, opting for limewash paints can be a great way to add interest to your space, which works especially well in rustic kitchens as pictured above. 

4. Green

Green walls, hanging plates, white fireplace and lamps

(Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen)

Named the color for 2023, green has had a moment in interior design this year. Not only is it associated with nature and taps into the theme of creating restful spaces, but it's also an incredibly versatile shade that can uplift the home. 

'Green has been a major color trend throughout 2023, with homeowners embracing it for its ability to set a calming and restful atmosphere in the home, something we're seeking more than ever,' says Hebe Hatton, Head of Interior Design at Homes & Gardens. 'From sage green to dark shades of this hue, there are endless varieties of this nature-derived color trend to suit your interior style as we transition into 2024.'

5. Sustainable decor

dining room with polished plaster walls and antique and vintage furniture

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Sustainability in interior design is more important than ever before. In 2023, we've seen a rise in decorating with vintage, which not only adds character to a space but is a far more sustainable option than buying new, and designers predict this demand will continue in the new year. 

'Over the last year, we have seen more and more interior designers and homeowners continuing to make more mindful choices for their interiors' observes Matthew Williamson. 'In 2024, there will be continued efforts to make environmentally conscious decisions in the home from green energy to paint, furniture, and accessory choices. A resurgence of antique sourcing, reclaiming, restoring, and upcycling will only get bigger.'

Interior designer Samantha Stathis Lynch of Samantha Ware Designs also suggests that embracing sustainable, natural materials will become even more popular in 2024: 'As environmental awareness and sustainability become more and more mainstream, a push towards muddier colors like olive greens and dusty pinks, natural stones, and textured reclaimed woods is inevitable. With their unique and varying patinas, vintage and antique pieces will continue to make a splash.'  

6. Warm-toned colors

Guest bedroom painted in Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

(Image credit: Gunter & Co.)

This year, we've seen a shift away from cool-toned hues such as gray and white, in favor of more warm colors. 'Making way for more characterful tones, I imagine we will see fewer neutrals such as white, beige, and gray being used which can sometimes feel flat and perhaps a little bland,' says Matthew Williamson.

'Pink, tan, clay, terracotta, peach, and stone will become much more popular, thanks to their capacity to instantly warm up and modernize a space, whether used individually or combined in one scheme.'

7. Dopamine decor

colorful bedroom with green walls and blue bed

(Image credit: Otto/ Stephen Kent Johnson)

In 2024, interior experts predict that we'll continue to see a personalized approach to decor embraced, much like the dopamine decor trend. This is all about moving away from rigid trends that follow strict rules and rather using the home as a space to reflect personality and the items that bring the most joy. 

'2023 was a year for warm and inviting spaces full of patterns, color, and vintage finds. In a post-Covid world where we tend to spend more time at home, clients have been asking for comfortable spaces that feel effortless yet lived in, with nothing that looks too precious. We'll see a continuation of this in 2024 but with a focus on the natural world,' says Samantha Stathis Lynch. 

Next year, we'll no doubt continue to see these seven trends embraced by interior designers and homeowners. If you're considering a refresh to your home decor ideas, take inspiration from these trends, whether you prefer the understated nature of quiet luxury or want to experiment with paint trends to create a colorful space. 

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