5 designer-endorsed ways to style a bed with two comforters

It is not unusual to have two duvets on the bed anymore, but how do you style a bed with two comforters?

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Whether you love nothing but the coziness of two comforters over an exceptionally chilly winter season, or if you and your sleeping partner both like to 'hog' respective duvets, making our beds with two comforters is not quite as uncommon as we might have thought.

Using two separate duvets is, in fact, a Scandinavian way of sleeping, and it comes with its benefits. However, one of the drawbacks, beyond the cost of buying two comforters in the first place, is the fact that it is notoriously tricky to make such a sleeping space look lovely – just like in the magazines. 

Though two comforters might lead to better sleep, it should not be to the detriment of your bedroom styling. Not on our watch. So, we asked the experts how to style a bed when you commit to the Scandi sleep method. 

How to style a bed with two comforters

Even Swedish Interior Designer, Christina Richardson acknowledges the design challenge this clever sleeping method might pose: 'Yes, Scandinavians usually have two separate twin-size duvets, and I have to admit, it is a bit tricky to make the bed look nice that way.' 

Naturally, the best bed sheets are part and parcel of getting this look right to create a sleeping space you are proud of, not to mention more than willing to hop into night after night. Rest assured, a luxurious bedroom is still well within reach. It is all about thoughtful design choices, something we should aim for when inviting the latest interior trends into our homes. 

Here are five simple ways to style and make your bed look good, even with two comforters: 

Christina Richardson
Christina Richardson

Christina Richardson is an American interior designer with deep roots in the northern part of Sweden. With her intuitive eye for design, and the ability to architect her ideas into fruition, it’s no wonder her company, Christina Richardson Interiors, is in demand all over the U.S. and in Europe.  

1. Side by side, in matching covers

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This style is probably the most common way to go about this Scandinavian-inspired bedroom technique. Simply fold your comforters in half lengthways and lay them side by side. It will give a uniform and elegant finish. 

'Maybe you and your partner have different temperature preferences, and you want two different duvet weights,' says designer Ami McKay. 'In that case, try the Scandinavian way, with two twin duvets and put them in matching covers on your bed.' 

For best success, ensure you've mastered hospital corners when making the bed – the top sheet is personal preference – and then you have the perfect canvas for a neat duo comforter look.

Ami McKay headshot
Ami McKay

Ami McKay founded PURE Design in 2000 on the belief that design is found in the art of giving. The work that she puts into each project reflects her personal life experiences and she believes they are at the heart of her business. Today, she is proud to be named one of Canada’s Top Five Interior Designers.

2. Layer one over the other, for depth

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This method of styling a bed with two comforters is endorsed by yours truly (London is chilly, and I admit I have not gotten around to weatherproofing the windows). Therefore, I sleep with two comforters in the winter. I was pleased to learn that Christina recommends this way of styling a bed with two duvets too: 

'I sometimes layer the two comforters on top of each other, overlapping, instead of side by side to make it look more held together,' she tells me. 

Folding the tops of both duvets outwards reveals a little of both colors and textures, giving a cozy finish and allowing a little of the top (or bottom) sheet to make a playful appearance, too. 

3. Add a third duvet...

An example of guest bedroom ideas showing a blue bed with a blue and white patterned headboard

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'The other option is to put a third, king or queen-size, comforter across the other two and pull it up halfway or more,' recommends Christina. This method is perfect for those who want to avoid the central split between the two separate comforters. 

 'Then use lots of pillows to cover up the gap,' she adds. This might even make a bedroom look more luxurious.

4. Lay one traditionally, and the other at the foot of the bed

An example of guest bedroom ideas showing a bed with pink bedding and cushions, and a headboard made out of hanging cushions

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This method of styling a bed is a slight variation on those above and one that will allow you to experiment more with color and pattern combinations. 

Interior design Artem Kropovinsky from Arsight suggests placing your first comforter 'traditionally' and then layering the second at the foot of the bed. 'You could incorporate a silky comforter with something more textured, such as a chunky knit,' he says. This is perfect for a cozy bedroom aesthetic. 

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem is the founder of Arsight, an esteemed global design firm known for its expertise in residential and commercial interior design.  Based in New York, Artem's experience spans a decade. With a commitment to sustainability and authenticity, Artem, alongside his dedicated team, undertakes projects both in the US and internationally, earning recognition through prestigious design awards. 

'Different shades and tones will give a more sophisticated appearance,' continues Kropovinsky. Always consider your bedroom paint color or wallpaper pattern to add character correctly. 'Combine a strong pattern alongside a solid color for elegance,' he adds.

5. Make sure you balance bulk with form and pattern

An example of guest bedroom ideas showing a four poster bed with green and white bedding and pictures on the wall

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With two comforters on a bed, we cannot argue the fact that there is more bedding and bulk to work into your bedroom scheme. Be conscious of this to ensure the space feels balanced and not too visually heavy. Colors are important here, as are pattern and form, as designer Jennifer Davis shares with Homes & Gardens: 

'Achieving a chic and inviting bed involves a thoughtful combination of bedding elements. Experiment with mixing patterns by pairing a patterned coverlet or comforter with a solid duvet, or vice versa, creating visual interest without overwhelming the bed.'

Though you might think that avoiding texture will reduce bulk, it does quite the opposite. 'Adding texture is key,' continues Jennifer. 'Layer a smooth, solid duvet with a textured or patterned comforter to bring depth and dimension. To balance the bulk at the foot of the bed, strategically place a mix of decorative and sleeping pillows at the headboard, playing with sizes and shapes for a polished look.'

White woman with long golden blonde hair wearing animal print rust colored dress in white room near window is designer Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis

Jennifer fell in love with design at a young age and has been working in the industry for over 25 years. She has developed an eye for detail and a talent for creating timeless designs. Jennifer offers a balance of creativity and forward-thinking with a structured, organized, and detailed mentality. 


Which materials are best for bedding?

Comfort is an absolute priority when selecting the best materials for sheets, and this can, of course, affect the appearance of your made-up bed, whether you have one or two comforters. 'Whatever you choose, style your bed with beautiful linens (my preference is Belgian flax linen for the beauty and the natural properties),' says designer Ami McKay. It is a personal choice, and thread counts for bed sheets are not the only marker of quality either. 

What colors look good on a bed with two comforters?

Whether side by side or overlapping in one of the methods described above, the key to a good-looking finish is in the color combination. For a space that needs warming up, consider overlapping a warm orange with one in ochre, for example. This would pair well with terracotta decor for an enveloping finish. Or, for a little more flair, contrast brights. If you are a little lost when it comes to the best color combinations for rooms, the color wheel is a good place to start for insight and inspiration. 

Our choice of throw pillows and pretty accents can lift a bed, not to mention an entire bedroom setting. Though pretty pillows and finer detail might feel unnecessary atop two comforters, a dose of character is encouraged for balance and cohesion. 'Don't forget to incorporate accent pieces, like throw blankets and decorative pillows, to add a personal touch and tie the entire look together,' adds designer Jennifer Davis. 'The art of styling a bed is a personal expression of taste, so feel free to experiment until achieving the perfect balance for a cozy and aesthetically pleasing bedroom retreat.'

Finally, to bring the look together and to make a bed look expensive, be sure to ground your double comforter look with matching pillows and accent bed linen. 'And to streamline the seam running up the bed, choose an extra large drapey linen coverlet over or a blanket folded at the end of the bed with matching throw pillows at the head,' says Ami Mckay.

When is two comforters a good idea?

Two comforters are a particularly good idea in the winter, or if you and a partner run different temperatures at night. 

'The reward for a long day for me has always been a fluffy and luxurious bed to climb into at night,' says Ami Mckay. 'There are a few variations to make your bed the comfiest for you. If you and your partner are on the same page temperature-wise, putting two duvets in one cover is wonderful in the cold months, especially if you sleep with the windows open as I do, and then switch to a ‘summer weight’ duvet in the warmer months.'

Limiting disturbances during the night is key for restorative shuteye. If one comforter each is the way to do this, rest assured that your bedroom's aesthetic will not suffer. Choose bedding that calls to your soul and style, wash your bed sheets when experts recommend, and you will enjoy a restful atmosphere every evening. Sove ute is another Scandinavian practice that may regulate a sleeping pattern.

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