A unique opportunity to design a new Farrow & Ball paint colour

There’s no doubt about it, picking a paint shade is tough. Particularly when it comes to the strong line up we’ve come to expect from Farrow & Ball. But what if you could create your own colour to use on your walls? It would certainly make life easier – not to mention give your home a totally bespoke look. Both good reasons to enter the brand’s exciting new competition, which offers the opportunity to do just that.

The competition follows last year’s launch of the Colour by Nature palette, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. Looking back more than 200 years, the 16 shades were inspired by entries in Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours – an 1814 classification of colour in nature that was used heavily by scientists and artists of the time.

Farrow & Ball paint

Tones range from powerful oranges and vibrant reds to deep blues, verdant greens and several sophisticated neutrals, all with the evocative names we’ve come to expect and love from Farrow & Ball – Broccoli Brown, Sap Green and Lake Red are some of our personal favourites.

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design a farrow and ball paint colour

Just as Werner would have studied his subjects meticulously, Farrow & Ball has put a similar level of precision and care into identifying and classifying these new hues – and now they’re inviting you to do the same.

The eco-friendly paint brand are encouraging families to explore the outdoors and categorise nature’s shades in their own way, with the aim of creating a brand now classification of colour for the modern day. The inky blue of a starlit sky, the jewel-green of a dew-covered leaf, the sunny yellow of a daffodil petal… five colours from those entered will be selected by a panel of judges and brought to life by the eco-friendly brand, made into paint for the winners to take home (10 litres to be exact) and use on their own walls.

design a farrow and ball paint colour

The prizes don’t stop there. Winning entrants will be invited to visit the home of Farrow & Ball in Dorset for the big reveal, as well as to a private breakfast at the Natural History Museum in London.

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Grey living room paint farrow & ball

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The competition officially opens on 2nd March 2020. Fancy your chances? Here’s how to enter…

  • Head outside in search of your favourite shades.
  • Post your photo at
  • In the caption, share what you would name your very own colour of nature, where you found it, and your age.