Black room ideas – 10 ways to use this striking shade

Be inspired to create chic and sophisticated interiors with these black room ideas

Black room ideas
(Image credit: Interior by Sean Anderson / photograph by Haris Kenjar)

Black room ideas are perfect for those looking for interiors with impact. A powerful shade, black can be a daunting color to decorate with, but with the right treatment it can look effortlessly chic and stylish.

For those that dare, wall-to-wall black can be a fantastic way to create dramatic, head-turning spaces. However, being a neutral shade which pairs with nearly every hue, black also makes a great accent color for bringing structure and interest to more muted schemes. 'Black is mysterious, rich, deep – and rather sophisticated,' says color expert Annie Sloan. 'It brings drama, interest and elevates neutrals and pale colors.'

If you're thinking of decorating with black then you're in the right place as we've gathered an array of inspiring black room ideas, plus find tips on how to use this shade from the experts.

Black room ideas – 10 beautiful ways to use black 

Black room ideas are hard to get right as black is a powerful shade to decorate with, but it can make for stunning interiors – the key is all about balance.

Used with white, or an array of grey tones, black can play a transformative role in chic monochrome schemes, yet as a pure pigment it can equally be paired with other colors and materials to create myriad different looks for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

‘Dark colors are a rising trend in interior design. Dark colors are bold and dramatic. They can have within them so many different nuances, tones and tactilities that give them different character. They can be basic or sophisticated, daring or elegant, industrial or classic, traditional or modern,' explains Caesarstone’s head of design, Mor Krisher.

1. Choose a sleek black kitchen for a contemporary space

Contemporary black kitchen by Michael Del Piero

(Image credit: Michael Del Piero)

Black kitchens are a bold choice which aren't for everyone but, if you have a large, open plan kitchen flooded with light where you can afford to be more daring then they can make a beautiful chic and contemporary feature. In this space designed by interior designer Michael Del Piero, a streamlined design makes the perfect compliment to the minimalist feel and is beautifully warmed by wood and burnished fixtures and accessories. 

'We love designing black interiors. They create a gorgeous, ambient environment that acts as a moody backdrop for rough brown woods and metal finishes,' says Michael Del Piero. In this kitchen, for example, the wood elements, the bronze mortar and pestle, and the bright emerald green of the fern look rich and beautiful against the black surfaces. It brings the textures and hues to life. And black interiors look especially beautiful at night.'


2. Limit black to a kitchen island  

Kitchen island paint ideas

(Image credit: Paper & Paint Library)

Using black over all kitchen cabinetry can be overwhelming, if you still love the idea of using black in a kitchen then using it on a kitchen island can be a great way to create a focal point. In this contemporary grey kitchen, deep charcoal and black are used as accents alongside several shades of grey to bring depth to the monochrome scheme. As well as being used on the island, the black is carried through across fixtures like the tap and kitchen wall lighting

'Paired-back monochromatic design schemes will create a timeless look. Use the dark charcoal ‘Kohl' as a grounded shade on a central kitchen island with surrounding cabinets in ‘Opus’, a muted purple-grey, for a deeply refined color scheme. Add a stripe of ‘Opus' on fresh white ‘Minim’ walls for a subtle, playful design detail,' says Andy Greenall head of design, Paint & Paper Library.

3. Create a sophisticated living room with black walls and white furniture

Black living room with white sofa

(Image credit: Propject by Sean Anderson / photo by Haris Kenjar)

Black living room paint ideas are growing in popularity as people become more confident with color, but black walls can leave spaces feeling cold, so it's important to introduce lighter tones and plenty of texture. 

In his stunning black living room by interior designer Sean Anderson, a woven rug and a white living room sofa are teamed with warm accent colors and large, light artworks to temper the bold wall color, resulting a beautifully balanced space.

4. Use dark colors to bring atmosphere to a dining room

Black dining room with alcove shelving by Cave interiors

(Image credit: Cave Interiors)

If you love entertaining then dark colors can be a great way to bring a sense of occasion and drama to dining rooms. 

While they may not be obvious dining room color ideas, black can bring an intimate feeling perfect for dinner parties. Paired with dark wood, rich velvet and the warm glow of candlelight it can make for a beautifully elegant and luxurious scheme, plus, it can make a fabulous shade for showcase beautiful china. 

5. Use black to create a dramatic and cocooning bedroom

Black bedroom with paneling

(Image credit: Farrow 7 Ball)

Dark colors like black can be wonderful bedroom colors for creating a cocooning and intimate atmosphere. If you'e thinking of black walls then adding paneling can be an effective way to bring structure and interest to prevent the space feeling flat, as demonstrated in this space painted in Farrow & Ball's Downpipe. 

In this black bedroom idea, the ceiling has been kept white to brighten the space while a rich wood floor and vintage wood furniture brings warmth and rustic character. 

6. Create a focal point with black furniture

White bedroom with black headboard and wooden chest of drawers by Arteriors

(Image credit: Arteriors)

If wall-to-wall black in a bedroom is too much, why not introduce it through a piece of furniture such as a statement headboard?

Paired with bright white walls, this chic, elongated headboard brings a sophisticated feel to this black and white bedroom. Oversized bedroom lighting brings sculptural interest in place of bold colors and wooden furniture helps add warmth.

7. Bring texture to a black bathroom

Black bathroom with neutral zellige tiles

(Image credit: Cave Interiors)

Black can make for a stylish and sophisticated bathroom, but t's important to introduce texture, especially if you're looking to create a more traditional bath room feel.

In this scheme by Cave Interiors, handmade zellige tiles in myriad warm neutrals bring beautiful texture as does he rich wood vintage table. Paneling on the side of the bath adds to the traditional feel. 

8. Create a chic shower room

Shower room with black tiles from Bert and May Thornely home

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

As transient spaces, small shower rooms can be great places to be bold with décor. For his shower room, Lee Thornley, founder of tile company Bert & May chose walls and floors in black tiles to make a statement. The combination of hexagonal and square bathroom tiles brings subtle decorative interest while the brass fixtures make a beautiful contrast.

'While I am so happy with how the whole renovation turned out, the boldness and distinct personality of each bathroom makes them my favorite rooms in the house. For moody drama, my own bathroom is painted in Mylands’ deep Market Green™ No.38 to complement the deep black Bert & May Old Iron Hexagon tiles,' says Lee Thornley.

9. Warm up a black bathroom with earthy colors

yellow ochre bathroom with marble topped vanity, black panelling, wall light, green painted window, dark wooden floors

(Image credit: Neptune)

Introducing the earthy colors of nature like beige, tan and ochre is an easy way to temper the power of black as demonstrated in this beautiful bathroom by Neptune.

Bathrooms can have a tendency to feel cold and clinical, the but the combination of Neptune's Mustard paint on walls and black paneling here makes for a lovely warm neutral scheme which is enhanced by the wooden bathroom vanity unit.

10. Team black kitchen units with light, textured worksurfaces

Black kitchen units with light caeserstone wroktops

(Image credit: Caeserstone)

If you're thinking of black for your kitchen cabinet ideas then pairing them with light, textured worksurfaces and soft neutral tones is a great way to create a laid-back, balanced look.

In this neutral kitchen, black units are teamed with worktops from the Pebbles collection at Caeserstone warm, off white walls and a light wood floor to create a light yet layered and sophisticated space full of subtle decorative interest. 

How can I make my black room look good?

To make a black room look good, think about introducing lighter tones and warm accent colors to balance the scheme. If you're looking for a sophisticated, contemporary scheme think about pairing pure black with white as part of a high-contrast look, alternatively, adding in soft neutrals and earthy colors like beige, stone, tan and mustard is a good way to bring warmth to a black room. 

Introducing materials with plenty of texture is also a wonderful way to soften a black room and is especially important in black living rooms or black bedrooms. Sumptuous velvets, natural wood and textural woven fabrics like linen and wool work well. Dark tones also make an effective backdrop for decorating with metallics. 'Hardware in brass or nickel always looks exceptional against a darker color,' explains Louisa Eggleston, creative director of Humphrey Munson kitchens.

As with any room design, having a well-planned lighting scheme can transform the space, helping to make it instantly more warm and welcoming. Lighting is particularly important in black rooms as they can have a tendency to feel dark and cold.

How can I use black in my bedroom?

If you're looking for a bedroom with drama and impact then using black on all four walls is guaranteed to make an impact. If you have a large bedroom then decorating with a dark color like black, charcoal or dark brown can help to bring the room in for a more intimate feel. 

'The paler the tone, the more it will reflect the available light, the darker the tone, the more light it will absorb. At the extremes, white will make a room look more spacious, and black bring the walls visually inwards. This rule applies to all colors. So a pale grey would be good if you wanted to make a room look larger, a deep charcoal would make it appear smaller,' Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

However, wall-to-wall black is not for everyone, but, as black is a versatile color that pairs with most colors on the color wheel it is a great accent color to use within light schemes. Using it over furniture, light and accessories can help bring depth and definition to a bedroom without overpowering it.

'Black is a classic tone that can be easily brought into an interior scheme and used alongside existing pieces already inside the home. Black cupboards work surprisingly well with soft muted pastels and deliver a calmer take on this dramatic trend,' says Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

'A neutral color drench accessorised with statement use of black and charcoal looks very welcoming, serene, and indulgent,' suggests Annie Sloan.

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