Breville vs Sage - what's the difference?

Breville vs Sage: there's not much in it. Both brands make close to identical, high-quality appliances, so which ones should you buy?

Breville vs Sage: some Breville kitchen appliances: a toaster, espresso machine, and blender on a countertop
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The Breville vs Sage debate can seem confusing, but we have the simple answers. Both brands have excellent reputations for making top-quality appliances. Oftentimes, these products look like the same thing and there's a reason why. 

In short, Breville and Sage are sister brands, owned by the Breville Group Limited. If you're based in the US, you probably know Breville. If you're from the UK, Sage will be a much more familiar face.

Both brands are real experts in coffee. In fact, they make some of the best coffee makers, coffee grinders, and espresso machines on the market. The best of Breville doesn't stop there though: we love their toasters, kettles, and blenders (and we aren't sponsored by them - in case you're wondering).

I've broken down the differences, because there are a few key details you need to know.

What's the difference?

Breville The Q Blender

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Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1932, the Breville Group Limited owns both Sage and Breville. You're more likely to have seen or used Breville, because that's the brand that supplies nearly 70 countries around the world with appliances. 

Sage was created because a completely separate 'Breville' appliance brand already existed in the UK, so the Australian Breville had to re-brand. Paired with British chef, Heston Blumenthal, Sage entered the UK market and is now available in some European countries too.

Most of the Breville and Sage appliances are the identical, except for the name etched onto the front and power plug at the back. There are a few appliances which are exclusive to specific countries, but, for the most part, you can find an appliance made by the sister brand in whichever country you are buying from.

Who are Breville?

Breville Bambino Plus on a countertop with croissants and a coffee in front

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If you've been inside a kitchen of someone who cares about the quality of their cooking, it's highly likely you've been amongst Breville appliances. The brand has established themselves as manufacturers of the premium appliances, which can cater to even the most advanced users. 

The most likely place you'll see Breville machines is in a keen coffee connoisseur's coffee station. Breville makes some of the best coffee makers, espresso machines, and coffee grinders on the market. 

I'm a barista and I've spoken with a range of people, from other baristas to first-time speciality coffee makers, and Breville machines have close to universal appeal. They're simple and straightforward, but can get technical when you need them to.

Breville doesn't stop at coffee though. They make some of the best kettles, toasters, and blenders on the market too. Packed with their trademark, well-considered features, they're tough to beat. 

Who are Sage?

Sage Barista Express coffee maker

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In the UK there is already another, completely separate, company called Breville which is part of Newell Brands. This meant that the Breville Group launched their appliances in the UK under a new name, Sage. They've since earnt the same reputation for high-quality appliances at almost affordable prices as Breville has in the US and Australia. 

Sage tends to offer almost identical products to Breville. In fact, many of the espresso machines that we've tested are the same, except for the brand name on the front. Here are some products which are sold by both brands:


What's the difference between Breville and Sage?

Sage is essentially Breville, but for the UK and Europe. Sage and Breville are owned by the same company and many of their appliances are identical, except for the name on the front and the type of plug at the back.

Are Breville machines worth it?

We can't answer in one line for all Breville machines, but we've tested and reviewed plenty of Breville products and they've all been impressive. Where Breville particularly excels is in appliances related to coffee.

Are Breville appliances good quality?

Yes, most Breville appliances are good quality. If anything, they're almost too good quality; we often find that these sturdy appliances take up too much room on a countertop. That said, they make some of the best coffee makers, toasters, kettles, and blenders that our experts have tested.

Final thoughts

Breville The Bluicer on a countertop making green juice

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We're not sponsored by Breville, but we do think they're an excellent brand. Sage and Breville appliances are towards the expensive end of reasonably priced, but they're worth every dollar. These machines are built to last and they all do an excellent job of whatever we task them with. If you see a Sage or Breville appliance, you can almost guarantee that they'll be good.

Laura Honey
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