Splashback tiles with stylish statement prints

A touch of pattern adds personality to even the most streamlined space.

The best splashback tiles are the perfect way to add colour, pattern, print and personality to your kitchen.

While the popular metro tile still has its place, there’s a host of alternative, pretty printed tile options that can bring your cooking space to life.

First and foremost, splashback tiles are used to protect walls from water damage and cooking juices. It’s best to choose durable glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles that are easy to maintain. Glazed ceramic tiles are easy-to-clean, while porcelain is moisture and stain-resistant.


Photography// Polly Wreford

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The science bit aside, all that’s left to do is choose a pattern that enhances or fits your interior decor theme.

If you’re a little daunted by colour, splashback tiles are the perfect step to bringing life to a neutral kitchen; equally, they can further enhance an already-bold space.

If you’ve got a rustic, organic, earthy feel to your home, the Formentera Trellis tiles from Tile Giant are ideal with their raw, timeworn patina.

Adventurous types will love the bold, geometric prints by Popham Design at Day True, which offer a cool retro vibe, while the strong floral prints by Clé Tile will satisfy any pattern lover. The design-led matchstick-print tiles from Fired Earth come in a gorgeous rich teal, a lovely colour to introduce as it goes with anything and is strong but calming.

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Boho fans will fall head over heels for the California-chic banana leaf-print tiles by Ann Sacks, while the coral-coloured hand-painted Turkish tile from Otto Tiles has all the Mediterranean feels.

Fans of a softer, more subtle aesthetic will be bowled over by the pastel-perfection dotted Cannes Bella terracotta tiles from Claybrook, which ooze an understated French charm, perfect for a country cottage.

Whether your style is rustic, contemporary, bold, or subtle, we’ve rounded up the best splashback tiles to brighten up your kitchen below…