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Burleigh Pottery reveals the top enduring table trend we love the most

And it seems we're traditionalists at heart...

If you were to guess our favourite tableware style, you might have opted for Scandi-inspired minimalist earthy tones and greys. But Burleigh Pottery trend watchers have reported that its sales of blue and white ceramicware far exceed that of any other of its decoration colours.

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The Burleigh Pottery trend spotters say the most traditional colourway, blue and white, is most popular, comprising 46% of sales.

This is closely followed by black at 36% of sales, green with 11% and other colours making up the remaining 7%.

Burleigh Pottery trend

(Image credit: Burleigh Pottery)

Jim, Norman, the Commercial Director of the unique pottery, says: “Blue is the most popular decoration colour. The irony of 'classic blue' being the 'on trend' colour for 2020 is not lost on Burleigh - for us blue has been, and always will be, popular.”

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So what else is on the rise in tableware trends? Burleigh is noticing that more and more people are choosing to dine at home rather than go out for dinner.

It seems we are investing more in our homes and creating a ‘vacation from life’ so when we walk through the front door, we feel protected, relaxed and reenergised.

Burleigh Pottery trend

(Image credit: Burleigh Pottery)

Burleigh has also noticed that formal dining at home is a growing trend, and has seen a 123% rise in charger plates over the last year.

Burleigh, who supplies to the likes of Soho Home, is the last pottery of its kind in that it is the only pottery in the world that still practices the art of tissue transfer printing.

This art takes five years to master, and involves the etching of a copper roller with a Burleigh design, using it to print the tissue paper (which is actually Parisian cigarette paper), and laying the tissue paper on the raw ceramicware before glazing and firing.

Burleigh Pottery trend

(Image credit: Burleigh Pottery)

Burleigh still operates out of the same pottery factory it always has in the home of ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent.

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