Should I buy a mattress on Presidents' Day? A sleep editor investigates

You could save hundreds on a mattress in the Presidents' Day sales, according to mattress retailers and money-saving experts

Should I buy a mattress on Presidents' Day? One of the mattresses in the Presidents' Day sales, the Stearns & Foster Estate Mattress, on a bed.
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Mattress sales and Presidents' Day go hand in hand. It's the time of year that you'll see the deepest discounts on mattresses, as specialist sleep stores shift stock to make way for the new season.

You can choose from memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses, not to mention organic latex options and natural models. With so much on sale across so many outlets, it's easy to feel spoiled for choice. What's more, it's not the only time of year you will see discounts. There's also sales around Memorial Day, July 4th, and big discounts, so it can be hard to know whether to buy now or hold out a couple months and save money.  

As a sleep editor, I know what makes the best mattress: premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and custom comfort. As a shopping editor, I know how to find these things at a reasonable price point. I consulted mattress manufacturers and money-saving experts to learn more about mattress sales and outline the pros and cons of buying a mattress on Presidents' Day.  

Should I buy a mattress on Presidents' Day?

If you're reading this article, the chances are that you're in the market for a new mattress. To save you some time and money, I've rounded up a few of my favorite Presidents' Day mattress deals at the fairest prices you'll find online. Whether you're shopping for the best memory foam mattress or an innerspring, I've got you covered. 

Pro: You can get luxury for less

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It's no secret that mattresses can be seriously expensive. Outside of sales season, you might to drop thousands of dollars on a mattress to pick up a quality model. 

Now, when you're shopping for a premium product, you can't be surprised by a premium price tag. It takes a lot of time and effort to source the materials and manufacturers to make a luxury mattress, and the price point reflects that. Even with a deep discount, courtesy of Presidents' Day, you're unlikely to see a luxury mattress listed for less than $1,000. 

With that said, you could save hundreds on the best luxury mattress when you shop the sales. I'm talking organic latex models and plush memory foams selling for a fraction of their RRP. You even might get a few freebies thrown in, from thermoregulating bed sheets to waterproof mattress protectors. If you're looking to kit out your bedroom on a budget, you should take advantage of the Presidents' Day sales.

Pro: You'll find deep discounts

Leesa x West Elm Mattress on a bed.

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There's an old adage that mattresses are always on sale. Between all the federal holidays and site-specific sales, it might seem that way. I asked Vice President of Marketing for mattress retailer Sit'n Sleep Drew Miller to tell me more about what makes Presidents' Day so special. 

Drew puts it down to the sheer range and scale of deals. 'Since many retailers offer Presidents' Day deals, there's more competition to offer the best deal,' Drew explains. 'That means there are more options to pick from, especially if you are shopping for a specific brand'. On Presidents' Day, you tend to see discounts across entire sites and stores. 

When you're shopping the sales, it pays to keep your options open and consider older models alongside the latest and greatest mattresses. According to Drew, 'this is a great time to buy a top-of-the-line mattress from a previous year, as retailers are looking to clear out older models to make room for new inventory. Those options tend to have even bigger slashes in pricing'. 

Headshot of Drew Miller.
Drew Miller

Drew is the Vice President of Marketing for Sit'n Sleep, the largest independent mattress retailer in Southern California. He started as a retail sales consultant and worked his way up through all areas of the business before settling in marketing.

These deals aren't confined to one day: I've seen mattress deals dropping throughout the month of February. Drew says that 'many brands will start their sale early and run through the holiday week, giving you more time to secure exclusive deals'. If you miss out on Presidents' Day, you only need to wait for Sleep Week discounts in March to bag a mattress at a bargain price.

These are a few of the deepest discounts I've spotted so far. I've found super savings of more than $1,000, as well as half-price mattresses from mid-range sleep stores. 

Con: Budget isn't always better

With so many Presidents' Day mattress sales to sift through, it can be hard to tell the difference between a good deal and a low price on a poor product. If a mattress deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

I asked shopping expert David Bakke how to spot a genuine deal from a real fake. David recommends 'measuring the mattress to ensure that it's at least 8 inches thick: anything less is a fake. Your mattress should also have a manufacturer's tag with all of the relevant information, including the make, model, and perhaps a serial number'. It's worth checking a retailer's returns policy before you buy, so that you aren't stuck with an unsuitable mattress.

Headshot of David Bakke.
David Bakke

David is a contributing writer and shopping expert for DollarSanity, the money saving experts. Before he began as a blogger, David worked as a personal finance analyst and even authored his own money saving manual.

When you're shopping the sales, I'd urge you to slow down and take a second to think about what you really want and need in a mattress. There's no point picking up a discounted innerspring if you prefer the feel of memory foam: you might just end up replacing it next Presidents' Day.

If you're keen to upgrade your sleep, but you just can't stretch to a new mattress, you might be better off with one of the best mattress toppers, instead. These thick layers of foam could transform the feel of your mattress for a fraction of the price of replacing it. Plus, when you shop the Presidents' Day sales, you're bound to find top-quality toppers listed for less.  

Con: The mattress you want might not be on sale

Leesa mattress on a bed.

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If you're really passionate about sleep, you might have a dream mattress. For me, it's the Saatva Zenhaven. If I had $3,000 to drop on a mattress, I'd want to spend it on this organic natural latex number, with its dual-sided design for custom comfort. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it. 

Luckily for me, there's a Presidents' Day discount running on the Saatva Zenhaven, but your dream mattress might not be on sale this time around. You might find it listed for less in next month's Sleep Week, or you could wait for other federal holidays to roll around. Unless it's falling apart at the seams, there's no great rush to pick up a new mattress, and you could always tide yourself over with a topper.

Presidents' Day mattress deals FAQs

What time of year are mattress sales?

Federal holidays tend to bring deep discounts on bedding. You'll find everything from big-ticket items, such as mattresses, to smaller sleep essentials, from sheets to shams, listed for less. Presidents' Day is particularly big for bedding. That's because many mattress retailers release their new models in April and spend the early spring trying to shift old stock.

Why are mattresses always on sale?

Not every mattress is always on sale, but I take your point. Between the federal holidays and the site-specific sales, it would seem that there's always a mattress sale running somewhere. Take note, though, that not every mattress sale is real: some of the biggest names in bedding stand accused of listing the same 'sales price' all year round in a practice known as price anchoring. For the best chance of bagging a real deal, I recommend shopping at a reputable sleep store over a holiday weekend. 

Our verdict

If you know you need a new mattress, and you'd like to take stock of your options, I'd recommend shopping on Presidents' Day. You'll find the widest range of deals and the deepest discounts this side of Black Friday. Stick to the specialist sleep stores to ensure you're paying for a premium product, rather than a brand name, and don't be afraid to shop around to find the best price on a particular mattress. If the mattress of your dreams isn't listed for less, you don't need to fill the void with something inferior: just wait for the next federal holiday or site-specific sale to roll around.

Emilia Hitching
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