Smeg appliance reviews - is it worth buying them in the sales?

Premium and chic, Smeg appliances are iconic, but which are worth buying and should you wait for the sales? We've tested them all - here are our thoughts.

Cream Smeg appliances (a blender, stand mixer, and refrigerator) in a kitchen
(Image credit: Connox)

In a single syllable, the name 'Smeg' can tell you a lot about an appliance. The iconic brand has a reputation for chic, premium, and stylish appliances. At the same time, they're also associated with high price tags. It's rare that 'Smeg' and 'bargain' are in the same sentence.

I've been lucky enough to test just about every appliance Smeg has on the market. Lots of these have made it into our buying guides for the best drip coffee makers to kettles and toasters. I've seen and used the lot. I've also tested many competing models, so I know when Smeg sits at the top of the market and when they're not quite delivering on what you need.

As Black Friday deals roll in, there's no better time to invest in Smeg. If you can grab some of these appliances at a discount, they'll be the talk of the dinner table. Not every single one is worth chasing, but these are the ones worth looking for.

Are Smeg worth it in 2023?

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The short answer is that they're worth it for looks, but they're not always the best appliances. Don't get me wrong, they do a great job, but there are often better appliances out there that cost hundreds of dollars less. However, the competitors are almost always pretty ugly hunks of boring black and gray metal and plastic. 

If you want an appliance to uplift your kitchen design, Smeg are the way to go. If you're a utilitarian who just wants an appliance to make good food and drink, there could be other choices to consider. 

The quick list

Smeg makes a lot of appliances and you might be wondering just how far to take a Smeg obsession in your home. Here are some of my favorite tried-and-tested appliances from the iconic brand. I'll go into more detail about them further down.

The best Smeg appliances that we've tested

Smeg's immersion blender

Smeg Hand Immersion Blender with Accessories

Best budget cordless immersion blender


Attachments: Blending wand, whisk, blender jug, masher, guard, food chopper
Power: 350 w
Weight: 4 lbs
Settings: Two speeds
Dimensions: 2.56"D x 2.56"W x 16.31"H
RRP: $189.95

Reasons to buy

Lots of useful attachments
Looks beautiful
Easy to hold
Two speeds

Reasons to avoid

Lots of accessories to store
High price tag
Not cordless

This is number five on our list of best immersion blenders on the market. It's actually the one I use at home and, judging by how frequently I reach for it, I think we need to move it higher up in our guide.